Our facilities are built on 3.000 sqm in the industrial area in Badr City (45 km Northeast of Cairo) as an Egyptian German Joint Venture company (40:60 % shares distribution). The company SEBEMATEC has been established in order to gather 25 years of Egyptian German founders' know-how in the field of

The Technical industrial Services & TR. CO. was established in 1987, over the year. TISTAM has become a major and leading manufacturer in EGYPT for mechanical seals, silicon carbide and carbon Graphite. Our products are mainly applied in rotating equipment such as pumps, mixers, compressor,

Egycarbon Egyptian Carbon Products Co.Carbon Brushes, Carbon Current Collectors, Electrical Insulators , Dry Lubrication, Carbon Sealing rings, Bearings and Vanes, Graphite Casting molds, Graphite run-out tables for Aluminum industries, Graphite Plungers and Spacers for pressure sintering, Graphite

Egymold is your preferred partner for achieving integrated and smart solutions for your plastic product.

We specialize in the engineering and production of gears and related products, designed for many specific applications. We also provide field service to determine gearing failures and perform necessary gear case repairs. We have a highly qualified and skilled team of engineers and technical's, they

With more than 15 years on ground, IEU has earned the trust of different companies in Egypt and the Middle East region; synonymous with unprecedented quality and innovative ideas, our customized services have gained credibility since we’ve been established in 1999. Derived from our packaging

Contec Manufacturing: - Manufacturing of all types and shapes of thermocouples (K, J, N, T, E, S, R, and B). - Manufacturing of all types and shapes of resistance temperature detector, RTD (PT-100, PT-1000, NTC and PTC). - Manufacturing of all Industrial electric heaters.

HI-TECH Graphics With its Dynamic Team Of highly Skilled Forward thinking Staff coupled with our advanced , state of the art facilities and versatile modern technology , takes you and your business one step further into the future by creating and timeously delivering innovative , customer focused

one of the leading companies in manufacturing the needs for quarries, factories, ports and metal construction. Since more than 30 years ago, our company has been working in this field and it was transformed to an Egyptian joint stock company in the year 2000. We also have several industrial and

We started the work in manufacturing spare parts for plastic bag making machines, crushers, and accessories. Then we started a new stage, the commercial phase. Some spare parts and supplies were imported from Germany, India, Turkey and China. Pipes made of Polyethylene PE100 Sizes ranging from 110

The company was founded in 1995 and from the beginning of the company has worked on one goal is to reach the highest levels of efficiency and quality. In order to reach international standards by providing all imported raw materials from wire Nickel Chrome (brominated-Alambtt) (CR20-NI80) thermal

Gabtic Engineering & Supply is the representative of several world wide well known manufacturers in the territory of Egypt, also manufacturer of various type of custom air filters, service provider, contractor and suppliers of various type of industrial Mechanical products. Our scale, scope, and

The company was established for the manufacture of gears to Lafargea since 1963. The company started its activity of manufacturing gears of all types, sizes and different models. Over time, the company's activity extended to more than manufacturing gears. We became pioneers in manufacturing and

Who We Are? Proudly, we are a leading and pioneering national group and a distinguished house of expertise in tile field of air conditioning and refrigeration, whether with regards to design and manufacturing or to after-sale service. The group has a team of highly specialized engineers and

El Alameya Group Is a company specialized in industrial ventilation systems and air control operations. The company manufactures and supplies all types of centrifugal fans, axial fans in all sizes, and supply all required spare parts. The company manufactures and supplying fiberglass cooling towers,

Manufacturing fins to produce finned tubes and heat exchangers. Finned tubes are used for Air coolers and heaters, condensers, dryers, compact heat exchangers. Main users: Electric power station - Petroleum industry - refineries - Industrial companies. such as: (chemicals- petrochemicals- food-

Univent for Engineering Industries we are Specialist in ventilation for factory & hospital & restaurant & stander building .

