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Introduction to FeedsFloor

For companies

Introduction to FeedsFloor

For business networks

Q: Who can create showrooms/expos at FeedsFloor?
Anyone. All you need is a FREE company profile at FeedsFloor and then you can create showrooms/expos under your own brand name.
Most common hosts are Chambers of Commerce, Exhibitions, Local & Export Business Councils, Facebook & LinkedIn Groups and Influencers.

Q: Does it cost anything to create a showroom at FeedsFloor?
A: Yes. It costs between USD 99 - USD 499 per year to host showrooms/expos at FeedsFloor depending on service level and number of showrooms/expos. This includes unlimited number of visitors and exhibitors. If agreed upon, FeedsFloor can enter other agreements with you depending on your needs. Write to support@feedsfloor.com, if you have any questions as to the price.

Q: What kind of showroom/expo can we create?
Any kind of showroom/expo can be created at FeedsFloor. Only your imagination sets the limits.
It can be about dogs, parenting, toys, construction, fashion, agriculture, manufacturing, pharma, food, handicraft and much much more.

Q: How can I make money on hosting a showroom/expo at FeedsFloor?
As a host, you can decide if exhibitors can showcase their companies for free or you can choose to charge a fee (min. USD 50). Once the LIVE showroom/expo is finished first time, FeedsFloor will transfer 90% of all the revenue from exhibitors to your PayPal or Stripe account.

Q: How do we create a showroom/expo?
Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free company account.

Step 2: Click on "Create showroom/expo".

Step 2.1: Input title, logo, feature image and description of the showroom.

Step 2.2: Choose the dates for the showroom to be LIVE (max 3 weeks).
NB: During LIVE showrooms exhibitors and visitors can chat 1-to-1 in real time.

Step 2.3: Choose a fee for each exhibitor (min. USD 50) or make it free to exhibit at your showroom/expo.
NB: Even if you put an exhibitor fee, you can always add exhibitors for free under "Manage". All you need to input is the exhibitor's unique FeedsFloor ID (username). Once you have added an exhibitor's username, they will receive a request to be exhibited for free that they have to accept. When they have accepted the request their profile and products are automatically swooped on to the showroom/expo page.

Step 2.4: Input your Paypal ID or Stripe ID only if you have put an exhibition fee. After 3 min. your showroom/expo will be shown on FeedsFloor users' home feed.

Step 3: Invite exhibitors to showcase their company and products at your showroom/expo.

Step 4: Invite visitors to discover, chat with & follow exhibitors at your showroom/expo.

Step 5: Once a visitor or an exhibitor are signed up to your showroom/expo, FeedsFloor automatically takes care of the rest in relation to notifications and email automation.

Step 6: After the LIVE showroom/expo is finished, please insert new dates for the showroom/expo to be LIVE and chat is to open again.

If you have any questions or comments, our team is ready to help you at support@feedsfloor.com.

Q: Does it cost anything to visit showrooms at FeedsFloor?
A: No. It is FREE to visit any showroom/expo at FeedsFloor. If you wish to stay updated on new exhibitors and chat with the shown companies, please click "Visit" or "Sign up to chat".

Q: How do I visit showrooms?
1. Log in or sign up for a FREE individual or company account.
2. Click on any showroom you would like to see, and you can see all exhibitors and their products and services.
3. If you click on VISIT or SIGN UP TO CHAT, a) you save the showroom under MyFloor b) you can chat in real time with showcased companies once the showroom is LIVE, and 3) you will automatically receive updates about new companies and products shown in the showroom on email.

A2: If you have the direct URL link to the showroom, you can discover exhibitors and their products and services without logging in.

Q: Can exhibitors and the host of a showroom see my profile?
A: No - You remain anonymous until you begin chatting with an exhibitor. When you chat with a company, they will be able to see your profile at FeedsFloor. Remember therefore to make your profile look awesome, this increases trust.

Q: If the showroom chat is not LIVE yet, how do I contact companies?
A: Simply click on the company's full profile and click on "Send Message" and send a message to the company.

Q: Does it cost anything to create a company profile at FeedsFloor?
A: No, it is FREE to create a company profile, and publish news updates, products/services and videos.
Your content is SEO-friendly, however, you can only be found by visitors by exhibiting your company in one of the showrooms/expos.

Q: Why is my email address important?
We want to make sure you get notifications from customers, and it is therefore important that you keep your email address updated at all times. Otherwise you might miss out on a potential customer.

Q: Does it cost anything to exhibit my company in showrooms at FeedsFloor?
A1: That depends. It is the host of the showroom/expo who decides, which companies are allowed to be showcased, and the price & fee to be showcase.
A2: Some showrooms hosts choose to charge a standard price. This you can easily pay via FeedsFloor's global secure payment platform.
A3: Other showrooms choose to make the showroom free to exhibit at, as a part of their existing service to e.g. member companies of a business association, exhibitors at an exhibition or company members in a social media group.

