Kaffe Bueno is the 1st company to create a circular economy around coffee. We recycle coffee grounds from selected partners in Copenhagen, extract bioactive compounds inside to produce natural ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceuticals and functional foods.  

NGUVU sikrer kvindelige kaffebønder i Kenya flere penge mellem hænderne samt faglig udvikling, så de kan optimere høsten. Derudover får kvinderne rådgivning i forhold til sygdomme og sundhed, og de får hjælp til familieplanlægning. Kvindernes børn får desuden betalt skolegang.

The Coffee Collective is a specialty coffee micro roastery with five coffee shops in Copenhagen and a webshop for our international community. We explore and unfold exceptional coffee experiences in Copenhagen, in a manner that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers across the globe. We

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Nu kan privatpersoner også støtte op om de kvindelige småbønder i Kenya. Når du køber kaffebønnerne gennem vores kaffeabonnement, er du med til at sikre kvinderne flere penge mellem hænderne, faglig udvikling, sundhedsrådgivning og hjælp til familieplanlægning. Derudover får kvindernes børn betalt
Sammen med fire andre virksomheder med fokus på socialt iværksætteri har vi lanceret den samfundsansvarlige firmagave 'Afrikakurven'. I kurven er der gourmetkaffe, økologisk vin og lækker chokolade - delikatesser der alle er med til at gøre en stor forskel for lokalbefolkningen i fire afrikanske
Virksomheder kan fylde lækre Kenya AA kaffebønner i kaffemaskinerne og samtidig gøre en stor forskel for kvindelige småbønder i Kenya.
We work continuously to create exceptional coffee experiences through our producers, coffee bars and wholesale partners. If your business looks to brew and sell our coffee whilst creating more opportunities for coffee producers, then you should get in touch with us on mail@coffeecollective.dk
At our coffee shops we aim to create exceptional coffee experiences. Disagreeing with uniformity, we have created five exceedingly different spaces in which we present unique variations of what coffee experiences can be.
When you see the Direct Trade logo on our coffee bags, you will know that the following two criteria have been met: 1. The producer is paid at least 25% more than the Fair Trade price. 2. We visit the producer every year.
We strive to show distinctive, characteristic coffees that complete all corners of the flavour universe in coffee. Direct Trade, full traceability, fresh harvests, single lots - all of them with fantastic flavours in common.
The way we combine biotech and used coffee grounds is the foundation of our products, their functionality and effectiveness. We start by looking to every single molecule within coffee, enabling us to discover unknown health potentials inside it. We extract the bioactive compounds from coffee
We offer a coffee service for offices in Denmark. We deliver freshly roasted coffee beans every month to your office door. Life is too short to drink shit coffee, especially at work, where you should be playing your A game all day, everyday.
Thanks to our proprietary refining technology, we present to you a potent, coffee-based super oil that is rich in bioactive compounds that are beneficial for skin health.
This is a space for change makers, first movers, disruptors, innovators. We’ve called it the Bueno Movement. This is where it all starts, where you thought coffee’s life ended.

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