Supply, installation & maintenance of steam boilers, hot water & thermal oil of all capacities, types & all components of boiler room, supply & installation of heat exchangers of all kinds, supply & installation of steam & compressed air networks, hot water, thermal oil &

The egyptian Co. for Manufacturing the Central Airconditation Accessories

Drill Stem Subs and Rethreading for Rotary,Shouldered Connections for Drill Collars, Drill Pipe and others drilling tools.Tubing and Casing Accessories, Couplings and Rethreading.Drilling Motor and Stabilizer Sleeves and Redressing for Stabilizers, Sleeve

Manufacture of bluff for compressed air systems, cylinders and pneumatic parts صناعة بلوف لانظمة الهواء المضغوط وسلندرات واجزاء خاصة بالهواء المضغوط

قطع غيار مصانع درفلة الحديد وتشكيل معادن انتاج خوي وزوى من حديد

Drill Stem Subs and Rethreading for Rotary,Shouldered Connections for Drill Collars, Drill Pipe and others drilling tools.Tubing and Casing Accessories, Couplings and Rethreading.Drilling Motor and Stabilizer Sleeves and Redressing for Stabilizers, Sleeve

صناعة قطع غيار ومستلزمات المصانع والورش انتاج تروس وجلب واكسات خوابير واعمدة وكوبلنج ووصلات وفلنشات ومسامير ودرافيل واعمدة ومعالجة حرارية

صناعة قطع غيار ميكانيكية ترس وعامود ودراقيل وبنوذ

صناعة خراطيم هيدروليك ونهاية الخراطيم وكبسها والوصلات اللازمة للكبس

Refrigerating units and cooling room units وحدات نقل مبرد ووحدات غرفة التبريد

قطع غيار المعدات الهيدروليكية انتاج جلب وبساتم واكسات وبنطة وبنوز

صناعة تروس واسطمبات وقطع غيار الالات والاسطمبات

Others Industrial Supplies ,Cast & Forged ,,,Others Industrial Supplies, Cast & Forged, خراطة جميع المعادن وانتاج قطع غيار معدات ثقيلة مختلفة

هزاز وقطع غيار ماكينات الخراطة

Manufacturing of machine parts and hoses تصنيع قطع غيار ماكينات وكبس خراطيم

صناعة قطع غيار معدات انتاج قطع غيار معدات مولدات كهربائية

صناعة عناصر تسخين الالات وسيور حرارية للالات

صناعة سخانات ماكينات البلاستيك

Manufacturing of gears like Helical gears , spur gears,Bevel gears,sporket gears,Spiral Bevel gears , Worm gears and all kinds of shafts and buches صناعة تروس سن عدلة وتروس حلزونية وكاتينية وتروس دودى وتروس مخروطى حلزونى

manufacture of Spare parts for Air conditioning صناعة مجارى هواء تكييف من الصاج المجلفن وبانوهات صاج مجلفن وفلانشات حديد :أبراج تبريد

صناعة قطع غيار مستلزمات المصانع ومصانع الاسمنت

صناعة حساسات حرارية

مستلزمات طباعة

قطع غيار ماكينات الاسمنت والسيراميك انتاج حمامات الغاز وبوارى لحام وقطع ومواسير بى فى سى ولوحات اكلريللك فيبر جلاس وصمامات وبلوف عادية غازات او هواء

Manufacture of spare parts and metal parts for plastic forming machines, poles, gears, steel, saws and cutters تصنيع قطع غيار واجزاء معدنية لزوم ماكينات تشكيل البلاستيك اعمدة وتروس وصلب وبنوز وتقطع اعمدة معدنية

Manufacture of air ducts for HVAC صناعة مجارى هواء خاصة بأعمال التكييف والتهوية

Misr Sweden Co. For Engineering Industries - Asab Egypt SAE تصنيع قطع غيار واجزاء معدنية لزوم ماكينات تشكيل البلاستيك اعمدة وتروس وصلب وبنوز وتقطع اعمدة معدنية

Manufacture of iron & cement spare parts صناعة قطع غيار مصانع الحديد و الاسمنت

manufacture of isolated sheets for cooling's rooms الواح معزولة لغرف التبريد

Manufacturing of elevator accessories, production of cabins, doors, control panels and tires تصنيع مستلزمات المصاعد انتاج الكبائن والابواب ولوحات التحكم وطارات

تصنيع البكر و عجلات الروبوت و السلندرات

صناعة قطع غيار ماكينات الحلويات

History: Standard was found in 1999 depending on more than 30 years of experience in both ceramic industry and manufacturing of spare parts and moulds for different industries. It was the 1st company in Egypt in manufacturing and regeneration of moulds, punches and matrix for ceramic industry.

