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We have the solution of your fluids handling problems The main areas of application for our products and services are:

Fire Fighting Systems
The most extensive Range of fire pump sets according to the highest engineering fire protection standards. That issued the world in include NFPA, LPC, ASIB, ... etc.

Irrigation Works & Drainage

Pumps Our Principals in USA, UK and South Korea have a wide experience and large history in manufacturing Irrigation and Drainage pumps. Deep well pumps, Vertical Axial and Mixed flow pumps, Axial Split Case pumps and End Suction Low Lift pumps are manufactured in wide ranges and high quality to suit customer needs.

Booster Packages
Drinking, Drainage, Booster packages, HVAC Pumps of valves for high rise buildings and Resorts.

Submersible sewage

Drinking water boosters and treatment stations
Drinking water boosting and treatment stations.
Waste Water
Waste water systems.
Power plants pumps
Pumps for power plants applications.

Industrial Applications
Pumps for industries applications.
Petrochemical Pumps
pumps for Petrochemicals and Refinery.

Vacuum Pumps

Submersible water pumps

Deep Well Pumps