Q: How can visitors & other exhibitors contact me?
A: During LIVE showrooms/expos they can chat with you. During other periods, they simply click on the company's full profile and click on "Send Message" and send a message to your company. You will automatically receive an email notification as well.
So remember to keep you email address updated.

Q: How do I exhibit my company in showrooms/expos at FeedsFloor?
Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free company account.

Step 2: Click on or go to the URL of the showroom or expo, you would like to exhibit at or search for relevant showrooms after log in.

Step 3: Click on Exhibit.
Step 3.1: If the showroom/expo is free to exhibit at, you merely have to wait until the showroom host approves your request to exhibit.
Step 3.2: If the showroom/expo has an exhibition fee, you merely input your credit card details, and wait for the host to approve your request to exhibit.

Step 4: Once the host approves your request to exhibit, your profile and all your products are automatically swooped on to the showroom/expo page.
- For paid showrooms/expos, the exhibition fee is first transfered when the host has accepted your request to exhibit. You will receive a receipt on your email.
- The host of a showroom/expo can also add you for free even if a fee is charged e.g. for sponsors or members of an organisation. You will then need to send the host your unique FeedsFloor ID (your username) or FeedsFloor URL. You will then receive a notification that you have to accept in order for your profile and products to be automatically shown on the showroom/expo page.

Step 5: When the showroom/expo is LIVE, you can now chat and engage with other exhibitors, and visitors can begin chatting with you.
- You will receive an automatic notifications on email, when a visitor has send you a chat message.
- You can edit your chat welcome message, depending on your circumstances e.g. "I will be back in 5 min.", "Hi and welcome, how can I help you?", "We are offline right now, see you tomorrow at 10am." etc.

Q: Can I access chats after a LIVE expo/showroom?
No. Not yet. Chats are just like IRL conversations and can therefore only be accessed during the LIVE PERIOD. We are working on making them available all year.

Q: I regret to be shown in a showroom and have paid to be shown. Can I get a refund?
You can only be refunded the exhibition fee, if the showroom hosts cancels or closes the showroom/expo. In all other cases no refunds can occur.

No, unauthorized use or misrepresentation of any company will be dealt with appropriately and immediately. 
All unauthorized representation accounts will be terminated immediately.

Contact us, if you suspect unauthorized representation at support@feedsfloor.com.

Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free company account.

Step 2: Click on "Create product"

Step 3: Input description, upload up to 6 images of the product or service, and up to 2 videos showcasing the product or your company.

NB: When you exhibit at an EXPO online at FeedsFloor, your products/services are automatically shown on the EXPO page.

If you are exhibiting at a physical exhibition and online here at FeedsFloor, there is a number of ways you can link the two and boost your booth.

Suggestion 1: Take a picture of your booth at the physical exhibition and upload it as your feature image here at FeedsFloor.

Suggestion 2: In the beginning of your company description write your booth number. Then when visitors goes to the EXPO online, they immidiately also see your booth number.

Suggestion 3: Share your FeedsFloor profile on social media, so that people who cannot come by the physical exhibition still have a chance to interact and engage with you about your company and products.

Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free company account.

Step 2: Click on "Create network"

Step 3: Input logo of the business network and description.

Step 4: You can now post updates to your network members.

NB Only the network administrator can post updates. The updates posted in networks are automatically send on email to the network members.

More about business networks
Create a professional or corporate network today and take charge of your professional field:
1. Create a company branded or professional network
2. Share knowledge, ideas, news etc. with your network
3. Make the network what you dream it to be
4. All business networks are private and require membership in order to read, share and comment on posts.
5. Membership approval from network administrators is required in all business networks.
NB: "FeedsFloor" or infringement of other company names are not allowed to be used in the network name.

Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free company account.

Step 2: Click on "Create video"

Step 3: Input title, a short description and the url link from Vimeo or Youtube.

NB: You can also add up to 2 videos under product pages. This can for instance be "How to..." videos or "Case study..." videos.

Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free company account.

Step 2: Click on "Create news".

Step 3: Input title, image and text and choose relevant Floor, Region and Language.

(NB: please note that content will be removed if it is showcased under a non-relevant Floor, Region or Language)

Step 1: Go to the content or EXPO you would like to share.

Step 2: Click on 'Share'.

Step 3: Choose channel and share.

Please contact us if you would like to terminate your company or individual account at FeedsFloor.

Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free company account.

Step 2: Send your unique FeedsFloor ID (your username) to the host.

Step 3: When you have received a request from the host to exhibit for free, please ACCEPT this request. Your company profile and products are now automatically swooped on to the EXPO page.