Welcome to The Liquorice Showroom!

The Liquorice Showroom shows businesses and products related to liquorice from flavors of liquorice, liquorice roots to gourmet liquorice, mixed with exciting new flavors.

Explore the liquorice universe, featuring selected producers within chocolates, cakes, coffee, spices and beer, making unique products combined with different flavors of liquorice.


Showcase your liquorice products

If you wish to showcase your business and products in this showroom to liquorice lovers of all kinds, please contact info@expoviva.dk, or press on exhibit. 

The price is 295 EUR for all of 2018.


Visit and get inspired (it's free)

Sign up here at FeedsFloor and click visit to get inspired and connect with the latest businesses and products within the liquorice universe. You will also be automatically updated on new businesses and products. It is free!

NB: You can chat 1-to-1 with showcased companies first time on 24 - 30 March, 2018!