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MAZEN STEEL FACTORY Our scope in MAZENSTEEL FACTORY could be concluded as follows:- - DESIGN of All structuralsteel fabrications for different purposes such as... factories / warehouses /industrial towers / aircraft hangars / grain silos / car service workshops /pipes racks / multistory industrial buildings / residential buildings/ tanks /bunkers... etc. - FABRICATION takes place inour workshops in a systematic procedure starting from proper material handlingfor plates & sections / cutting & slitting / drilling & punching /joining & welding / surface cleaning & painting / packing &shipping to job site. For any special sophisticated works … we are proud to have some strong reputedassociates & sister companies to relay & depend on outsourcing basis.

- QUALITY CONTROL AND ASSURANCE are performed in house…. all through fabrication steps to ensure the best quality MAZEN STEEL FACTORY is always known for. - INSTALLATION WORKS of such constructions is done by MAZEN STEEL FACTORY crew... a very unique staff of engineers, skilled foremen, professional erectors, certified welders, site painters and other professions using all up-to-date lifting & installation equipments such as mobile cranes & lifting tools complying with the type of project executed. - Because all building items are properly highly designed & detailed using up to date international software programs or those in house programs... Sure you will SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY. - At last we shall be proud to hand you over a WELLD ESIGNED / WELL FABRICATED and WELL CONSTRUCTED steel building.