The way we combine biotech and used coffee grounds is the foundation of our products, their functionality and effectiveness. We start by looking to every single molecule within coffee, enabling us to discover unknown health potentials inside it. We extract the bioactive compounds from coffee that are scientifically proven to be of high value for human health and skin.

We’re currently extracting the antioxidant-rich oil from spent coffee grounds and using the defatted grounds remaining as natural exfoliants, as well as antioxidant insoluble dietary fibres (coffee flour) in the food industry. We’re prioritising R&D to continuously innovate in the way we treat coffee’s “waste” for health purposes.



Some people look at coffee as an energy boost, some others as a craft beverage, and some even as art. These all are great. We are just a bit different. We look at coffee as miraculous plant with so many untapped potentials, that we decided to dedicate our lives to unlock them.​

Instead of looking at it as one thing, we look at it as a hub of active compounds waiting to be extracted to improve your health! Some of the most relevant are; chlorogenic acids (CGA), caffeic acid, linoleic acid, antioxidants, cafestol, kahweol and caffeine.



By early 2019, we will have established Scandinavia’s 1st Coffee Bio-Refinery. A place where we receive Spent Coffee Grounds from selected cafés, hotels and offices in Copenhagen and extract the most out of them. The result is the pure recycled coffee oil to be used in healthy natural skincare products.