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Air Filtration

Air filtration is a critical component of good indoor air quality. Even the best kept home will have dust, pollen, mold spores and other allergens in the air. A healthy indoor living environment can improve your lungs ability to rest, recuperate and heal. There are many different types of air filters that can clean these smaller particles from the air, and they can be installed in your central forced air heating and cooling (HVAC) system to provide filtration for commercial buildings,hospitals and indoor facilties.


High-efficiency air filters greatly reduce the number of airborne particles when compared to the standard 1-inch thick filter installed on most central HVAC systems. Some high-efficiency models can even filter out tobacco smoke, airborne bacteria and allergens to some extent. Whole house filters are usually placed in the return duct line adjacent to the air handler for easy installation and maintenance. The air handler pulls air through the return ducts, and consequently through the filter. The air-filtration method can vary, and sometimes different methods are combined into a hybrid system.

Air Filters

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