Founded in 1975, today EEC Group is one of leading group of companies providing turnkey engineering, construction and steel fabrication in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. In fact we have delivered our services and products to over 30 countries worldwide.

nergya Steel Solutions' legacy of success capitalized on our values, heritage and innovation. Our reputation is upheld by how we put into practice our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people. We have established our regional leadership position through well founded experience which

Shotmed is one of the prime companies for metal fabrication, surface treatment, electro-mechanical installation and project management in Egypt, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. Based on our highly efficient tailor manufacturing systems, we are able to provide our clients with a variety of

Welcome to the world of ALPHA Industries and Construction, It is our pleasure to accompany you for a tour in our world to introduce the inception of our Company's vision, policies and the vast services that we provide. Let us first start with our activities in the field of manufacturing and

The Industries Establishment for Turing & Mechanical Works :Establishment for Turing & Mechanical Works

Middle East Caravan has been founded by Eng. Refaat Shabana in 1986, as the Egyptian pioneering company specialized in designing and manufacturing the prefabricated buildings and caravans. Since the first factory has been inaugurated in Shubra Al-Khaima 1986, the family has expanded resulting in


Founded in 1991, NILCON is one of the leading Engineering and Construction Group NILCON provides EPC and EPCM services to clients in a variety of sectors, including Petrochemical, Chemical. Heavy Industrial & Fire Protection. NILCON can also combine these services with its financing and

Ferrometalco is one of the Largest Steel Manufacturing and Construction Companies in the Middle East Region, established since 1979 to provide Egypt, Middle East, Europe and African Countries with High Quality Steel Work.

The company was founded by Mr. Abd El-Hamid Kassem in 1956 in its headquarters lying in Sabtia, Cairo, Egypt. At first, the work was semi-manual (artisanal), but then it was developed through introducing modern machinery before using hydraulic press brakes, shears and modern operating machines. Thus

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To starte with, steel buildings are durable. They provide excellent solution for covering large areas in a short period of time at low cost.

MOG Group is an Egyptian Limited Partnership Co. established and founded 1961, By Mr. Mohamed Kamel Ahmed.

Union for metal constructions was founded by Mr. Ayman Shaltout in 2003. Union is a regional leader in the design and manufacturing of Pre-Engineered Steel buildings, Steel structures and Outdoor Advertisement, offering customers a wide range of customized, cost-effective steel building solutions.

INSHA Engineering Industries was created in 2011 in Egypt as a successor of Krayem® Silo’s division in Syria. INSHA’s Silos Division designs and manufactures complete grain storage and handling systems. This division capitalizes on accumulated in-house experience and specialized engineering to bring

Al-Fateh group’s initial seed in 1985 was the culmination of the career experiences of Eng. Mohamed Fathelbab, a bright Egyptian engineer who, before founding his company, worked in the historic project of the Egyptian high dam, headed many production facilities in the field of steel fabrication,

MANCREW Group is an engineering, manufacturing and contracting group working mainly in the design, fabrication and construction Pre-Engineered steel Buildings (PEB) in addition to Turnkey industrial Projects.

NASCOM was established in Egypt since 1996 to provide Egypt, Middle East, African Countries a high quality standards project execution to meet its customer’s requirement.

CHNELL Ltd. (Egyptian German Company for transport, trading and contracting) is a stock limited liability company established in Egypt according to Egyptian laws and regulations with registration no 347-145-450. SCHNELL is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market in the fields of

International Engineering Group Was Established In 1999 And Is A Leading Electro-Mechanical Engineering Company. It Is Specialized In Fire Fighting Systems, Mechanical And Plumbing Works, Water Works And Pumping Stations, Infrastructure Projects, Electrical Works And Power Control, Industrial

SHM Industries is established in 1980 as technical workshop and renamed in 1997 as SHM Industries company. SHM is the most eminent manufacturer for fuel station tanks in the Middle East and Africa,producing not less than 700 tanks annually. SHM tanks and its accessories are distributed since more

Since2002, Alquds for steel and construction factory stared its activities in Egypt, It is located at new Borg El Arab region Alexandria, on 4000 m2 area. Alquds for steel and construction building construction business on principals of quality, service and value in safe way. Our strategically