Best industrial ventilation systems. Side wall and roof mounted exhaust fans for exhaust and fumes. Air duct lines designed to distribute air equally in all the area. Filters for industrial ventilation systems to prevent dust and insects.
Agent of the German company Wing Fan for Aluminum and Poly Amide axial fans. Side wall and roof mounted fans. Suction fans and Supply fans. Industrial air curtains to prevent entry of insects and dust and prevent temperature exchange between inside and outside.
Centrifugal fans and blowers for industrial applications. Impellers for gas and fumes suction. Impellers for air handling air transport. Centrifugal fans and blowers made of special materials resistant to temperature and corrosion.
Technical industrial heaters: -HEATING HEATERS -Ceramic heaters -Mica heaters -Air heaters -Oil and water heaters -Hot Heaters
Our Range Of Products:
Our workshops are equipped with :-
Crushers And Crushing Lines- Sifting Units - Conveyor Belts - Trusses And Metal Constructions - Silos And Stores - Recycling trash lines - Heat Metal Resistant Conveyors - Salt production lines - Screen Mesh - Rolling Drames
Extruded Fins :
• PP-R Fitting Molds • PP-H Fitting Molds • CPVC Fitting Molds • Floor Drain Molds • Irrigation molds • Plastic valves Molds
3D Software
- Round - Rectangle - Oval - Square - Specials
ROUND DUCT Used to distribute warm and cold air Easy to assemble snap-lock design Galvanized steel construction
Rectangular Duct
CURVED PLENUM - DM-40 Flange Joint - FLEXIBLE DUCT - Flexible Duct Connector Construction - Corner for DM-40mm Flange Description:. - DM-35 Flange Joint - TDC-IH - Corner for DM-35mm Flange - G-Clamp - Clips - Volume Damper Description: - Gasket .
Gravure Printing Rollers
- RAW MATERIAL - CARBON - MECHANICALS - Temperature - Valves & actuators - Temerature Gauge - Pressure Gauges - Furnaces - Flow & Level - Electronics & controller - Payrometers - Electrical Heaters - Resistance Temperature Detactor - Thermocouples - Calibration.
Not Available
Not Available
Immersion Heaters - Radiation Heaters
Water Heaters
Steam Traps - PRV'S ( Pressure Reducing Valves) - Steam Humidfiers - Hose Station.
Gas & Chemical Filtration
Liquid filtration is used for liquid-solids separations in the manufacture of chemicals, polymer products, medicinal, beverages, and foods; in mineral processing; in water purification; in sewage disposal; in the chemistry laboratory; and in the operation of machines such as internal combustion
Armstrong offers both a complete system and a modular component solution to mixed water temperature control across the entire Institutional and Industrial Hot Water Distribution network.
شركة لافارجا متخصصة في تصنيع التروس بكافه أنواعها وإحجامها وموديلاتها المختلفة وبمرور الوقت امتد نشاط الشركة إلي ما هو أكثر من تصنيع التروس ، حيث أصبحنا من رواد صناعه وتنفيذ جميع أنواع التروس وصناديق التروس المختلفة والمخفضات المتنوعة ، وعمل المعالجة الحرارية للتروس ، كما أصبح لدينا قسم خاص للخراطة
Chillers - Evaporators - Air Handling Units - Cooling Towers - Aerotherm - Ducted Split - Fan Coil - Package Units.
Products Decorative Fan - AXIAL Fan - DUCT FAN (Centrifugal Inline) - Double Inlet Double Width Fans - Single Inlet Single Width Fan - Roof Top Fan - SMOKE FAN 400 C - 2H - Double Speed Fan - Bifurcated Fan - Explosion Proof - JET FAN