About pioneerspsf :pioneerspsf Scaffolding & Formwork is a leading manufacturer and trader of scaffolding and formwork products located in the Middle East. pioneerspsf Scaffolding & Formwork was established in Cairo in 2005.Over the years, the company has seen a gigantic growth With a

The PICO Group started in 1974 working in trading activities. Over the past decades, PICO has grown to become one of Egypt’s leading private sector groups with activities in a variety of areas. Over its growth journey, PICO has developed an extensive set of expertise in the many areas in which it

Proserve is established to meet the market needs of high standards of engineered services and products that improve equipment efficiency and reliability and reduce operating costs. Proserve is serving and extending its specialties to oil & gas industry (oil & gas plants, oil drilling rigs),

Manufacture of industries equipment's treatment plants for (surface, underground water and seawater) and wastewater (domestic-industrial) A custom engineered system may be needed for your water and wastewater treatment requirements. Alawael engineering experience and complete fabrication facility

WATER WORLD EGYPT Complete Line of Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Conditioning Equipment and Components شركة عالم المياه الدولية - ووتر وورلد انترناشيونال صناعة اجهزة وفلاتر محطات معالجة المياه  

ALWATANIA Water Technology has more than 14years of experience in the field of water technology. Where ALWATANIA company for water technology with its possibilities available from the agencies of the European American And with its human cadres of consultants and academics at the highest level of

Vaico Egypt was established as a new member of Biali group which was established 50 years ago . the group now includes 5 companies specialized in trading and manufacturing all kinds of integrated water and sewage pipe networks. Vaico is specialized in the manufacture of different kinds of valves

DMMAS - AN ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING COMPANY WHO WE ARE DMMAS was founded in 1994 in Cairo, Egypt as an Engineering and Manufacturing Company when three mechanical engineers had the vision to join efforts, leave the corporate ladder and launch their own business. The company founders hold

El Amana which working in the field of water treatment and injection system since 1986. El Amana has accomplished during the last 3 decades, more than 200 projects in the field of water treatment and Sewage all over Egypt. But with the modern and contemporary Markets’ requirements, and with the

Manufacture of Equipments & machines, Spare Arts For Clay Brick, Rotary Kiln , Foundry For Metal Casting Big Mechanical Workshop, Steal Fabrication

Manufacture of lifting cranes and accessories, metal turning and waterjet cutting technology صناعة اوناش رفع ومستلزماتها وخراطة معادن واعمال وتر جيت تكنولوجيا التقطيع بالمياه

Central concrete mixers, briquettes, bricks and longitudinal blocks, cement blocks and prefabricated houses خلاطات خرسانة مركزية وقوالب اسطمبات طوب وزراعات طول بلوكات اسمنتى وبيوت جاهزة

Manufacture of Screens صناعة وتجميع الهزازات والغرابيل الثابتة والمتحركة وانتاج سيورناقلة وشاسيهات كسارات ومحطات اسفلت وشبك معدنى للغرابيل ومحطات هز وغربلة

manufacturing building and constructing equipment . concrete mixers caners ,floor compactors from 90 kilo to 200 kilo,helicopter floor settlement 60 cm , 90 cm,Asphalt cutting saw,zumba vibrator concrete

Concrete mixers, lifting cranes, cement brick machines, concrete brick manufacturing mixers, spacers, spare parts for general city gateways صناعة خلاطات خرسانية واوناش رفع وماكينات الطوب الاسمنتى وخلاطات تصنيع الطوب الاسمنتى وسبك قطع غيار المحابس العمومية للمدن

Chemical Centrifugal Pumps Chlorinators DRY FEEDERS Measuring Control Equipment
--Section 1: Sediment Cartridges
Gate valves: Rising stem - Non rising stem - Accessories -BUTTERFLY VALVES : Manual operation -Electric operation - Pneumatic operation -NON RETURN VALVES:SWING type :Tilting type - Accessories -Dismantling Joint -Air Valve -Fitting -Manhole Covers
الوطنية لتكنولوجيا المياه الانشطة - انظمة معالجة و تحلية المياه - انظمة معالجه الصرف الصناعى -انظمه معالجه الصرف الصحى - صناعه تكنولوجيا المياه للابحاث العلميه - فلاتر مياه منزليه -فلاتر سوائل للتطبيقات الصناعيه
-Sand and Oil removal -Belt Conveyor -Cranes -Mechanical Screan -Penstocks -scrow conveyor -Water Hummer Protection -Water Hummer Protection -Sedimentation Bridge -Sedimentation Bridge -Steel pipes and Special Pieces -Varieties Tanks
أحواض إزالة الرمال والزيوت-  السيور الناقلة- الأوناش- المصافى الميكانيكية- البوابات- النواقل الحلزونيه-  خزانات الطرق المائى- كوبرى أحواض الترسيب- خزانات متنوعة- مواسير وقطع خاصة من الصلب-  
-Power Generation (diesel & gas genstes - diesel engine conversion kit - oil purifier )
Production of mobile concrete mixer , capacity of 350 &500 liter with a diesel engine or Electric motor تصنيع خلاطات خرسانية بالونش او بدون مزودة بمحرك ديزل ( لمبردينى ايطالى او بيترهندى ) او موتور كهربائى
Scaffolding & Formwork شركة بايونيرز للسقالات و الشدات  
Drainage network maintenance calls for the use of cleaning machines. We managed to build and supply different batches of flushing and culvert cleaning machines. Our designs can be adapted to the field requirements of potential customers.
Growth of water weeds in rivers, canals and lakes causes increasing economic concern. They may spread so wildly that they partially clog waterways and impede the efficient utilization of such natural resources. Different techniques have been developed over the years to remove water weeds. Water

Infra-Structure & Building & Road Equipment - البنية التحتية و معدات البناء والطريق