Ever since our early humble beginning in 1938, where our primary focus and core business was" trading in electrical equipment" we have always strived to be the Market Leader in all industry processes. Investing in our human resources, acquiring the latest technology, and granting our customers

General Manager Statement With over two decades of activities and experience behind us, we C.S.I have participated in the construction of industrial , Commercial , Institutional amp; Residential Projects ;working with main international contracting firms operating under nominated specialist

ARESCO embodies a legacy of engineering excellence that is depicted through edifices of success across the region. As a comprehensive industrial engineering pioneer, the company has long ago established a global presence that is synonymous with quality, professionalism, cost-effectiveness and

Modular walls, doors for buildings and windows, advertising, metal scaffolding, iron cladding, iron cladding

MAZEN STEEL FACTORY Our scope in MAZENSTEEL FACTORY could be concluded as follows:- - DESIGN of All structuralsteel fabrications for different purposes such as... factories / warehouses /industrial towers / aircraft hangars / grain silos / car service workshops /pipes racks / multistory industrial

Egypt for Panel and Steel Industries was founded in 2011. the factory was set up inside the industrial zone in 6th of October city. Due to enormous development in Sandwich panel production technology we have established two production lines with the capacity of 4000 m2 to supply the market with high

SMI utilizes the latest Engineering software’s for Structural Steel Analysis, Design and Shop Drawings Preparation for fabrication. SMI Quality Management System are in conformance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 which resulted in the improvement of our projects efficiency and our unmatched

22 Years of Experience in metal fabrication & constructions Business Products include bridges for both pedestrians and automobiles, storage tanks, electricity pylons, frames and trusses, gates, fences and various decorative metal structures. We are a family owned group of companies that have

تاسست مجموعة بدوى فى عام 1953 بيكو تعبر عن علامة الجوده التى تتناسب مع سمعة وخبرة ومكانة منتجات بيكو وتتنوع منتجات بيكو للوفاء باحتياجات كافة المصانع و الشركات و المؤسسات والخيئات من معدات النقل و المناولة و الرفع الهيدروليكى وارفف السوبرماركت ودواليب العدة وتزجات الورش ودواليب الملابس و الحوائط

IZOWall Egypt traces its roots back to 2000 in Egypt and since then have never looked back. With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we can proudly say that we are one of the most trusted construction companies in Egypt specialized in isolation with (Sandwich Panel) performing both

Ashtec was founded in 1986, Specialized in manufacture & installation of steel structure such as towers, columns, ware houses, poles,tanks, conveyors as well as installation of water rides for the water parks all over the world.

Manufacture of various capacities, grills, staircases and containers

ESC... In brief Founded in 1996 under the name Elkholy Steel Construction by its founder Mr. Alaa Elkholy in our main office in Ismailia. ESC.. Is known in the Egyptian Market as a very big experience Company in construction projects High capabilities and multi activity firm. Our company mission is

TECHNONET Company, specializing in mechanical work like fire protection, infra structure & piping system since 1987, offers supply and installation of mechanical activity, fire protection systems, piping system and services to customers throughout the Egypt and North Africa. TECHNONET handles

AME holds a prominent position in the Egyptian market in the field of industrial engineering. The company has three main product categories: Racking Systems, Supermarket Equipment &Shop-Fiitings and Scaffolding & Formworks. Our products range from 100% locally produced products to imported

El-Dalil Company is an individual company since 1957 specialized in mechanical works for petroleum companies, wastewater sewage treatment, and Power stations. During the period of 1957:2002 we have done several projects in Petroleum sites, Pipelines, Piping, and Fabrication all tanks and steel

اعمال الحدادة والانشاءات المعدنية والميكانيكية وبرداه وبرشام وقطع اتصال وفلانشات واعمال ميكانيكية واعمال البدن والسطح للسفن وعمال القص والثنى والتشكيل مشغولات معدنية مختلفة وتنكات وجمالونات واعمال صيانة واصلاح السفن التجارية

Manufacturing Of All Kinds Of Metal Works Including Metal Tanks And Metal Works of Stainless Steel Metal Casting, Of Spare Parts Of Cement, Petroleum And Food Factories , And All Unconventional Metal Woeks

