In 1981, "Wilkinson Match" – based in the United Kingdom, sold its share in "Wilkinson Sword Middle East" to "Soliman's" Family currently "LORD International", which was launched with Wilkinson Sword technology to more than 70 countries around the globe to be presently considered as one of the six

-We reinvent ourselves every day Since its foundation in 1911, Franke's success has been based on innovative engineering, unique design, and outstanding Swiss quality. These values are still the cornerstone of our success today, together with entrepreneurial spirit, solution-oriented action, and a

The company started production in 2006 with the first production line of stainless steel kitchen tanks with the best materials according to the specifications of the European Union. In 2010, the company began expanding its new production line for stainless steel water tanks using state-of-the-art

We are Alex Steel for sanitary ware. We are honored to offer you a product with a history of expertise and excellence in sanitary ware, where we have always been very competitive.

Fresh … one of the major players in the home appliances field!

RUBEX international was established in 1987, has built a strong reputation of quality and reliability in plastic and Acrylic sector in Egypt as well as throughout the entire region. The factory’s complex is located in New Borg El Arab City, 3rd Industrial Zone-Alexandria- Egypt, of a total area of

Port Said Co. for Electrical Industries – Avena Group is the largest and oldest Egyptian industrial castle. The company owns specialized high-tech production facilities with high capacity production lines to meet the demands of all our customers, The most advanced equipment in Egypt and the Middle

Allweiler-Farid Pumps is a successful joint-venture between the German “Allweiler GmbH” and the Egyptian “Farid Pumps Co.” Allweiler-Farid Pumps was established in 1982 & started its production in 1984 for the purpose of producing pumps for agriculture, irrigation, industry, and housing. It is

Elhaggar misr is the leading company in air compressors business, it has been established in 1977 and since then we are the number one choice in air compressors. Elhaggar misr has large Varity of air compressors products and solutions: Reciprocating compressors supporting small, medium and large

Manufacturing fins to produce finned tubes and heat exchangers. Finned tubes are used for Air coolers and heaters, condensers, dryers, compact heat exchangers. Main users: Electric power station - Petroleum industry - refineries - Industrial companies. such as: (chemicals- petrochemicals- food-

TRUST for Engineering Industries was established in 1996, on Egyptian grounds, as family run business which manufactures seating systems; and specializes in automotive seats. As TRUST grew, the transition to become the corporate organization it is today was facilitated by each member of the TRUST

Marso is an environmentally friendly company In 1971 the Chemist Saad Baligh began many experiments on rubber reclaiming but it all didn't succeed Until all the money was spent on the many experiments done there were no other money except for one more chance He and his brothers decided to take the

We are specialist sub contractor for technical civil works. Extra Egypt was thus well equipped to tackle the huge growth of the construction sector, with its products, Couplers, a parallel thread device used to connect together two reinforcement steel bars casted in large concrete structures. Extra

Egyptian Machine is an Egyptian shareholding company established in 1998. The company manufactures packaging machines of all kinds The company is characterized by its full support of the factories through the follow-up of the machines after the manufacture and maintenance of periodic machines and


National co. for Industrialization H.S.N Group Middle East ltd In 1986the National Company for industrialization was established as the first company in Egypt and Middle East in manufacturing the induction seals for Plastic and Glass Containers. In 1/1/2006 H.N.S group (which belongs to Mr. HUSSEIN

General Cool Company - Founded in 1984 by Eng. Gamal EL-Zalbany - Specialize in manufacturing condensers and evaporators

ELMACO is a private sector company since 1996 , it was established 1957, ELMACO produces a wide range of power and distribution transformers in addition to other electrical products such as capacitors, disconnectors, fuses and a.c. arc welding transformers. ELMACO as shares in some other companies

Gravel fix & Grass fix , BAMBOO Swimming pool stage and Roof Garden- landscape

وقد بدأت الشركة مشوارها الصناعي بتصنيع غسالات الملابس ذات الحوضالواحد بأنواعها ومقاساتها المختلفة بالآسم التجاري اكسبريس EXPRESS حيث تمتاز هذهالمنتجات بالجودة العالية والسعر المناسب وبذلك أصبحت شركة اكسبريس من أعرق الشركات المصرية في هذا المجال وأستطاعت الشركة أن تحصل علي شريحة كبيرة من السوق المحلي

thread seal tape

مسبك النصر

Working at Plastering & decoration with GRC & GRG & GRB نعمل فى مجال الديكورات بالالياف الزجاجيه والجبس البلدى والفيبر

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دولفين لتصنيع لعب الأطفال ومنتجات البلاستيك تصنيع عجلة اطفال ذات ثلاث عجلات ومشاية اطفال وكرسى اطفال ومرجيحة اطفال

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Metalworking. Production of engineering spare parts تجميع طلمبات تموين سيارات بالكمبيوتر وقطع غيارها و خراطة معادن انتاج قطع غيار هندسية

تجميع المشجعين ، الغسالة وطلاء المعادن بالكهرباء الساكنة اثاثات معدنية حديثة وطلاء معادن بالكتروستاتيك: اثاثات مكتبية معدنية حديثة ودهانات الكتروستاتيك حديثة

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manufacture of Establishment and Operation of Factory for Assembling Computers and Electrical Appliances, Electronic and Electrical Appliances and Watches كشافات كهربائية دبكورية ولمبات موفرة للطاقة ولوحات توزيع كهربائية وكشافات شوارع

Manufacture of illuminated items and assembling electrical tools تصنيع متعلقات مضيئة و تجميع ادوات كهربائية

