GAD Industries. One of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and trading of low voltage electrical supplies in the Egyptian and MENA market since 1977. Our product range caters for various market sectors. Residential, Utilities, & Industrial applications. Our manufacturing

Electro George provides top-notch solutions for LV & MV applications boasting international standards. EG manufactures LV Switchgears up to 7800A under the license of General Electric Int'l (GE) as well as MV Switchgears up to 24KV under the license of SIEMENS GmbH.

The Headquarters was established in Egypt by Eng. Bahaa Shalaby in 1981. Since day one, quality has been our highest priority. We are the sole agent of Hager for more than three decades, in addition to Samwha & Hyundai. We succeeded during the last three decades in becoming one of the leading

International Company for engineering works - IEC Founded in 1976, is one of the best known private manufacturing, trading and contracting firms in Egypt working in the field of electrical power engineering. ALDAWLIA employs 130 highly qualified permanent staff. ALDAWLIA is a rapidly growing company

AIROMATIC The Arab Co. for Engineering Works - S.A.E. was established on 1973. We are a general electromechanical contractor company; based in Cairo with fabrication facilities at Bader industrial city. Our organization is backed-up with more than 35 years of accumulated technical experience &

A group of experts decided to make their own business; the idea was born in the mind of one of them; others believed in it, worked for it and strived hard to realize it. This is the story of our International Engineering Consortium. We are a group of partners who worked for more than twenty years in

We provide products, service & solutions with high quality to obtain the respect and the loyalty of our customers. We use our expertising pioneering spirit to deliver energy everywhere. We can be different through our people, our team who insist to satisfy customer and arrive to sustainable

The United Company manufactures the distribution panels in general and without, the dashboards and high-quality armor boards are manufactured using the latest technologies and best raw materials

ANNCO For Electrical & Electronic Industries

The Egyptian Engineering Investments Group is one of the leading and specialized companies in the field of electric power generation from the internal combustion engines, solar energy, wind energy and its different applications, and carries out all electromechanical works, design and execution of

With over 30 years of experience, specifically since 1979, the Technical Projects Company, TEPCO, has manufactured and supplied the Egyptian and neighboring countries' markets with products and solutions for electrical energy transmission and distribution. The full range of products and services

Established at 1950, Tarek Elsehelly Electrical co. is a leading global Electrical company specializing in Electrical Equipments Distribution, Fabrication and both electrical solutions. The company located in Elmahala Elkobra, the first and leader industrial city in Egypt, and with the best

SEGA. M is an advanced engineering company for electrical products and low voltage switchboards established by experiences of its founders that exceeds 40 years in industry field. Our factories are found in the industrial area of the 10th of Ramadan City Egypt, It's located on an area 30.000 m2.

ALTAWAKOL GROUP operates in diversified business sectors all over Egypt. The first established and main sector within the group is the electrical solutions. This sector is diversified into different segments which form a fully integrated electric solutions for the market. The products within these

In 1970 two brothers had a dream that started with 100 m2 factory, 20 workers and one product. That is how Temeco was born. Starting with elevator door mechanism manufacturing. Soon after that we started our signature electrical panels production line. Due to our persistence to meet the highest

We depend on a staff of over than 150 of highly qualified professionals, including a group specialized in quality assurance. We have engineering and production facilities built on 20,000 sq.m.area. Our specialists are serving our customers all over the market in Egypt and all Middle East Countries.

Ultimatrue Engineering Industries is a world-class provider of end-to-end Electronic and Electrical control products, manufacturing: Elevator Control solutions, Industrial Digital Monitoring Systems (IDMS), Custom Built Solutions, Monitoring and Command software, and Low-Voltage Switchgears.

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing equipments and industrial & automatic control systems based on specifications and needs of the client ranging from simple and complicated systems to be suitable for his different requirements .  Wedeco has successfully developed integrated

Since established in 1879, Data-Electric based on commitment to excellence and quality has grown continuously to enjoy leader status in power management technology in Egyptian Marker and the Middle East. We are in the field of marketing and supplying Electromechanical components plus design and

Established in 2004 as a company specialized in electro-mechanical contracting Design, manufacture and supply all kinds of paintings The company supplies and installs transformers and generators in all capacities Its company is an authorized factory for the manufacture of low voltage panels The

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, was founded in 1997, Since then we have grown rapidly into one of the nation's leading companies, with two major business units: The Trading Division which serves broad market segments like OEM's, EPC's, Utility Companies, for the supply of protection, metering

Petrokima was founded in 1977 by Eng.Sami S.Aman Actions-arrow-right-icon Petrokima has more than 50 engineers, 30 administrators, 100 technicians on permanent payroll + 60 up to 200 Casual payroll depending on number and size of projects in hand. Actions-arrow-right-icon Petrokima is your Trusted