تشكيل معادن صناعة هياكل حديدية وصاج معرج

manufacure of Metals Tanks and Steel Structures صهاريح معدنية وهياكل معدنية

صناعة هياكل معدنية تشكيل معادن والصاج

Fireproof, fireproof walls, light metal varnishes, fences, railings, metal tanks, tanks صناعة كرافانات مقاومة للحريق وحوائط مقاومة للحريق ومتنوعات معدنية خفيفة اسوار ودربزين وخزانات معدنية تنكات  

Manufacturing of storage shelves, store backs, store stalls, capouli, production stands, supermarket displays, warehouse units, and clothing racks صناعة ارفف تخزين وظهر تخزين وعامود مخازن وكابولى انتاج استاندات عرض سوبر ماركت ووحدات المخازن ودواليب الملابس

Steel &Metal structures, formworks, Scaffoldings جميع انواع الشدادات المعدنية وجميع الاكسسوارت الخاصة بالشدادات المعدنية واعمال المقاولات الخاصة بالهياكل المعدنية واعمال بالمقاولات الخاصة بالمبانى ابواب وشبابيك وهيدروليك

خراطة معادن والاعمال المعدنية انتاج تنكات معدنية ومداخن

اعمال الجمالونات ابواب وشبابيك والكريتال والخزانات تنكات والالومنيوم وهياكل معدنية وابواب وشبابيك ومواسير اعلانات

صناعات معدنية انتاج جمالونات وكرافانات معدنية وخزانات تنكات

صناعة كافة أنواع المباني الحديدية

Cummins, angles, platters and tin tanks كمر وزوايا وبليتات وتنكات من الصاج

هياكل معدنية وجمالونات واعمدة انارة وتروس ومعدات المصانع وأجزاء معدنية وقطع غيار لمعدات المصانع


تشغيل معادن وصناعات هندسية صناعة خزانات معدنية ودرافيل معدنية وتروس صلب

جمالونات وهياكل معدنية وابراج المحمول والاتصالات والخزانات

صناعة تشكيل وتشغيل معادن : المشايات المعدنية (Grating) المجلفنة على الساخن والسوداء (افراد - سيارات – سيارات النقل الثقيل ) - الارضيات المعدنية بكافة انوعها - اعمال التصنيع المعدني المتخصص للمصانع والجمالونات والعنابر والمظلات - السلالم البحارى والكوبستا

تنكات صاج من الاستنلس ستيل ودواليب وترابيزات وتجهيزات خطوط الإنتاج لمصانع الكيماويات والأغذية

اعمال الحداده والهياكل المعدنية

تشغيل معادن واعمال خراطة ميكانيكية وصناعة هياكل معدنية وجمالونات

Works of metal trusses and works of reservoirs for liquid materials اعمال الجمالونات المعدنية واعمال الخزانات للمواد السائلة تنكات

Manufacture of structural columns, iron pumps, all metal works, metal structures, gables, towers and structural columns صناعة اعمدة هيكيلية ومضخات حديدية وجميع اعمال الصاج والهياكل المعدنية والجمالونات والابراج والاعمدة الهيكلية

Cummings, walkers, gems and tanks صناعة كمر ومشايات وجمالونات وتنكات

Manufacture of metal structures صناعة هياكل معدنية

Metal and metal installations with aluminum doors and windows and overhead cranes منشات معدنية وكبارى معدينة وابواب وشبابيك الومنيوم واوناش علوية

صناعة الهياكل المعدنية ثلاثية الابعاد ومشغولات معدنية ومغذية للصناعة السيارات واثاثات معنية انتاج كرايى و ترابيزات ومكاتب وترابيزات كمبيوتر

تصنيع انشاءات معدنية وجمالونات وخراطة وتشغيل معادن

Metal construction, ironwork, stones, tanks, iron cutting, grinding and chopping stones انشاءات معدنية جمالونات وخزانات واحجار تقطيع حديد واحجار تجليخ وتقطيع الاخام

صناعة خزانات سولار وعزل صوت مولدات الكهرباء وتشغيل معادن

Manufacture of stainless steel tanks, iron tanks, machines and equipment parts تصنيع تنكات استلس ستيل و تنكات حديد و مكينات و اجزاء معدات

Metal trusses and roofs هياكل جمالونات واسقف معدنية

Metal and metal construction of trusses, roofs, stairs, water tanks, diesel, conveyor belts and cable carriers تشغيل معادن والانشاءات المعدنية من الجمالونات والاسقف والسلالم و تنكات المياه والسولار وسيور ناقلة وحوامل كابلات

Manufacturing, supplying & installing metal structures, supplying & installing steel works & spare parts for various factories, electromechanical installations, commercial agencies, import & export.

