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Welding cables

- The product of welding  cables  is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the standard Egyptian number "2948/2005" and the international standard number "60228/2004" The product has been tested, and approved by the competent authorities and issued a certificate matching the specification of those authorities (standardization - Industrial Control).

- The Connector which used in the production is red copper and well scheduled sweaters high purity and isolation of PVC, High Flexible which bear the temperature to 85 C.

- A brand name product (Perfect) the property of the company and It has a legally registered in brand management authority.

- Welding cable is manufactured according to size  35 mm - 50 mm - 70 mm - 95 mm - 120 mm  ( Single or Dabell) Installation  with thickness of red copper 0.030 m - 0.024 m

  • Electric Wire & Cable
    - Electrical wire in all sizes and diameters.
    -  Cables Thermo blast all sizes and diameters.
    -  Phone Wire and Cable.

2- capacity

The daily production capacity is as follows:
 -     Welding cables: 5.000 meters.

  • Electricity wires: 100,000 meters.

     Cables Thermo blast: 10,000 meters.