United Industries is the branch of Elsewedy Cables that guarantees meeting tailored customers requirements; from the Domestic Appliance Cord to the extremely high performance Category 7 Local Area Network Cables required for the next generation of computers; from the small pairs telephone cables

Energya Cables , a division of Energya Industries, was established aspiring to be one of the top regional leaders in the manufacturing & supply of electrical Power Cables ( up to 220 KV ) and the full range of the specialty Cables. Our primary objective is to provide high quality products and

Giza Cables Industries is Egypt's market leader in telephone cables, supplying 65% of the telecommunications market, and the second-largest manufacturer of electric HV and LV power cables, wires and conductors, with a 23% market share. We also export 20% of our output to the Levant, GCC countries

Egytech is a state of the art power cables factory created by the fusion of the technologies from all around the world, exporting our products worldwide to; Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Chad, Cyprus, Ghana, India, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, KSA, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritius, Nigeria,

Energya Group is a leading regional Manufacturer in the field of Electrical Industries and building materials . its main target is to consolidate and develop players in ‎the Industrial sector as a mean to build a Regional Industrial Multi-Category Manufacturing & Service ‎Group.

About El Erkesocy The founder of the factory, Eng. Ahmed Sayed Ahmed El Erkesocy FactoryElerkesocy who has his bachelor degree in electrical engineering from Helwan University in 1971. He then participated in the Glorious 6th of October War in 1973 with the Egyptian Armed Forces as a reserved

United Wires has joined the market of galvanized steel wires, since 2006 with the mission of providing the electrical cables' manufacturers with the best quality galvanized steel wires for electrical cables armoring and providing the steel cores for overhead conductors' reinforcement. This is

Al-Mohandes industries’ is one of the leading industrial companies in Egypt. Established in 1982 by its founder late Engineer Salah El-Din Morsi, who has been also the General Manager since company inception until he passed away in 2013. The company specializes in manufacturing electrical cables and

Our Mission ... Create and deliver innovative Power solutions, developed in Quality collaboration with Technical professionals, which enhance the Quality of industry and improve outcomes for our customers and our shareholders. Our Vision •Deliver unmatched value to our customers by providing power

INCOM Egypt History INCOM America, Inc. (a member of the A.G Singer & Co. Group of Companies) was established in 1994 in New Jersey, USA and specialized in the manufacturing of electric power supplies serving both the local and international markets. Due to the market demand in the Middle East

Selcoplast Cables, the pioneer of cables industrialization in Egypt was founded in 1977 is an independent manufacturer of electrical copper conductors stranded, multi conductors and flexible control cables, PVC insulated, sheathed. Situated in Egypt’s new industrial city tenth of Ramadan over 8000

FATHY HASSAN GROUP, is one of the leading companies in the Copper industry in EGYPT. BOBINAGCO for Electrical Industries: production of Enameled Round Copper Wire, PVC insulated cables, and Silicon rubber insulated cables (single and fiberglass coated).

Egypt Cables (ECM) was founded in 2003 as a joint stock company specialized in the production of high, medium, and low voltage cables and electric conductors. When Mr. Essmat El-Sayad joined in as a main shareholder, the company witnessed massive development benefiting from El-Sayad Group’s long

The Company was originally established in 1996 under the name of BICC Egypt as a joint venture between BICC UK and Egyptian investors. It was the only multinational cable manufacturer in Egypt. In September 2010, General Cable, a Fortune 500 company and the leading manufacturer of wire and cable

Nassar Group was established in 1971 as a small plant in the business of wire manufacturing, starting by drawing black annealed wire for the construction industry. Through years, Nassar Group has been always motivated to meet the growing demand for wire manufacturing, not only in Middle East, but

ICC International Cables Co. is an Egyptian power and telecom cable manufacturer established in 1989 in the 10th of Ramadan City Industrial Zone A2. ICC’s production facilities are spread over 60,000 m2 with a workforce of about 400. ICC is certified ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001.

Steel Plast Electric is a trusted name in steel industry. The company has been established as an Egyptian joint stock company since 2011, offering professional services to steel & power cables manufacturing industry in the market. Throughout the years, we continued to diversify and develop in

ALTAWAKOL GROUP operates in diversified business sectors all over Egypt. The first established and main sector within the group is the electrical solutions. This sector is diversified into different segments which form a fully integrated electric solutions for the market. The products within these

Since 1986, El Massalla has been widely regarded as the Egyptian market leader for cable accessories

Our company has been established in Al-Qalyobeyyah in 1983 named " Al-Tawheed Company for Cables " and then the name has been changed into " El Islamya for Cables and Electrical Wires in 1995 in the same place. In 2007, the company was moved to piece number 237 in the extension of the 6th of October

