El Nagouly Is Profitable mark in the field of wire industries for sixty years in Egypt and middle east, we are the first who start wire industries with good quality under skilful supervisor group and profitable engineer and worker in Egypt Also our groups established since year of 1947 make

Bolts According To Din Or Any Anther Atanderd, Nuts صناعة و توريد جميع انواع المسامير و الصواميل القلاووظ ومهمات الرباط و الجوايط    

ENGINEERING GROUP POLICY: Manufacturing end trucks, trolleys and girders at our facilities refer to studied scientific methods which allowed us to have a standard product and being the first Egyptian company in this field have it’s own catalogs for any type had been manufactured at our facilities .

Welcome to United company for metal products (PSJC) Established in 2009 with first export January 2010, with factory area of 40,000meter square (430000 square foot) is one of the biggest collated nail manufacture in the world . strategically located 40 km of the marvelous Pyramids of GIZA , Egypt

Manufacture Of Erw Steel Pipes,Cold Formed Section, Corrugated Steel Sheets-Galvanized & Pre-Painted, Cut To Length Lines For Cold & Galvanized Coils, Fabrication Of Scaffoldings & Acceddories

ElKotby Corporation for Marine & Port Machinery Maintenance is an Egyptian company established in1950. We have grown both in size and reputation, successfully establishing our respected brand name within the Ports and Harbours in the whole Middle East and West Africa. Our working attitude and

Nassar Group was established in 1971 as a small plant in the business of wire manufacturing, starting by drawing black annealed wire for the construction industry. Through years, Nassar Group has been always motivated to meet the growing demand for wire manufacturing, not only in Middle East, but

Nails Manufacturing سحب اسلاك وتشغيل معادن انتاج سلك رباط مخمر وسلك والمسامير الخشابى وترسيون مقاسات وسلك صلب مقاسات مختلفة

صناعة المسامير القلاوظ والصواميل والبرشام والورد و عدد يدوية و عدد يدوية و الالات الورش والمصانع ومهمات الرباط Screw And Caps and Rivets Manufacturing

تصنيع مسامير وسحب سلك

مسامير صلب او خشابى

تصنيع مسامير القلاووظ والبرشام

Pins and nails for woodworking works دبابيس ومسامير لاعمال النجارة

تشغيل وتشكيل معادن انتاج مسامير قلاوظ وصامولة وصاج مسحوب في قطاعات مختلفة على البارد وعلى الساخن ونحاس والومنيوم واستنلس ستيل Metal forming and production of bolts, nuts and rolled sheets in various cold and hot sectors, copper, aluminum and stainless steel

Manufacture of wire drawn in different sizes, galvanized wire and screws in sizes صناعة اسلاك مسحوبة بمقاسات مختلفة واسلاك مجلفنة ومسامير بمقاسات

manufacture of Nails مسامير مقاسات مختلفة

Loquers, metal connectors, screws and cables لواكير وصلات معدنية ومسامير وبلابل

جلفنة مسمار مقاسات مختلفة جلفنة ترسبات Galvanization of various sizes of galvanizing

Manufacture of metal pins and screws تصنيع دبابيس و مسامير معدنية

Manufacture of screws تصنيع مسامير

Poles, fetches, nuts, nuts, metal blades and metal forming اعمدة و جلب و بنوز و صواميل و ريش معدنية و تشكيل معادن

1- NAILS PRODUCTS: We produce different kinds of nails with the specification and the standards of DIN & ES as follows:
Bolts According To Din Or Any Anther Atanderd, Nuts
-Applications: -Pallets -Wooden home constructions -Cable reels industry -Wooden boxes industry
-Types: -15° wire coil nails -20° - 22° plastic strip nails
Mechanical maintenance & repair
Others :-Chain Link Fencing -Chain Links -Expended Mesh
-Common Nails -Concrete Nails -Self-Drilling Screw -Drywall Screw -Bolts and Nuts
-Steel Wool -Chopped Steel -Chopped Copper -Brass Wool -Chopped Brass
-End-Hooked Fibers -Round Fibers -Segment Fibers
-Drawn Wire -Galvanized Wire -Annealed Wire -Barbed Wire -Razor Wire -Straightened Wire