- VIP Seats - Bus Seats - MiniBus Seats - MicroBus Seats - Bus Seats – Driver - Bus Seats – Guide Seats - Trucks - 2-3 Wheelers - Other Products
reclaim rubber - Rubber granules and rubber powder
Flooring - speed bumps
GYM FLOORING - Rubber granules for artificial grass - Tarak Tertany - flooring fom kids
swimming pool - Clubs - Hotels - Houses
rubber car mats - spare parts of cars
- Cookers - Washing Machines
Extruded Fins :
Acrylic sheets
- Rubitan Furniture - Home Products - Commercial Products - Pallets products - Chairs - Tables
- Bathtubs - Shower trays - Basins - Corner Bathtubs
Shower cabinets
Toilet Covers Seat
Our Products:
ELMACO Produces Welding Transformer with the next specifications :- * A.C. are welding transformer. * Rated current up to 400 A. * Supply voltage single phase 380/220 V - 50 Hz. * Duty cycle 50 %. * The output current is of manually regulated nature from 20 A to the maximum Amp.
ELMACO produces 11 & 22 KV outdoor three phases disconnector switches ( isolating switches with ratings : 200, 400 and 630 Amp., it can be equipped with tripping fuses and / or arcing chamber. The D.S. is used to break the charging current and to isolate the required section of the circuit. It
Fuses are most simple protective devices used upon a simple principle consisting in the use of fusible element - known as the fuse link - which gets heated to its melting point when a predetermined maximum current is exeeded. This opens the circuit and disconnects the protected installation or
The low voltage dry type capacitors are used for industrial power factor correction. They are of three phase, 50 Hz, 400 Volt and rated power from 2.5 KVAR to 80 KVAR. * The capacitor element has two leads with different colors. * The elements are connected in groups to provide the required three
ELMACO produces three and single phase oil immersed distribution transformers, core type, continuous operation and natural cooling ( ONAN ). ELMACO transformers are either free breathing with conservator or hermetically sealed in leak proof tank, totally filled or with gas cushion for indoor and
ELMACO produces three phase oil immersed power transformers, core type, continuous operationand natural cooling (ONAN ) and / or forced cooling ( ONAF ) . ELMACO power transformers are free breathing with conservator for indoor and outdoor installation, with rating up to 40 MVA and with rated
-Aluminum capsules -rubber stopper ( 13mm – 20mm – 32mm ) -Vial ( Penicillin – Glucose ) -Ampoule tray -pilfer proof -flip off
-Heat Induction Seal for plastic bottles -Foam induction seal -Aluminum cap seal for aplastic bottles -aluminum lid for cosmetic -Heat Induction machine - Welding induction machine  
-Food boxes and water cup -Dairy products & yoghurt lids -glass Jar material
Stainless Steel Tanks
Stainless Steel Under Mount Sinks
Stainless Steel Sinks
Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories
CRYSTAL Tab - Ball Valve - CRYSTAL Ball Valve
Brass Sanitary Fittings
Brass Manufacturing Fittings
Brass Angle Valve
- Disposable -Modern Shaving Systems -Safty Razors -Traditional -Cosmetics -Special Offers
The Extra Egypt System The essence of the Extra Egypt system is to build a parallel thread on a cold-forged end of reinforcing bar. They are then spliced together by means of a mechanical coupler. This unique process has proven itself over a decade to be the perfect splice for the construction
Wonderful is what our customers and consumers expect, whether it's for their homes or businesses. Wonderful takes the everyday and turns it into something special. Franke is a world leading provider of products and solutions for residential kitchens and bathrooms, professional foodservice, coffee
الدورات التدريبية (فنيين) - W.Q.T إختبارات تأهيل اللحامين - الدورات التدريبية (مهندسين)
The Port Said Company for Electrical Industries – Avena Group has become a bright star in the Middle East electrical products industry since its inception in the early 1990s. The success of Port Said Company for Electrical Industries – Avena Group is due to its constant desire to develop products
The Port Said Company for Electrical Industries – Avena Group has become a bright star in the Middle East electrical products industry since its inception in the early 1990s. The success of Port Said Company for Electrical Industries – Avena Group is due to its constant desire to develop products
Alex Steel for Sanitary Ware from 2007, where we develop unique strategies to meet market demands and increase our marketing share
Evaporator for cold room for fans - Refrigeration Evaporator - Evaporative air cold condenser - Evaporative Condenser Box-Type - Evaporator Chiller - Finned Evaporators - Evaporator Coil - Evaporator - Evaporator for cold room - Double Side Blowing Evaporator for Cold Room .
Condensers Evaporative Condenser - Condenser - High efficinecy fin type condenser coils - Low noise air cooled condenser - Finned Condenser - Fin type condenser - Condenser Water Chiller - Condenser coil - Condenser coils for industrial dehumidifier - Condenser coils - Air Handling Unit Condenser
دولفين لتصنيع لعب الأطفال ومنتجات البلاستيك تصنيع عجلة اطفال ذات ثلاث عجلات ومشاية اطفال وكرسى اطفال ومرجيحة اطفال
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تتشرف غرفة الصناعات الهندسية بدعوتكم للمشاركة في أكبر تجمع لصناع مصر معرض #صناع_مصر الرابع بوابتك للتصدير لأفريقيا بمشاركة رجال أعمال من 5 دول أفريقية (كينيا - أثيوبيا - غانا - تنزانيا - السنغال) والمقرر إقامتة فى الفترة من 13 - 16 فبراير 2019 بأرض للمعارض بطريق صلاح سالم

The Chamber of Engineering Industries is honored to invite you to participate in the largest gathering of Egyptian manufacturers Exhibition #Egypt-Egypt 4. Your gate for export to Africa, with the participation of businessmen from 5 African countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal) and scheduled to be held from February 13-16 - Cairo -Egypt

Egypt Makers Expo