Allweiler-Farid Pumps is a successful joint-venture between the German “Allweiler GmbH” and the Egyptian “Farid Pumps Co.” Allweiler-Farid Pumps was established in 1982 & started its production in 1984 for the purpose of producing pumps for agriculture, irrigation, industry, and housing. It is

Power House is a leading, ISO-certified service company in the fields of power generation, pumping, gas and air compression.

Ever since 1987, the year when MOHAMED SHOUKRY setup the company HELIOPOWER has been recognized as ENGINEERING SOLUTION PROVIDER and partners in responsibility for industrial projects and environmental contracts . Due to our commitment to customer satisfaction market knowledge and the ability to

Gabtic Engineering & Supply is the representative of several world wide well known manufacturers in the territory of Egypt, also manufacturer of various type of custom air filters, service provider, contractor and suppliers of various type of industrial Mechanical products. Our scale, scope, and

At EMC we are fully committed to the continual improvement of our performance and to total satisfaction of our customer’s needs and requirements. Our goal is to protect and enhance our clients assets while creating shareholder value and creating opportunities for our employees, subcontractors and

Egyptian Arab Pumps .....Member of M. Ahmed Daoud Group M. Ahmed Daoud Group was established in 1939. It has been growing since then and now is a leading company in manufacturing, importing & markting electric motors,electic pumps,diesel generating sets, low voltage & industrial switchgear

Tartoussieh Engineering and Trading Company (TETCO) was established in Alexandria in 1945 as a family business. What started out as a state-of -the-art mechanical workshop has expanded and diversified its activities over the years.

Kheir Group is one of the leading companies in providing a wide range of Pumping Application for fire protection, commercial, industrial, waste water, agriculture, petrochemical, process and energy industries. Through identifying the needs, designing the system, supplying the required pumps,

MWI Corporation is an extension of a business started by the Eller family in Deerfield Beach, Florida in 1926. Originally founded as a company engaged in the manufacture of iron and steel equipment, MWI realized the need for a reliable manufacturer of pumping stations for irrigation, drainage and

Engineering company for water services and drilling was established at 2008. Our Company One of the leading water services and drilling Companies at this field for all its requirements from Supplying of submersible pumps and accessories of submarine cables as well as special electrical panels

Tiba For Engineering Services Products :supplying pumps - installing pumps - maintain pumps  -renting pump - dewatering projects شركة طيبة للخدمات الهندسية تصنيع وتجميع الطلمبات بجميع انواعها

تاسست الشركة المصرية الامريكية للتصنيع اوميجا مصر سنة 1989م وذلك بغرض تصنيع طلمبات الاعماق بكافة أنواعها كما يلى :

Fire pumps, air conditioning pumps, drinking water pumps, pumps for chemical industries, pumps for sewage industries, pumps for water circulation طلمبات الحريق وطلمبات التكييفات وطلمبات مياه الشرب وطلمبات الصناعات الكيماوية وطلمبات صناعات الصرف الصحى وطلمبات تدوير المياة

MANUFACTURE OF PUMPS صناعة طلمبات طاردة مركزية بجميع انواعها ومغيرات السرعة

manufacture of Pumps طلمبات مياه اعماق استنلس ستيل ومحطات معالجة المياه وتنفيذ مياه شرب وصرف صحى نقالى ومواسير حديد مقاسات مختلفة

طلمبات أعماق غاطسة من الزهر والاستنلس ستيل

Manufacturing and assembling pumps of all kinds تصنيع وتجميع الطلمبات بجميع انواعها

طلمبات مياة منزلية و زراعية و محركات كهربائية آحادية الأوجه وثلاثية وتنكات الضغط كمبروسور الهواء

تجميع طلمبات تموين سيارت بالكمبيوتر مزدوجة وفردية وسريعة الحرق

Pumping Services Rental / Purchase / Lease to Purchase Power House provides a Single source responsibility of Turnkey pumping systems including: Study, Assessment, Engineering, Mobilization, Installation, Commissioning & start up, Operation & maintenance of Pumps.
منتجات الشركة : 1- طلمبات غاطسة كهربائية 2- طلمبات اعماق غاطسة 3– وصلات انتاج طلمبة كهربية 4- وصلات انتاج طلمبة توربينية تبريد مياة 5- وصلات انتاج طلمبة توربينية تبريد زيت 6- رؤوس الطرد 7- لوحات التشغيل
- submersible electrical pumps - turbine pumps - production lines: * For submersible pump * For the turbine -pumps with water cooling. * For the turbine -pumps with oil cooling. - discharge head - Control panels
- blower Air Blower - blower Vacuum Pumps - blower Aerators & diffusers - blower Centrifugal Pumps - blower Positive dis. pumps - blower Air operated pumps - blower Decanters - blower Drum Pumps - blower Vibrators - blower Bulk handling Eq.
-Maintenance -Construction & Modification -Fabrication Workshop -Special Services -Asset Integrity -Technical Support -Engineering -Procurement Services
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Mono is a leading name in the design, manufacture and distribution of progressing cavity pumps, grinders, screens and packaged systems, worldwide. They are able to provide a comprehensive range of solutions for the multiple application requirements of today’s industries, including water supply &
Delta Valve DeltaValve products have a reputation in the industry as innovative, high quality, safe and very reliable. DeltaValve® is the world leader in safe, reliable, maintenance free, coke-drum unheading systems. Its revolutionary DeltaGuard® unheading device—available for both the coke-drum top
Flowserve offers the world’s most extensive lines of ISO 13709/API 610 and ISO 2858-5199/ANSI B73.1 compliant designs along with pumps designed to ASME, nuclear, JIS and other globally recognized design standards. In addition to offering more than 100 distinct pump models, Flowserve also provides
We have the solution of your fluids handling problems The main areas of application for our products and services are:
-Rentals -Repairs
-Hydraflo Pumps -Mobile Pumps -Submersible Electric -Lineshaft -Duraflo -Solarpedalflo -Rotoflo -PrimeRite -Silent Partner -Double Diaphragm
Tiba For Engineering Services Products :supplying pumps - installing pumps - maintain pumps  -renting pump - dewatering projects شركة طيبة للخدمات الهندسية تصنيع وتجميع الطلمبات بجميع انواعها
Immersion Heaters - Radiation Heaters
Water Heaters
Steam Traps - PRV'S ( Pressure Reducing Valves) - Steam Humidfiers - Hose Station.
Gas & Chemical Filtration
Liquid filtration is used for liquid-solids separations in the manufacture of chemicals, polymer products, medicinal, beverages, and foods; in mineral processing; in water purification; in sewage disposal; in the chemistry laboratory; and in the operation of machines such as internal combustion
Armstrong offers both a complete system and a modular component solution to mixed water temperature control across the entire Institutional and Industrial Hot Water Distribution network.

Pumps - صناعة الطلمبات