Engineering Home for Electrical Industries is an Egyptian company providing cable management products to the construction industry. The Company has a well-deserved reputation for providing excellent quality products and high levels of technical and customer support. The company was established in

manufacture of Electrical sipplies صناعة لوحات كهربية مختلفة الأنواع ( التوزيع - التوافق - التشغيل و النقل الاتوماتيكي - تحسين معامل القدرة - المناورة - التشغيل للمحركات الكهربية - تشغيل للمحطات) و تصميم و تصنيع و تركيب الحاويات الخاصة بعزل المولدات (الديزل) و تصميم و تصنيع الكوفريهات ولاع

MANUFACTUR OF ELECTRIC PANELS صناعة لوحات تحكم وقوى كهربائية

Low Voltage Distribution Boards & Power Generating Units لوحات توزيع كهرباء جهد منخفض وتجميع وحدات توليد كهرباء

Medium and low pressure electric plates لوحات كهربائية ضغط متوسط ومنخفض

لوحات تحكم مركزية ولوحات مفاتيح وعدادات وكشافات مختلف الطراز و الجسم الصاج للوحات توزيع الكهرباء و للوحات تحكم فى الكهربا و للكشافات الفلورسنت الكهربائية

انتاج لوحات توزيع كهربائية ووحدات اضاءة

صناعة لوحات توزيع كهربائية وكابلات

انتاج ادوات كهربائية الملحقات المعدنية لمهمات خطوط الضغط العالى والمتوسط والمنخفض ولوازم الربط والتوصيل بالمحطات ولوحات توزيع كهربائية وبواطات وكفريتات ومعدات الاناره و مواسير تمديدات كهربائية وحدات انارة حدائق واسوار

Manufacture Of Electrical Metal Industrial صناعة وتوريد اللوحات الكهربائية

CABLE TRAY PERFORATED TYPE , CABLE TRAY PERFORATED TYPE, CABLE LADDER , CABLE TROUGH , CABLE DUCT, BASKET, SUPPORT , MISCELLANEOUS صناعة حوامل وسلالم كابلات و لوحات توزيع كهربائية والمواسير الكهربائية والعلب الكهربائية والمشغولات المعدنية والارضى الصناعى

MANUFACTUR OF METAL PLASTIC صناعة ادوات صناعية انتاج الجسم الخارجى من الكشافات الكهربائية الفلورسنت ولوحات التوزيع الكهربائية

لوحات كهربائية مقاسات مختلفة واعمال الصاج حسب طلب العميل

لوحات توزيع مجمعة كشافات صاج وكشافات اضاءة وجلوب واعمدة انارة ومستلزمات انارة الشوارع والحدائق من لمبات وترنسات وخلافه

Manufacture of electrical distribution panels, control panels and distribution boxes of sheet metal صناعة لوحات توزيع كهربائية ولوحات تحكم وعلب توزيع من الصاج

ادوات كهربائية انتاج معدات كهربائية انتاج لوحات توزيع كهربائية ومجارى الكابلات وغرف كاتمة للصوت وكشافات اضاءة هيكل شاسيه جسم معدنى لكشافات الانارة

تصنيع لوحات توزيع كهرباء شاملة المكونات

صناعة لوحات كهربائية ضغط منخفض

Manufacture of low voltage electricity distribution panels, control panels, power factor improvement panels and metalworking networks صناعة لوحات توزيع كهرباء للجهد المنخفض ولوحات تحكم ولوحات تحسين معامل القدرة وتشغيل معادن كباين الشبكات

انتاج لوحات توزيع كهربائية وكشافات كهربائية

اللوحات الكهربائية وحوامل الكابلات واكواس الخاصة والاجزاء المكملة والمبادلات الحرارية

صناعة لوحات توزيع كهربائية و الدكتات الصاج ومجارى كابلات

لوحات تحكم جهد منخفض ومتوسط

Low Voltage Distribution Boards & Power Generating Units صناعة لوحات كهربائية

لوحات كهربائية كنترول وفرعية وراسية ولوحات توزيع وجميع مكوناتها

Medium and low pressure electric panels, magic light switch, automatic switch boards and Transplast for fluorescent lamps لوحات كهربائية ضغط متوسط ومنخفض ومفتاح انارة ماجيك ولوحات تحويل اتوماتيك وترانس بلاست للمبات الفلورسنت

صناعة وتجميع لوحات كهرباء ضغط منخفض ولوحات توحات توزيع لوحات تحكم للموزعات ولوحات كهرباء ضغط متوسط واكشاك كهربائية ولمبات موفرة للطاقة وفلاتر هواء للشقق والمكاتب

Manufacture of Electric palns صناعة لوحات توزيع كهربائية منخفضة

صناعة لوحات كهربائية معدنية وطلمبات وكبائن عازلة للصوت

Manufacture and assembly of complete control panels with components, sports grills, metal chairs from stainless steel, electronic money cabinets, Quran stand, fans and electric stove with one eye

لوحات توزيع كهربائية جهد منخفض

صناعة لوحات كنترول متنوعة ولوحات ضغط منخفض

لوحات صاج كهربائية

Manufacture and assembly of electric panels of different sizes and distribution boards and control صناعة وتجميع لوحات كهربائية بمقاسات مختلفة ولوحات توزيع وتحكم

