Degwies We offer a range of handmade artistic pieces with a wide selection of designs & styles. Products: * Fashion Design * Accessories * Knitting & Crochet * Crafts

Recorations is an Egyptian enterprise that had been launched in 2011 by Reem Baker. Reem has lived in London for quite a long time where she learnt many skills and got influenced by the beauty and simplicity of the western culture. Returned back to Cairo deciding to start her own business where she

Founded in 2010, TICA’S has grown from its humble beginnings as a small family business into a market leader in the Egyptian textiles sector. TICA’S produces a wide variety of original products that are unique in the Egyptian market – from embroidered towels and tablecloths to beanbags and cushions,

The Egyptian Company for Internatioanl Trade was established fifteen years ago to produce oriental glass ornaments. The factory is currently located in the industrial zone in the 6th of October city, 15 kilometres north west of Cairo. The factory currently employs 120 skilled workers. The factory

Welcome to Glass Style company, where decorative glass applications are limited only by the imagination, where what begins as an idea can easily be transformed into a piece of art or architectural glass that exhibits the multi-sensory qualities of form, texture, color and light Company History Glass

Handmade Home Accessories

مشغولات و تطريزات يدوية تركي و مودرن

Handmade & Crafts منتجات يدوية بجودة عالية وبأقل الاسعار منتج مصرى 100%

We are a group of young entrepreneur artists who are trying to help and support the Egyptian handmade industries by generating new and modern designs that can go globally to satisfy the customer needs and expectations.

About Areej Aromatherapy Areej Aromatherapy was born out of the Hashem Brothers family partnership over five years of continuous research and development through collaboration with global experts in an effort to reintroduce aromatherapy in Egypt 4000 years later using authentic Egyptian ingredients.

Handmade is a store for creative handmade items,which are made with love and passion for art

About Us: Aseela is a company that was established in 2014 by two art lovers who aims to develop small separated handmade workshops into a cohesive company that mixes the arts of handmade in order to produce high quality products that can compete in international markets through the unrevealed

Yashmak is a pioneer brand in the Egyptian market found in 1976 *Yashmak Stands for a comprehensive vision of creative, practical and sustainable contemporary designs for architecture, interior & exterior solutions and furniture. *100 % designed and implemented by expertise Egyptian architects,

Menna Hamza is a fine arts graduate who has a passion for wearable art and heart-felt handmade knick-knacks. She believes that all women are beautiful in their own way, and thus deserve to flaunt art wherever they go. In 2006, she decided to realize this passion into jewellery that she and her young

Esraa Fathy Owner and senior fashion designer of Alef Wa Noun , she utilizes the artistic talents and craftsmanship. Esraa has participated in many successful art exhibitions in Egypt and has received number of awards in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. She Hopes her business model will spread throughout the

Cuishi - everything can go crochet

Mona Siag Jewelry, established in Cairo, Egypt in 1985, is a jewelry design house renowned for its unique and impressive one-of-a-kind and limited production handmade sterling silver and semi-precious stone creations. Our product categories include jewelry and accessories for women and men as well

Quilt is a sandwich of fabric. Art is done on the first layer patchwork, second is fiber, the third is backing. The three layers attach by hand or machin.

Turath was started in 2008 with the aim of preserving Egypt's weaving heritage. Located 20km north of the famous Pharaonic city of Luxor with little space for agricultural land, the village of Naqada has been a weaving center for centuries. Much of the weaving during the 1970s was produced to clothe

I believe that beauty is every where , u just have to enjoy it

يسعى مشروع "نيل فرات" لخلق مساحات مشتركة للتعلّم والحوار متعدّد الثقافات بين مجموعة من السيدات من المجتمع المحلي ومجتمع اللاجئات في مصر. فقد استطاعت مجموعة من 70 سيدة من أصول مصرية وأفريقية وسوريّة في حدائق المعادي في القاهرة التعلم وتبادل الخبرات من خلال الفن والإنتاج، وبالبناء على الغنى الذي يكمن

HEGAZA Wood Handicraft Hegaza Village is 20 km far from AL Uxor city & it is well known for the craft of wooden products. It originates 20 years ago, when a French Priest started to teach the people woodwork crafting. Hegaza wood products varies between the Pharaonic, Coptic, & Islamic

Since 1999, Candle Connection has become recognized for quality, handmade candles and accessories. Known as the “go to” candle manufacturer in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, Candle Connection has an excellent reputation for service, reliability and a sincere respect for honoring deliveries.

”Started as a dream and the dream came true” In 2010, the Business started with its first idea, Coaster n’ Trays, in which coasters were given an artistic touch that when placed next to each other they form a picture or a design, making a coaster not only functional but also a piece of art. “ Deena

جمعية حماية البيئة من التلوث جمعية غير هادفة للربح تعمل على دعم ومساندة جامعي القمامة في مدينة القاهرة أي فئة "الزبالين" تحديدا. وتسعى الجمعية إلى مساعدة تلك الفئة المهمشة في الأخذ بطرق مبتكرة لتحسين بيئتها ورفع مستوى معيشتها في الوقت نفسه . فتركز الجمعية جهودها على استحداث أساليب للتخلص من المخلفات

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Cushions , table clothes, table runners, curtains, shawls, poofs, bean bags, wooden benches, stools, dresses and blouses, lighting units.
Cushions , table clothes, table runners, curtains, shawls, poofs, bean bags, wooden benches, stools, dresses and blouses, lighting  units.
Women Wear Accessories
Crochet Home Accessoriess
Quilt is a sandwich of fabric. Art is done on the first layer patchwork, second is fiber, the third is backing. The three layers attach by hand or machin.
Handwoven Scarves : We offer a wide range of products with particular emphasis on handwoven scarves from the village of Naqada, 20km north of Luxor, Egypt
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IHS - International Exhibition of Handmade Industries

• International Exhibition specialized in handicrafts and traditional crafts and heritage, will serve manufacturers of character and is an opportunity for long products in the international markets.

• provides opportunities for export trade and bilateral meetings with international buyers and the opportunity for direct sale.

• The first event of its kind in Africa and the Middle East, which is reviewing the ability of artisans to compete in quality and standards and prices.

• take advantage of the growing global trend to buy handmade products.

• enhance and promote regional trade activities between the Arab and African countries different, and benefit from the advantages of customs and trade agreements signed.

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