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TECHNONET has an extensive experience in the supply and installation of various fire fighting systems in accordance with NFPA requirements. TECHNONET deals with major U.S. & European companies to provide the latest scientific achievements in the field of fire fighting. We offer the following range of products:

  • Wet & Dry Sprinkler Systems.
  • Deluge Systems.
  • Foam Systems.
  • Fire Hydrants Systems.
  • Fire Cabinets Systems.
  • Fire Department Systems.
  • Fire Pumps Systems.
  • Fire Suppression Systems.
    1. FM-200 System.
    2. CO2 System.
    3. Argonite System.
    4. Noviac System.
  • Preaction System.
  • Fire Trace System.
  • Detection System.
  • Fire Fighting for Transformers Systems.
  • Fire Extinguishers Systems.