Steel Pipes

Standards & Quality:

ICON produces steel pipes, black or galvanized. These pipes are highly fitted to suit all needs of clients, the length, thickness and diameters of each pipe vary for the sake of fulfilling the needs all. The pipes are made from steel 37; electrical longitudinal welded, with diameters from 0.5 up to 2.5 inch, thicknesses of 2 up to 4 mm, and with variable lengths up to the client needs and requirements. The pipes are manufactured according to the Egyptian Standards and codes No. 350. These pipes are used in many applications that vary upon needs and assignments, such as: metal scaffoldings, form works, steel skeletons, steel furniture and many other uses. Despite the fact that ICON steel pipes are a latest product, and got a lot of competitors in market; ICON steel pipes captured a very good ranking in market in a very short time, the quality and durability it achieved an instant success with clients, specially it comes from the name they always trust in quality.