Manufacture of drinking water and sanitation facilities تصنيع مستلزمات مياه الشرب و الصرف الصحى

Constructing and operating a plant for the manufacture of metal structures and engineering, electrical and mechanical installations اقامة وتشغيل مصنع لتصنيع الهياكل المعدنية والتركيبات الهندسية والكهربائية والميكانيكية

Manufacture of metal Structures صناعة وتشكيل الهياكل المعدنية انتاج جمالونات وابراج كهرباء ودعاية ومواسير انفاق ومواسير الصرف الصحى والمياه وابراج الدعاية والاعلان وهياكل السيارات من صناديق وقلابات وتجهيزات الجمالونات وعبارات الاوناش الثقيلة لمصانع الحديد والكمر الصناعى وانشاء صوامع الح

MOG 10 th. of Ramadan provides more than 150 models  Produce according to strict safety and hygine standards which proved by the main national and international bodies  
MOG`s Cold line Equipment offers the best and most comrehensive solutions to the critical problem of food storage and conservation. Mog Refrigerated appliances supply a high qualoty tailor- made solutions to satisfy client`s need with very competitive prices
Work Table - Sink Uniys - Kitchen and Service Trolleys - Shelving Units and Wall Shelves - Staniless Steal Insulated Doors- Chairs & Tables . 
Dish Washers - Machines - Laundry Equipment . 
Standards & Quality:
Standards & Quality:
Standards & Quality:
Standards & Quality:
Standards & Quality:
Standards & Quality:
MAZEN STEEL FACTORY Our scope in MAZENSTEEL FACTORY could be concluded as follows:- - DESIGN of All structuralsteel fabrications for different purposes such as... factories / warehouses /industrial towers / aircraft hangars / grain silos / car service workshops /pipes racks / multistory industrial
Arab Mechanical Engineers is one of the market leader suppliers and manufacturers of scaffolding & formwork in Egypt for the construction and civil engineering industries. We have a great field experience in Egypt with multiple systems that’s fulfilling all customers’ needs. We are not only
We are specialized in all supermarkets & shop fitting solutions; our product range propose a wide variety of high quality shop fittings and accessories to serve various functions of different customer needs, which make AME unique in this field of business. AME is the sole distributor for UCGE,
We are not only suppliers of racking and shelving systems, we are experts and can design your storage needs with our optimal solutions. Our storage systems are the right choice, if you are looking for cost effective, reliable storage systems that won`t break the bank. AME has developed a well
اسست مجموعة بدوى فى عام 1953 بيكو تعبر عن علامة الجوده التى تتناسب مع سمعة وخبرة ومكانة منتجات بيكو وتتنوع منتجات بيكو للوفاء باحتياجات كافة المصانع و الشركات و المؤسسات والخيئات من معدات النقل و المناولة و الرفع الهيدروليكى وارفف السوبرماركت ودواليب العدة وتزجات الورش ودواليب الملابس و الحوائط
-Structural Steel -Plate work and process equiment -Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels -Transmission and Telecommunication Towers -Galvanization -Pre-engineered Building -Machining
Products : -Silos -Bucket Elevators -Cyclone Collectors -Gratings & Handrails -Idlers & Rollers -Screw Conveyors -Chain Conveyors
Divisions :
ALPHA Factory
-Caravans -Prefabricated Buildings -Steel Hangars -Prefabricated Fences -Shelters -Car Sheds -Chemical Toilets -Steel & Fiber Tanks -Offshore Baskets
- Structural Steel Buildings
Sheet metal Fabrication works:
Steel Structure – Fabrication Works: Schnell Workshop capacity of production is 300 – 400 Tons/Month -Steel structure from hot rolled standard sections -Steel structure from built up sections -Columns -Beams -Purlins -Frames -Checkered plates -Grating & steps
Piping Works
- Plate Works :Al-Fath Company has exceptional capabilities for manufacturing the plate work projects, as it has a great experience and big range of equipments which enable to...
International Engineering Group Was Established In 1999 And Is A Leading Electro-Mechanical Engineering Company. It Is Specialized In Fire Fighting Systems, Mechanical And Plumbing Works, Water Works And Pumping Stations, Infrastructure Projects, Electrical Works And Power Control, Industrial