Wiring and packing of electrical wires سحب و تغليف الاسلاك الكهربائية

تصنيع اسلاك و كابلات و الوصلات الكهربائية و سحب الاسلاك النحاسية

manufacture of packaging electric wires تغليف اسلاك كهربائية

لوحات كهربائية سرافيل وكوس من النحاس والالومنيوم ودرع تسليح خاص بالكابلات وشيلد ارضى للوحات

manufacture of wires اسلاك كهربائية وكابلات

سحب وعزل الاسلاك الكهربائية

تصنيع اسلاك وكابلات كهربائية

اسلاك نحاس والومنيوم كهربائية معزولة وسلك نحاس معزول وسلك الومنيوم معزول

صناعة حوامل الكابلات واللوحات الكهربائية ووحدات دهان اليكتروستيك ومواسير تكييف الصاج مجلفن راوند دكت ومواسير صاج مجلفن وتشكيل معادن فورفورجيه

صناعة وتغليف الاسلاك والكابلات

تغليف الاسلاك كهربائية

سحب اسلاك النحاس و تغليفها

Connectors, electrical cables, electric wires موصلات وكابلات كهربائية واسلاك كهربائية

صناعة كابلات واسلاك كهربائية

PRODUCTION OF WIRE AND CABLES FROM COPPER OR ALUMINIUM INSULATED WITH P.V.C OR NON-INSULATED صناعة الاسلاك و الكابلات الكهربائية المعزولة والعارية واسلاك سيارات واسلاك تليفون وكابلات هوائية الومنيوم

manufacture of wires and electric cables اسلاك وكابلات كهربائية بجميع أنواعها وأدوات كهربائية

صناعة اسلاك كهربائية

تصنيع كابلات جهد منخفض ومستلزماتها

Electrical cables كابلات كهربائية

Al-Tawakol NTT has a wide variety of products in the electric field making it one of the leading companies in Egypt. With this variety of products, we provide our customers with total electrical solutions for their projects. Our continuously improving quality control team helps us gain the trust of
Product Range: -Special Cables -Magnet Wire -Fiber Optics -Magnet & varnish wire
-Product Range
-INSULATED CABLES -Multi Cable -Telephone Wire -Control Cable
-stranded wire -Flat Wire -Copper wire
-Low Carbon Galvanized Steel Wire -High Carbon Galvanized Steel Wires
Products -Power Cables: - Low Voltage - Medium Voltage - High Voltage -Telecom Cables: - Dry & Jelly Filled - Fiber Optics -Special Cables : - Special Cables -Magnet Wires: - Magnet Wires -OverHead Conductors : - Overhead Conductors
- Telephone Cable PVC Insulated Multi pairs - Unscreened Twisted Pairs (UTP) Data Cable - Category 5e - Unscreened Twisted Pairs (UTP) Data Cable - Category 6
- All Aluminum Conductors (A.A.C) - Bare Hard Drawn Copper Stranded
-PVC INSULATED FELXIBLE COPPER CONDUCTOR WITH DIVISIBLE CORES 300/300 V -PVC INSULATED PVC SHEATHED FLAT CABLE 300/300 V -Single Core Cables with flexible Copper Conductors and PVC insulated 450/750 V - Single Core Cables with stranded Copper Conductors and PVC insulated 450/750 V
- Multicore Cables, with stranded Aluminum conductors PVC insulated and PVC sheathed .6/1 (1.2) KV
Others :-Chain Link Fencing -Chain Links -Expended Mesh
-Common Nails -Concrete Nails -Self-Drilling Screw -Drywall Screw -Bolts and Nuts
-Steel Wool -Chopped Steel -Chopped Copper -Brass Wool -Chopped Brass
-End-Hooked Fibers -Round Fibers -Segment Fibers
-Drawn Wire -Galvanized Wire -Annealed Wire -Barbed Wire -Razor Wire -Straightened Wire
Wires & Cables - Power Supply Cords - Wire Harness Assemblies - Plug Inserts - PVC
- Single Core Cables with Flexible Copper Conductor 450/750
Multi Core Flat Cables with Flexible Copper Conductors
-Automotive Cables - Bare Copper Conductors - Control Cables - Fire Alarm Cables - Multi Core Cables With Flexible Copper Conductors 300/500 - Multi Core Cables With Flexible Copper Conductors 600/1000
- Telephone Cables - Low Voltage Cables - Medium Voltage Cables - High Voltage Cables
-Copper mesh -Heat shrinkable cable accessories for copper telephone networks & power cables from 1 kV up to 245 kV -Copper braid -Copper, Aluminium & Bimetal cable Lugs and Connectors
El Islamya for cables is specialized on the production of electrical cables of all types of wires and electrical cables in accordance with the standards of Egypt and the World, The following is a list of the types of wire and cable we produce indicating the size and composition of conductor and the
Welding cables