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Extruded Fins :

Aluminium fins are formed from a bimetallic tube consisting of a base tube and an aluminium muff tube. The fins are formed on a cold rolling process from the wall thickness of the aluminium muff tube. Extruded fin gives very good corrosion protection to the base tube, as the base tube is not subjected to the atmosphere inbetween the fins.

Max working temperature 300celsius.

Fin material .... Aluminum.

Atmospheric corrosion resistance .... Excellent.

- Crimped Fins :

Fins (Steel- Stainless Steel- COPPER- ALUMINUM) are wound continuously without welding (ONE PIECE) under considerable tension having a regular crimped contact with knurled tube and that result a perfect mechanical bond with excellent heat transfer properties from tube to fins to get maximum possible radiation.
Tubes Outer Diameter Ranging From 9 - 76 mm with unlimited length.

This fin type is a non taper fin wrapped under tension around the base tube. The finning process results in a crimp forming at the foot of the fin. Fin is then welded to the base tube at the strip ends.

Tubes are cleaned and knurled before winding to enhance the mechanical bond between tubes and fins and increas heat transfer.

The corrugation increases fin surface area about 1.40 times more than smooth fin which enhances radiation and heat transfer efficiency.

Max working temperature .... 250 celsius.

-Condensers And Evaporators.