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FeedsFloor is a digital platform that helps small & medium-sized companies connect with new customers, distributors and suppliers in an easy, affordable and digital way...

You sign up for free, visit & exhibit in relevant digital showrooms and connect with customers from your neighborhood, a new partner in Mexico or a new supplier from China.



FeedsFloor is changing the world of business connectivity. The vision of FeedsFloor is to make the world of business more simple, digital and connected. We enable people to unlock the world of brands and enable businesses to become the brands of tomorrow.


FeedsFloor believes in the awesomeness of empowerment. We therefore enable anyone and any organization to sustain or create leadership via their own digital showroom from where they can connect relevant businesses with local & international customers.


FeedsFloor is a born-global tech company with Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and is founded by entrepreneurs from Denmark, Sweden and Australia. We collaborate with partners all over the world, and if you would like to be a representative of FeedsFloor in your country, please contact us at any time at business@feedsfloor.com.

Currently, FeedsFloor has users from over 140 countries and supports content publishing in and communication between 15 languages.

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FeedsFloor @FeedsFloorFeedsFloor @FeedsFloorFeedsFloor @FeedsFloor

FeedsFloor @FeedsFloorFeedsFloor @FeedsFloorFeedsFloor @FeedsFloorFeedsFloor @FeedsFloorFeedsFloor @FeedsFloor

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Pernille Andersen
Tel.: +45 53 77 24 29

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Download FeedsFloor logos Download FeedsFloor logos Download FeedsFloor logos

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FeedsFloor is looking for digital marketing & account management interns from all over the world (Unpaid Student Internship).

Send us a link of your individual profile at FeedsFloor to camilla@feedsfloor.com.