1- NAILS PRODUCTS: We produce different kinds of nails with the specification and the standards of DIN & ES as follows:

A) Brad Head Nails:

B) Round Wire Nails: Used in the field of construction & building.

C) Double Shank Nails: Used also in the fixation of wires and cables on wooden pallets.

2- COLD DROWN WIRES: We produce also cold drawn wires and they are two kinds:

A) Low Carbon Cold Drawn Wires: And it is widely used in different industry like:

1- Production of nails (common, thread rolled bolts).

2- Production of annealed wires.

3- Production of steel wools.

4- Production of cut to length wires. And we produce from 1.00 mm dia up to 13.0 mm in ropes (coils) or on spools

B) High Carbon Cold Drawn Wire: It is mainly used in the production of springs concrete nails. Agriculture projects like green houses high tensile needs; we could produce diameters from 1.0 mm up to 5.0 mm with tensile strength also we could offer it on spools or coils.

3- CUT TO LENGTH WIRES: Also we produce cut to length wires from diameters 1.5 mm up to 13.0 mm and length from 100 mm up to 600 mm or as the customer needs, it is used in the welded mesh for reinforcing the concrete, and different production it could applied in.

4- ANNEALED WIRES: It is mainly used in the field of construction, electrostatic furnaces, to tie the wire rod in the concrete infrastructure and we produce it in different diameter and different packages according to the customer needs.

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