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Products & Services

Union for Metal Constructions works in trading and importing all kinds of steel sectors as shown in the following items:
– Iron beams of various sizes and types (H sectors – I sectors – C sectors – Wide sectors) in all sizes.
– Cold rolled composting in all sizes.
– Steel Angles of all sizes.
– Steel Wickers in all sizes.
– Steel Sheets (hot and cold) in all thicknesses and lengths required.
– Steel Sheets (galvanized and colored) in all thicknesses and lengths required.

Union for Metal Constructions provides several services including:
– Plate cutting sheets according to the required sizes.
– Bending plate sheets according to the dimensions required
– All types of custom-made ??rolling required.
– Manufacture and installation of all trusses and steel hangars and reservoirs all required sizes.
– Manufacture and installation of All Advertising steel constructions by the required
– Manufacture and installation of all types of Advertising Unipoles required specifications.
– Manufacture and installation of all types of Wrought iron according to the required specifications.

*Additional Services:
Union for Metal Constructions also provides several additional services including:
– Shop Drawing work integrated to any metal structure in the absence of presented by the client.
– Pouring concrete base for any metal structure as requested by the client so that it is identical to the engineering specifications.
– Lift the advertising message (Flex or Banner) for any Advertising Steel Structure.
– Supply and installation of all supplies of electric lamps and other lighting systems.