Mobile Fueling station - Accessories - AREA CANOPIES AND STEEL STRUCTURE - Grease PUMP
Features: The knitted fiber and folded sewn seams have withstood heavy winds and rains through each season, spring to fall.
Steel structures
Ferrometalco performs Design, Detail Engineering, Manufacturing,Testing and Erection of Storage Tanks according to API 650 & 620 in addition to Cryogenic and LNG Tanks.
Ferrometalco also specializes in Heavy Weldments and Machining of all types of mechanical components such as: - Inner & Outer Casing of LP Steam Turbine - Generator Stator Frames Diaphrams -Diverters
Ferrometalco has the needed Capabilities and Experience as well as very qualified and trained Crews to Erect Steel Structures and Equipment plus the Execution of Electromechanical installation for Large Projects.Keeping careful construction planning, strong site organization, top safety systems, QA
Ferrometalco Specializes in the manufacturing of Heat Exchangers, Surface Condensers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators for all Industrial Branches and Power Generation Plants.
Ferrometalco performs Design, Detail Engineering, Manufacturing and Testing of Pressure Vessels according to ASME section VIII Div1 and AD-Merkblatt. Having a Cold Rolling capacity up to 80mm thick and 4.0m wide for C.S.Plantes.
Ferrometalco owns a complete factory - Heliopolis Factory which is dedicated only for piping & pressure parts work. Working on process, critical and utilities pipes of different types (Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel & Alloys).
Ferrometalco has a strong participation in the renewable energy sector, with a share in fabrication and constructing of 595 wind towers of various heights from a total 705 tower at El Zafarana plant, which poses one of the largest onshore wind farm in the world of a total capacity reach 550-MW near
Ferrometalco dedicated two fully equipped fabrication bays for Structural Steel Work (300m length each) working on both Rolled and B.U.S to produce approx. (3000t / month) to deal with large scale Projects. including CNC cutting & B.U.C Automatic Welding Machines
-Hoppers : Hoppers of iron sheets and stainless as well as a waterwheel and tractor to transport raw materials and the products of cement, grain, sand and clinker factories
Gas Lighters:Manufacture of all types of gas and mazout (black oil) lighters from heat-resistant stainless steel according to the required drawing Furnaces: Manufacture of the rotating furnaces sections with all diameters up to a thickness of 50 mm as well as stationary furnaces from iron sheets and
Serpentines :Wrapping and manufacturing all kinds of serpentines with all forms
Butt Hinges - Corner Braces - Cranked Butt Hinges - Cranked Hook - Handrail Bracket - Straight Hook & Bands
Truck Dumpers
Catwalks and Steel Structures
Handling Equipment
-Isolation Doors : We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different architecture and construction company. We are a full service construction company that offers design and build services for your entire project from initial sketches to the final construction and isolation
- W Slide Names- Wave Pool -Flowrider -AquePlay
-Hotel & Resort Pools -Municipality Pools -Wave Pool
-Ware House -Steel Towers -Sign boards -Water Park Steel Suport -Steel Tanks & Filters -Bridges -Conveyors
TECHNONET has an extensive experience in the supply and installation of various fire fighting systems in accordance with NFPA requirements. TECHNONET deals with major U.S. & European companies to provide the latest scientific achievements in the field of fire fighting. We offer the following
-Steel Structures & Plate Works - Steel Towers - Poles - Hot Dip Galvanizing - Engineering Services - Grating & Slitting - Erection & Contracting
Steel Structure Foundation & Infrastructure Industrial Drainage System Bund Fire Resistance Walls Administration Buildings