Volute Casing, Horizontal, Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps According to DIN 24255.
Main Fields of Applications:
Pure Water for Drinking, Industries, Swimming Pools.
Cooling and Air-Conditioning Cycles.
... Raw Water for irrigation Systems.
Low Viscosity Petroleum Liquids.

Fire Fighting.
Multistage High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps
Main Fields of Applications:
Feeding of Steam Boilers.
Cooling Cycles.
General Purposes that need High Pressure.
Centrifugal End Suction pump with vacuum assisted priming.
Two/Four Wheels site trailer with built in fuel tank, 24 hours running with cleaning and flushing facilities.
Main Fields of Applications:
Well point dewatering.
... Pumping waste water.
Pumping oily water.
Sewage and Sludge

Horizontal Signal Stage Volute Casing, Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps
Main Fields of Applications:
Self Priming pump for Fire Fighting Units which uses Underground Water Tanks or Similar cases.
Used in clear water and light petroleum liquids as well as the liquids not containing abrasive materials.
Only Pure Water to be Handled
Horizontal Centrifugal Self- Priming Pumps with Open Impeller.
Main Fields of Applications:
Draining of Sanitary Sewage Water.
Draining of Industrial Waste Water.
... Draining of Muddy Water.
... Pumping of Petroleum liquids.
Feeding or Drainage of Fish Farms.
Agricultural Drainage.
Fire Fighting
Centrifugal Horizontal Single Stage Mixed Flow Pumps.
Main Fields of Applications:
Pumps Station for Irrigation & Drainage With Low & Medium Pressure.
Feeding Ends of Canals from Drainage Canals.
General Industrial Application