Star Technology Indsutry Domestic electric mixers, domestic electric fans, water boilers & makawy. ستار تكنولوجى للصناعة خلاطات كهربائية منزلية ومراوح كهربائية منزلية وغلايات مياه ومكاوى

For over four Decades ago, Standard Industrial Company Nova was established. In 1977, Nova offered its first product, stainless steel washing machine, to make a revolution in the washing machine industry in Egypt. For more than 40 years, Nova rewrites the history of home appliance and heating

As we are convinced that specializing in one field gives the best results, so we became within a few years one of the biggest firms that work in this field. We started work in January, 1995 with a large staff with the main aim to satisfy our customers needs, ,producing our first item in December

Top Maker is a leading company in the field of electric home appliances; and we are proud to introduce our highly qualified products to our valuable customers. Our products range is mainly between Freezers & Heaters, which match all safety standards. We always go for our customers trust as our

A success story that started in the sixties of the previous century and will continue for many more centuries to come. Eng. Saied Mohamed Ibrahim one of Egypt’s pioneer investors established Industrial Union Factories Co. in 1970 in accordance with the continuous economical growth during the sixties

To be one of the top world leaders in Air-Condition and Home Appliances products related services. People are our First Concern: The culture of Unionaire is unique and has been one of the key reasons behind the success of the company. We have a philosophy of trying to create as many jobs as possible

When Dr. Youssry Kotb conceived his vision of the home-appliance giant that universal has now become, he understood that such dreams required great determination and strength. Within two decades, he not only witnessed his dreams reality, but used his creative energy to push Universal's achievements

أوانى مطبخ بلاستيكية ـ مقابض بكاليت ـ شرائط لاصقة وذاتية اللصق (بكر سوليتب) ـ شيكرتون كهرباء ـ ورق دوكو Plastic kitchen utensils, handles, pallets, adhesive and self-adhesive tapes (roll, solitb), chikerton, electric, doku paper

Fresh … one of the major players in the home appliances field!

Mondial Company For Refrigerators - Alska -Manufactue of Refrigerators and Deep Freezers.

Al-Sharkia Household Appliances Manufacturing Co . - Al-Sharkia is the first Egyptian Company to produce Free-Standing Gas Cookers using advanced technology. - Al-Sharkia has been associated with Tecnogas Italy since 1985. - Al-Sharkia Factory is located at the 10th of Ramadan City, and is equipped

-MISSION Make our customers’ life more enjoyable by providing them with the widest range of finest products in the market and the most outstanding services possible with an affordable prices.

 ABOUT THE COMPANY Raa industrial Co established in 1993 as a manufacturing company specialized in the design and manufacture of free standing domestic gas cookers under the brand name (IMPERIAL) catering to the cooking requirements of the Middle Eastern and African household without

Tredco Elsayad started in the early seventies as retail shops for home appliances in Egypt. With the expansion of the mother corporation, TREDCO for Engineering Industries was established in 1999 producing home appliances under the name of PASSAP. Since then, PASSAP has served the Egyptian Market

JAC has succeeded over the years to reach a great reputation through the products and services offered that are of high quality, flexibility and durability. And the primary factor for this achievement is commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our business still is growing everyday

MANUFACTURE OF Two doors refrigerator,Refrigerator and Freezer, Up-Right Freezer ,Chest Freezer,Bottle Cooler,Chest Freezer,Gas Cooker صناعة ديب فريزر راسى وافقى وثلاجة منزلية وبوتاجازات بالفرن والشواية واشعال ذاتى وابواب ثلاجات وديب الفريزر
Sonai products are designed to provide a happy balance of function, form and fashion. All the things we make aim to simplify daily tasks and give you the satisfaction of a job well done, while adding to the visual appeal of your home
4 Burners Luxury -Excellence: Wide Oven - Warming Storage - Reflective Tempered: Oven Door Glass - Nickle Plated Aluminum Knob Base - Hot Plate in Stainless ...
- Crown: Warming Storage - Legs – Timer - Nickel Plated Aluminum Knob Base - Smart 5: Brass Fire Shed - Ultra: Brass Fire Shed - Modern: Attractive Flat Mirror - Classic 5500 E - Bombai Upper and Lower Grill-Multicolor-Bombai Mirror - Classic 5500 E: Upper and lower Grill-Multicolor - Classic 5500 C
Designed to meet the demand of the wide oven 5 or 6 burner luxury gas cookers
Washing Machine
Gas Cooker
Gas water heater
- Combi - HD Double Door - Visi Cooler - Small Appliances
- Chest Freezers - Upright Freezers - Ice Cream Freezers - Office Refrigerators - Single Door - Double Door
Vacuum Cleaner : (Turbo Lux -Vodoo -Smart )
- Gas Heater: ( Diamond Water Heater - Smiling Water Heater) - Electric Heater: ( Electric)
- Laundry : ( Washing Machine - Crystal Wash)
- Built in Cookers : ( Hub - Oven - Ceramic ) - Freestanding Cookers
-AC -TV -Stoves - Washing Machines -Filters -Deep Freezer -Fan -Heater -Cookers Hoods
Union Gas established in 1970 and since that it has succeeded in meeting the requirements of both domestic and foreign market of a comprehensive range of popular modern, contemporary and traditional cookers. In addition, it has established all standing factory for the enamel required for household
Electrical Grills
-Electric Water Heater -Gas Water Heater -Water Urn -Insects Kille -Solar Water Heater -Vacuum Tubes Compact Pressurized Solar Water Heater
- Blenders - Electric Grills - Electric Ovens - Food Processors - Hotplates & Cookers - Kettles - Kneaders - Microwave - Mixers .
Air Coolers - Deep Freezer - Fans - Heaters - Insect Killers - Irons - Mini Refrigerators - Vacuum Cleaners - Washing Machines - Water Dispensers - Water Heaters .
Digital Receivers - LED Screens .
Digital Receivers - LED Screens .

Household Electric Equipments