Anti-Hammering System

Anti-Hammering System

EG  Present the engineered solutions for the water Hammering in pipe lines if it needed. Engineering and Design for the anti-hammering System which required for your case is one of Our responsibilities

Summery of our costumers

** Ministry of irrigation and water resources
** Tiba Consultant
** Al-Andalus for trading and contracting
** Arab Contractors

General Technical Specifications 

1-Pressurized Surge Tank :

Cylindrical shapes made of welded carbon steel St 37 with suitable volume pressurized tank with top and bottom dished ends. The tank shall include the upper and lower dished ends as well as the bottom inlet connection pieces and the safety valves connections at the top of upper dished end.The vessel shall be suitable for maximum working pressure of 6 bars and shall be hydraulically tested at 10 bars.

*The pressure vessel opening:

1- No. 01 inlet drain connection
2- No. 01 side manhole with suitable cover
3- No. 02 level gauge opening
4- No. 01 air inlet opening with solenoid
5- No. 01 air outlet opening
6- No. 01 safety valve opening

*The pressure vessel connecting:

All connection shall be via approved flanged connection suitable for the rated pressure and shall be designed per ASTM or DIN standard concerning flanged thickness, no. of bolts, nuts, washer and dimensions.














2- Air compressor:

Two air compressor for vessel to supply the surge tank with Required compressed air the compressor shall be equipped With the following:

  • Automatic stop/start control box
  • Air intake filter
  • Fixing rails include assembly of compressor and prime mover
  • Motor over load protection
  • Pressure switch with on/off push button

    The air compressor shall be equipped with one air storage Tank with all accessories and safety devices The compressor shall be capable to be stated to the required Pressure. The compressor unit should have to be installed as close as Possible to the surge tank location

3- Control panel unit :

Automatic  control  panel  for  operating  the  system, it gives starting & control signals to the valves & stopping signals for positive  and  negative  pressure  for protection  the  pump  & delivery  line