صناعة لوحات التوزيع كهربائية

Manucacture of Earthing Material,Lightning Protection,Electrical Panels, and Cable trays لوحات توزيع وتحكم كهربائية ضغط منخفض ومهمات الارضى ومهمات موانع الصواعق

صناعة لوحات كهربائية مقاسات مختلفة

صناعة وتجميع لوحات جهد منخفض تخدم كافة المشروعات

تصنيع لوحات كهربائية و مستلزامتها Manufacture of electric panels and their applications

Pump Plates, Control Panels & Engine Boards لوحات الطلمبات ولوحات تحكم ماكينات ولوحات محركات

Manufacture and assembly of electric panels تصنيع و تجميع لوحات كهربائية

Manufacturing, assembling, maintenance and supply of industrial control panels, import & export تصنيع و تجميع و صيانه و توريد لوحات التحكم الصناعى و الاستيراد و التصدير

Manufacturing of electric panels تصنيع لوحات كهربائية

Compact transformer substations/kiosks (up to 36KV)
Al-Tawakol NTT has a wide variety of products in the electric field making it one of the leading companies in Egypt. With this variety of products, we provide our customers with total electrical solutions for their projects. Our continuously improving quality control team helps us gain the trust of
-PE Conduit -PVC Rigid Conduits -PVC Corrugated Conduits -PVC Accessories and Fittings
low voltage switchboards
Sheet Metals From concept to completion, ALDAWLIA offers a complete enclosure service which provides cost effective customized solutions to customers in a broad range of industries.
Wiring Devices - Electrical Accessories - Enclosures - Cable Management Systems - lighting
-Elec-Mete Box -Electricity Boxes
-Decor Doors -Lifts
Semis co for electrical industries ( Tarek El-Sehelly ) is our latest achievements, our factory for manufacturing three phase electric induction motors .
Our Factory manufacture the Distribution and Control Panels with the most quality standards with quality inspection with international and local standards. We also manufacturer customized panels with special requirements upon customer's request.
Our Factory manufacture the Power Factor Correction Panels with the most quality standards with quality inspection with international and local standards. We also manufacturer customized panels with special requirements upon customer's request.
Product Range
The Group designs and implements all electric boards and control panels with the best parts for the largest international companies. Parallel and electric connection panels Automatic transfer switch panels ATS Load distribution panels Power factor correction panels
The Egyptian Engineering Investment Group supplies distinguished set of stabilizers to treat the problems of surge or low voltage to guarantee that the electric systems are maintained with different capacities that begin from 1 KVA to 10 KVA.
The Egyptian Engineering Investment Group has wide experience in the field of design and implementation of the solar energy-based water heating plants with different capacities that begin from 150 ltier/ day to 750 liter/ day and that work by the natural flow system (without pumps) and the central
To avoid the sudden interruption of electric power, The Egyptian Engineering Investment Group supplies the standby power units with different capacities in accordance with the international standards.
EEIG Power Systems offers the exclusive line of international brand Electric Power for all applications. For telecommunication companies, hotels, hospitals and banks, whatever the size or nature of your business, EEIG Power Systems can provide reliable energy solutions for your business needs.
The Egyptian Group for Engineering Investments supplies the power generation systems run by diesel, benzene and natural gas engines and are used for the communication stations, hotels, hospitals, banks, companies, irrigation stations and sanitary sewerage.
Industrial Division is the manufacturing arm of the company where products are manufactured for safe distribution and efficient control of electricity in residential, commercial and industrial premises. Electrotechnique LV products conform to most of the national as well as international standards,
Electric Panels
The low voltage products in EGEMAC produced by CHINT-EGEMAC our joint venture company with Chint Company the leading company in low voltage switchgears (MCC, MDB and pillars ….etc) NGC8 is a multi-function of modular switchgear assemblies for application which required a high level of dependability
For almost four decades EGEMAC has been supplying the Egyptian electricity market with products for the medium voltage (22 kV, 11 kV) licensed from huge international companies like: Siemens, Schneider Electric, Pfiffner and ASD Electric (aka ELKO). Through this period, EGEMAC gave great attention
Egemac produces a variety of high voltage products 66 ,220 & 500 kV with licences from international companies to satisfy the market needs. These products are mainly implemented in the substations. All these products undergo several tests before leaving the factory. Our journey begins with
We are a panel builder assembler Types of panel boards: - Power Distribution. - Power Factor Correction. - Synchronization. - Motor Control Centre. - Control.
Final Distribution Boards - Sub Main Distribution Boards - Main Distribution Boards
Low Voltage Switchgears Electro George is the first licensed partner for General Electric (GE) in the Egyptian market with history of business relations that extend to almost 30 years of successful cooperation. Our LV product range varies from Main Distribution Boards and Motor Control Centers to
Low Voltage Switchgears Electro George is the first licensed partner for General Electric (GE) in the Egyptian market with history of business relations that extend to almost 30 years of successful cooperation. Our LV product range varies from Main Distribution Boards and Motor Control Centers to
LV Distribution panels - LED Lamp - wall switches