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FeedsFloor's mission is to make it fast and easy for B2B companies and organizations
to share and connect enabling new business opportunities.

FeedsFloor is a global social platform for business-to-business (B2B) companies, organizations and professionals.

FeedsFloor offers a social platform, where B2B companies can easily promote themselves, search for and with 1-click can connect with potential customers, agents, distributors and suppliers from all over the world enabling new business opportunities. Everything is offered free of any charges.

FeedsFloor currently covers industries ranging from agribusiness to pharma to industrial products and raw materials. FeedsFloor has a vision of transforming the way B2B companies and organizations connect with each other all over the world. FeedsFloor is based out of Scandinavia and has representative offices in different parts of the world.

If you wish to obtain a high resolution FeedsFloor logo, request an interview, speech, hear more about media partnerships or receive further information, please contact us at press@feedsfloor.com.

For B2B - by B2B
FeedsFloor is developed in collaboration with B2B companies and organizations and thus is continously developing and improving features, that is relevant in business-to-business industries. If you want to partner with us and be the first to test new features or provide us with feedback, please contact business@feedsfloor.com.
No comments - just business
All interactions on FeedsFloor is one-to-one, and thus no comments on content can be made. This way companies can focus on doing business instead of having to focus on often time-consuming comment management.
The meaning of FeedsFloor
FeedsFloor is information as the means of exchange
Feeds originally mean raw data and Floor comes from the concept of a trading floor.

These two words combined became FeedsFloor - a trading floor where information is the means of exchange.

Connect with 1-click across the world


At FeedsFloor, you can connect with potential customers, suppliers, agent, distributors and many more across the world in 1-click. Companies and professionals can also easily contact you as call-to-action buttons are automatically shown on all content. Everything you publish is optimized for search engines and can be seen by all visitors - also non-members. You do not need to worry about comments, as only one-to-one interaction is allowed. You can also in 1-click share all content to other social media sites or through email to your existing network.

At FeedsFloor, your company can:
• Brand yourself towards your target audience
• Generate relevant and high quality leads
• Network with and target potential business partners
• Stay ahead of your industry
And much more.

At FeedsFloor, everybody can view and access all content, but in order to publish content and connect with members, you have to be a member.

The Story Behind FeedsFloor
FeedsFloor was conceived across a ghetto in Sweden and along the beaches of Perth by 3 entrepreneurs from Australia, Denmark and Sweden.

FeedsFloor was developed because the 3 founders saw a need for a social platform that adheres to the needs and demands of B2B companies instead of B2B companies having to adjust themselves to more consumer- and individual-oriented platforms. Furthermore, the three founders want to make it easier and more transparent for B2B companies to do business across borders.

FeedsFloor.com was launched in the summer of 2014 and has since grown rapidly. FeedsFloor currently resides in Scandinavia with offices opening around the world. FeedsFloor is used by B2B companies and professionals from more than 100 countries all over the world and is growing rapidly.

FeedsFloor is currently funded by private investors.

FeedsFloor Logo

where companies speak

where companies speak

where companies speak

where companies speak

where companies speak

where companies speak


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FeedsFloor is official media partner to the International Property Show in Singapore February 20 - 26, 2017.

The International Property Show is organized by Dot Expo. Dot Expo’s mission is to provide property developers and real estate agents with the best possible opportunities to meet potential clients, generate leads and convert sales.

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FeedsFloor is proud to present it's media partnership with China Forex EXPO in Shenzen, October 28-29, 2016.

The upcoming 2016 China Forex Expo will take place on Octorber 28-29, 2016 at Shenzhen, China. It is going to be the most beneficial as well as funniest expo in Asia. China Forex Expo will bring together the latest fintech and products in the industry to expand your horizon. Thought-provoking seminars, interesting games, mysterious gifts also await you. 

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FeedsFloor is happy to announce media partnership with International Real Estate and Investment Show 2016 at Abu Dhabi.

IREIS 2016 will provide consumers from around the world with best options for investment and leading insight into the market trends.

The International Real Estate and Investment Show is the forerunner in showcasing real estate opportunities across major property ... Read more

FeedsFloor would like to invite you to International Property Show 2016.

The International Property Show is an innovative event held annually in Dubai for international and local companies involved in sales and promotion of real estate to individual and institutional investors.

IPS takes place 11-13 April 2016 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

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FeedsFloor is official media partner of the 16th MENA FFXPO in Dubai.

“There is no doubt that technology is revolutionizing every aspect of the financial services industry and the MENA markets are taking notice in a big way, where Investors became more demanding, and Financial Services providers are always looking for new tools to retain their customers and reach new ones. With so many changes occurring in a rapidly growing market, we have expanded our event to cover multiple aspects ... Read more

Maison et Objet in Paris will begin today and FeedsFloor will cover the trade show until January 26.

Are you ready for seeing the best design from all over the world?

You can see a summary of news here at FeedsFloor every day or follow continously on:

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2015 has been an amazing year for FeedsFloor with the number of members growing explosively. FeedsFloor now comprises of members from various B2B industries all over the world including transportation companies, financial trading companies, chamber of commerces, industry associations, engineering companies, pharmaceutical companies, construction companies, agricultural companies, manufactures, jewelry companies, home interior companies and many many more. We have furthermore had successful ... Read more

At FeedsFloor, we love interior design and decor items and where else to see the latest fantastic products than at Maison et Objet in Paris. FeedsFloor is therefore coming to Maison et Objet in Paris in January 22-26, 2016. https://www.feedsfloor.com/events/maison_et_objet_paris

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FeedsFloor hereby announces Media Partnership with China Forex EXPO and invite you for the China Forex EXPO in Shenzhen on April 15-16, 2016.

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FeedsFloor is where companies speak. What do you speak? ... Read more