Sun Shade

Features: The knitted fiber and folded sewn seams have withstood heavy winds and rains through each season, spring to fall.
Give you and your guests some relief from the bright, hot sun with this square sail sun shade.
Made of strong yet breathable fabric, this large sun shade is UV-stabilized, meaning it allows plenty of air through but blocks the sun's harmful rays.
If this sail shade ever gets dirty, it can be simply hosed off to clean.
Available in four stylish colors, this shade will provide comfort and style to your outside space.
Tightly woven, low-density polyethylene, nylon, and steel construction
Nylon webbing on the full length of the sides 230 grams per square meter
Significant temperature reduction underneath the sail
Made from UV-stabilized fabric (blocks 90% of UV rays)
Suitable for covering patios to protect your patio furniture, courtyards, playgrounds, and parking lots Simply hose clean
Nylon ropes may be looped around anchor points such as metal poles directly, or used with screw eye loops/wood anchors for wooden anchor points
A drill with boring bit in a slightly smaller diameter than the anchor itself will be required to create a pilot hole for the wood anchors
Turnbuckles allow for adjustments to tension after hanging