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Cable Support System

Heavy Duty Cable Trays


Perforated Cable Trays


Al-Tawakol NTT is one of the leading manufacturers of perforated type trays with accessories. Cable Trays are available in different sizes as per the customer specifications. We manufacture cable trays in the following thicknesses – 1.0 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm. Width vary from 50 mm to 1000 mm. Cable trays are available in different finishes like Pre-Galvanized, Hot dip Galvanized, powder coated, painted etc. The cable tray accessories for perforated cable trays are vertical bends, horizontal bends, inside bends, outside bends, reducers with radius 300, 600, 900 are avaialble.


Solid Cable Trunks


Solid Cable trunking is used extensively in engineering premises. It allows a large number of cables to be drawn into one system with relative ease and because of its accessibility enables changes or additions to circuits to be made with the minimum of effort. As with Perforated cable trays, it is available either painted or galvanized. A whole range of fittings is available, enabling the most difficult runs to be constructed. It is available in many different sizes and designs.


Cable Ladder


Ladder cable trays consist of two longitudinal side members connected by individual transverse members and provide solid side rail protection and system strength with smooth radius fittings and a wide selection of materials and finishes. Materials available: Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel. Cable Ladder Rung Spacing is available in: 20, 25 & 30cm and Load Depths are available in 5cm through 20cm.


Wire Mesh Tray


Wire Mesh Cable Tray is designed to be the simplest, most cost effective cable management system available. it is manufactured utilizing high strength steel  or stainless steel wire, providing a strong, yet lightweight support system that is perfect for today’s high tech cabling needs. Its 10cm x 5cm grid system makes it the preferred choice of cable tray consumers desiring the most complete support of sensitive fiber optic and communication cable