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FeedsFloor is the world's first self-service digital EXPO platform. FeedsFloor built the platform to enable anyone to VISIT, EXHIBIT AT and HOST their own EXPOs online, enabling people to discover & chat with companies from all over the world.

Bring your community together at digital EXPOs



Bring your community together at digital EXPOs for FREE and in 2 min. Enable people to chat on the go with companies at your EXPO. Possible to generate revenue from exhibitors through our secure payment platform.



Visit digital EXPOs and discover and chat with companies on the go. Ask questions, save time, and connect with opportunities. It's free.



Exhibit at digital EXPOs and enable people locally and internationally to discover and chat with you.


FeedsFloor enables you to attend any digital EXPO hosted by physical exhibitions, communities and organizations. At EXPOs, you can discover and chat with relevant companies locally or internationally connecting you with opportunities through conversations.

FeedsFloor is a born-global tech company with headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark and founded by entrepreneurs from Denmark, Sweden and Australia. FeedsFloor built the world’s first self-service digital EXPO platform, which enables anyone to visit, exhibit at and host digital EXPOs. FeedsFloor enables global payment transactions between exhibitors and EXPO hosts, has built-in chat between visitors and exhibitors and everything can easily be shared with our social media integration. FeedsFloor supports content publishing in and communication between 15 languages.

FeedsFloor's mission is to make it easier for companies and people from all over the world to connect with opportunities through chat conversations.

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