Supmprsible sewage pump
Main Fields of Applications:
Municipal work

Industrial building
Volute casing centrifugal pumps of Block design.
Main Fields of Applications:
Cooling and heating systems.
In Circulating, water supply, water treatment, irrigation, sea water desalination, dedusting and spray painting plants as well as in air-conditioning, cooling, swimming pool and industrial engineering.
For pumping pure water, industrial water, sea water, condensate, oil, brines lyes and hot water.
Complete Fire Fighting Unit for General Application & Fire Fighting Systems.
Main Fields of Applications:
Fire Fighting.
Single Stage Double Suction Split Casing Centrifugal Pumps
Main Fields of Applications:

Waterworks Irrigation & Drainage Pumping station.
... Power Station.
Industrial Water Supply.
Fire Fighting.
OIL & GAS Industry.