What is an EXPO?

A digital EXPO at FeedsFloor is a virtual exhibition or an online showroom of many companies, their products and services. At digital EXPOs, you can discover relevant companies locally or internationally and their new products and services. During LIVE EXPOs, you can chat in real time and ask questions, get more information or set up meetings.

Physical exhibitions, organizations and communities can host their own digital EXPOs.

Companies can exhibit at EXPOs for free or for a fee.

Anyone can visit any EXPO for FREE.

Connect with companies

  • Join your community at digital EXPOs for FREE
  • Discover & chat with companies locally and internationally
  • Ask questions, save time and connect with opportunities

Exhibit your company

  • Exhibit your company at digital EXPOs
  • Enable people to discover and chat with you
  • Connect with people locally and internationally
  • Boost sales through conversations

Host your own EXPO

  • Bring your community together at digital EXPOs
  • It is free and takes 2 min. to set up
  • Enable people to chat with companies on the go at your EXPO
  • Possible to generate revenue from exhibitors through our secure payment platform.