FeedsFloor & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

At FeedsFloor, we always have adhered to European rules and regulations and thus not much is updated in our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer. Here is how we protect your personal information in keeping with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Please remember to keep your profile and account updated with correct information. We are actively deleting incorrect accounts and spammers, as we seek to provide our users with the best experience possible.

Please note: this page explains the impact of GDPR on the use of FeedsFloor only and is not applicable for any other aspects of your business. It should not be considered as legal advice.

As a FeedsFloor user, the GDPR gives you new protection rights and assures better access to your personal data.

Right to rectification: Rectify your personal information at any time from your account settings. You can also contact us directly to edit or rectify your information.

Right to be forgotten: Close your FeedsFloor account at any time and cancel your email subscription at any time. You can send us a request to erase all your data, which we will complete within 30 days. Just write to support@feedsfloor.com.

Right to portability: Upon request, we will export your data in a document so that it can be transferred to a third party or competitor.

Right to object: Unsubscribe at any time to any specific use of your information (newsletter, automatic emails from marketplaces/expos, etc.).

Right of access: We are transparent about the data that we collect and what we do with it. To familiarize yourself with this, please refer to our Privacy Policy. You can contact us at any time to access and modify any of your personal data. Just write to support@feedsfloor.com.

What is the GDPR?
The GDPR is a new European privacy law that goes into effect on the 25th of May, 2018. The purpose of the GDPR is to have the same data protection laws across all EU member states and to give its citizens more control over how and when their data is used.

Although the GDPR is an EU regulation, any company that markets goods or services to EU residents, regardless of its location, is subject to the regulation.

Opt-in: It is important that you make sure your exhibitors have actively opt-in (said yes) to be showcased in your digital showroom. If they create their profiles on FeedsFloor themselves they automatically opt-in, if you have the EXPO/showroom plan and FeedsFloor is to help with onboarding your exhibitors, it is important that FeedsFloor receive an active opt-in by means of an email to support@feedsfloor.com. E.g.: "Do you agree to have COMPANY X showcased at HOST X digital showroom page at FeedsFloor.com? YES NO"

More: Please also refer to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

Opt-in to be shown: In order to be shown as an exhibitor in a digital showroom at FeedsFloor, you either have to actively click on exhibit, or FeedsFloor or the showroom host needs to receive an active opt-in in order to add your business. This means either in the form of an email to support@feedsfloor.com or some other kind of written statement.

More: Please also refer to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

Opt-in: As a visitor to a showroom page, you remain anonymous until you SIGN UP for an account at FeedsFloor. Once you sign up for an individual or corporate account at FeedsFloor, information that you put under your profile is publicly visible (except email and password).

More: Please also refer to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer.