Technical Co. For Engineering Industries (TECHNO) The Company Established in 1986 specialized in Engineering Products used as Components for (Electric Home Appliances, Buses, Petroleum filling and Lighting)and Recently For diversity required by current turbulent of Market The company already started

Egypt For Engineering Industries

Engineering Company for Exhaust Systems

Ema group have a great honor to introduce it self as one of the leading co. in the field of hydraulic & pneumatic system in Egypt. ​We have round eleven (11) co. around Egypt with a capital of fifty million Egyptian pounds for making the services for the following cities: Cairo, 10th of Ramadan,

AKL forAuto Feeding Industries Automotive Interior & Exterior Trims (lamps, mirrors, wheel covers, front grille, reflectors, mud cover and wheel hub cap)

AFICO Filters is a joint stock company established on 1988 in Egypt at 10th Of Ramadan City; the largest industrial city in Egypt to produce most types of Oil, Fuel, Air filters for all types of vehicles & earth moving equipment under license from FRAM USA which is a well-known company in

In 1986, EGAT GROUP started out as a small manufacturer by the name of the Egyptian German Air Treatment Co. (EGAT) with a limited range of products in the central air-conditioning field. These products included grilles, diffusers, and Air Handling Units. EGAT later moved on to manufacturing other

ABD-ELHAMID Company is a family-owned business. The company, having 1400 sqm floor space, was founded in 1988, in the industrial zone C3, 10th Of Ramadan city. At that time, the company started under the name “Hassan Elbanna & brother “, and later-on was given the name “Tabouk Co. “ . Our second

TRUST for Engineering Industries was established in 1996, on Egyptian grounds, as family run business which manufactures seating systems; and specializes in automotive seats. As TRUST grew, the transition to become the corporate organization it is today was facilitated by each member of the TRUST

FAW Industrial Group is a new share‐holding Egyptian company established in April 2008. The company is founded and directed by group of investors with extensive experience in the manufacturing and trading of friction products. The project’s primary target market is the aftermarket (IAM and OES) both

r. Greiche Egypt is the leading glass processor in the Middle East and Africa. Providing quality glass solutions in the Automotive, building, decorative, home appliance, lighting and security sectors, as well as providing glass installation services. Focusing on our exports, “Dr. Greiche” trademark

Uni-Center for automotive complementary industries is considered one of the major industrial castles specialized in manufacturing outstanding car seat covers in the orginal sizes and designs for each car . Unicenter was established on Port Said, Egypt. Precisely in the industrial zone south of Raswa

EGYPTIAN AXLES FACILITIES EA Foundry Machining Lines, Heat Treatment & Painting Laboratories and Testing EA Suspension & Axles Assembly Lines

Since its setting-up in 1985, Cofat has successively crossed all the steps of evolution and technological development becoming today a recognized expert in the study and manufacturing of complete electric supply systems intended for motor cars and vans. The current situation of the automobile

El Thawra Company is considered one of the most ancient organizations in the Egyptian market since 1973. our customer confidence is our positive force for success Our activities have been started in 1973 in producing metal products to public sector in a fixed way along

Marso is an environmentally friendly company In 1971 the Chemist Saad Baligh began many experiments on rubber reclaiming but it all didn't succeed Until all the money was spent on the many experiments done there were no other money except for one more chance He and his brothers decided to take the

n 1988, Egypt Power Group was founded by four brothers and established in Cairo. Egypt Power Group operates in the field of diesel engines providing a wide and varied range of products and applications. The group first started with the automotive sector (Egypt Power for Trading and Agencies) and

Elzaharna Group for sheet metal Forming and manufacturing exhaust systems

Serafi® is specialized in sheet metal work products used for feeding different industries including refrigerated trucks, trailers, cold stores, drums, barrels and household appliance industries. Our factory is located in 10th OF RAMADAN CITY. Our main product is stainless steel accessories (hardware

TAKI’s Mother CO. was Established in 1960 and Taki Vita Co. under the investment law 1976.with 60% Egyptian shares and 40% British shares. However, today 100% of the shares are Egyptian and it is the largest foam and mattresses manufacturer in Egypt and Middle East, and started car seat


Orient Batteries

Rubber manufacturing with more than 30 years experience In any rubber product used in cars or public or private companies for natural gas Or the industrial in the oil filling and mastered domestics Our specialization in the spare parts of the zippers and peddlers for cars whether to bring the

HAMENZ was founded in 1995 to cast and manufacture Gasoline and Diesel Piston Rings covering the dimension range from 50-140 mm, with capacity of 4.5 million Piston Rings annually. Hamenz Co. employees the most advanced technology in foundry, Swiss CNC machinery and quality control, in line with the

Cablex for Engineering Industries

For Produce Alternator , Starter , Armature , Filed coil , Rotor And Stator Products: Alternator - Starter - Armature - Filed coil - Rotor - Stator -


IDACO was established in 1986. It is the leader in wiring harness industry in Egypt with about 1100 employees in 2 premises at the industrial zone 6th of October city, Egypt. We started export since 2005 to United Kingdom, Italy and to Volkswagen Group (Germany) in addition to our local customers.

To be the 1st choice in all the Automotive, Industrial and Residential Batteries' applications and projects, ensuring the usability, accessibility and reliability to everyone, anywhere.

GERMAN Company. Produces, assembly, distributes and markets Batteries. Due to the nature of its activities, the company places particular emphasis on know-how, reliability, and quality. It is the company`s permanent policy to provide Batteries and after sale services that are suitable for the

GIT Motors Company is a 2nd generation family owned and operated business serving the automotive industry in Damietta since 1989. GIT Motors Company has its corporate office and warehouse facility with stores located in Damietta City and Port Said. Make your first call and let our professionals

The Eastern Company for automotive equipment specialized in the field of automotive equipment of all kinds of the few companies (cranes, winches passage behind the cabin winches Basket fire trucks cars Sweeping streams cars Navori car rams car inverter, etc.) As one of the few developments on

Teriak Group is the crowned market leader of automotive parts manufacturing in Egypt and the Middle East. The company has spearheaded the regional industry for decades through innovation and stellar R&D. Teriak Group was established in 1975, and has steadily expanded operations over the past

Autoteck Industry S.A.E. is a diversified, proud small business. Autoteck was established in 1991 as Autotek Valves S.A.E. Today Autoteck is the largest manufacturer of Engine Valves, Guides and other engine parts in Egypt. We are also engaged in many phases of parts manufacturing for the Transport

ElKady was founded in 1991 with the goal of localizing and producing high-quality assembled rubber hoses, polyamide and steel pipes for various sectors (automotive, hydraulic and industrial purposes) in Egypt.

International Company For Developed Industry ( ICDI ) has been Established in 1994 , ICDI is located in 6 of October City – Giza – Egypt It’s working in ( sheet metals – plastics – fiberglass ) serving great automotive brands like ( GM – GB Auto – Suzuki – Mercedes ) Besides other different local

Car Box manufacturing for truck bodies

The company was established in 1978 by Mr. Attaya. We started the activity for import and trades field of machinery industrial engines & generator sets in addition to their spare parts especially for Caterpillar & Komatsu. The company is also offering the after sale service through our

Manufacturing of car bodies and car boxes صناعة هياكل السيارات وصناديق السيارات

Automotive Feeding Industries صناعات مغذية للسيارات انتاج منتجات بلاستيكية للسيارات

Automotive spare parts Making انتاج ما يلزم لتجهيز السيارات بكافة انواعها صناديق سطحية نيسان وتويوتا اجزاء لجنرال موتورز

Renovation of buses and minibuses, renovation of mechanical and electrical kits, engine renovation, refurbishing of gypsum, spare parts industry, renewal of hydraulic vets, renovation of all electric vehicles and minibuses

جميع المنتجات النحاسية ذات التشكيلات المختلفة طبقا للرسومات-انتاج طنابير السيارات الزهر لوحدات التكييف المركزية طبقا للمواصفات القياسية - انتاج جميع انواع الهيدارات لوحدات التكييف(مركزى – اسبيليت – شياك ) - تشكيل المواسير بالاقطار المختلفة المطلوبة- انتاج

Manufacture of Cars Springs انتاج جميع السوست الورقية بجميع اشكالها وانواعها وجميع الاكسسورات ومستلزمات اليايات الورقية وصلب كربونى عالى الجوده و مستلزمات التعلية من جلب وقفزان ومسامير وصواميل وركب ومفصلات وبنوز وجميع الاشكال المعدنية والهندسية والفنية

AUTOMOTIVE SPARE PARTS MAKING, MOTOR VEHICLESS CHASSIS CONSTRUCTION استيراد وتصدير وتوكيلات تجارية قطع غيار السيارات وصناعة الهياكل التى تركب على السيارات تجهيز لوارى وسيارات

Manufacturing rivet Brake Linings in all sizes and materials,Manufacturing pistons and tasks of CBS rivet تركيب تيل الفرامل والدبرياج وخراطة طنابير السيارات وصناعة برشام الالومنيوم والبوب ريفيت الماكينه

Automotive spare parts making : auto horns & twin tone horns for cars , auto bulbs for cars , auto electric switches for car , auto accessories for cars , انتاج وتصنيع وتجميع قطع غيار السيارات وكلاكسات وكماليات السيارات مفاتيح ولمبات السيارات والات تنبيه

Manufacture Of Hi-Track Wiring Systems & Circuits صناعة ضفائر كهربائية للمركبات ووسائل النقل الافقية والراسية

Manufacturing of spare parts for railway cars and maintenance of luxury rail vehicles (sleeping carts, power and air-conditioned passengers) تصنيع قطع الغيار الخاصة بعربات السكك الحديدية و صيانة عربات السكك الحديدية الفاخرة( عربات النوم والقوى والركاب المكيفة)

manufacture of old rooms , refrigeration cars صناعة حوائط غرف التبريد وصناديق السيارات المبردة

MOTOR VEHICLESS CHASSIS CONSTRUCTION AND WIPPER BLADE انتاج هياكل السيارات ومستلزمات السيارات مساحات المطر والزراع شيالات السقف وكوريك

Automotive Feeding Industries عات مغذية للسيارات انتاج رادياتير وتكييف السيارات

Auto spare parts: door and glass handles , engine fans, mirrors, Rear and head lamps, radiator water tanks, air filter housing, fan guide, spark plug cables, rubber parts for cars, clutch forks, oil symb container, bumper carriers, and steering idlers, 

Manufacture of Automotive Spare Parts : Car Conditions , Radiators انتاج وتجميع اجهزة تكييف السيارات و الرادياتيرات وماكينات رفع الزجاج بالكهرباء

Manufacture Of Rubber & Plastic صناعة تيل الفرامل السيارات الركوب والنقل والقطارات وعربات السكك الحديدية وتيل دبرياج السيارات وتيل فرامل للغراض الصناعية

Manufacture of 4th cross member ,frame RR. Roof, Cross Beam انتاج قطع غيار السيارات اجزاء معدنية جنرال موتورز و سوزكى ونيسان ومرسيدس ودايو

تصنيع فلاتر للسيارات والمعدات الثقيلة

NAILS MANUFACTRING AND METALS WORKS AND TURNERY تشغيل معادن انتاج المسامير وصامولة عجل بيجو والجوايت ومقاس الزيت وماسورة مقاس الزيت ومفتاح طبة الزيت ومفتاح البوجيهات وخراطة عامة وقطع غيار السيارات

صناعات مغذية للسيارات انتاج فانوس إشارة وش فانوس إشارة وفلاشر كاب بعاكس

صناعت مغذية للسيارات انتاج قطع صاج معدنية مختلفة ومنتجات بلاستيكية ومنتجات كهربائية

صناعة اوزان واتزان لجنوط السيارات من الز

تصنيع وتجميع البطاريات و بلكات بطاريات

صناعة قطع غيار سيارات وصناعات هندسية وادوات كهرباء انتاج كلاكس سيارات ودواية كهرباء وكلبس كهرباء وشمعات تسخين لمحركات الديزل وفوانيس امامية ترامل طقم سلك كهربائية لفانوس السيارة كتاوت السيارة

manufacture of Tires Batteries صناعات مغذية للسيارات انتاج بطاريات السيارات وشبك ومواسير وسلك ذات اقطار مختلفة وقوالب وكبارى وصوابع رصاص للبطاريات

صناعات مغذية للسيارات انتاج فلاتر سيارات (هواء وزيوت وزيت)

The Technical Com For Car Body Manufacture تشكيل معادن انتاج اجزاء سيارات من الصاج و هياكل السيارات

صناعة الرادياتيرات

Auto Fuel Filters, Auto Oil Filters, and Auto Air Filters فلاتر وقود سيارات وفلاتر زيت سيارات وفلتر هواء سيارات

Metals Works and Turnery خراطة معادن انتاج اسلاك السرعة و الكيلو متر وفرامل اليد ونقل الحركة و سلك الدبرياج

Manufacture of The Cars Spare Parts & Engines صناعة شمعات احتراق داخلى بوجيهات وسبائك كراسى المحاور و تيل الفرامل

Til brake cars riding industry صناعة تيل فرامل سيارات ركوب

Automotive Spare Parts Making انتاج تيل الفرامل تيل اسطوانات الدبرياج السيارات تيل القطارات وافراخ الكاونشوك

صناعة وتجميع الفلاتر للسيارات

AUTOMOTIVE SPARE PARTS MAKING انتاج تقطيع جوانات السيارات لحساب الغير

تيل فرامل

Car Accessories Such As : Alarm System , Central Locking System , Speakers Car Radio Cassette , Amplifiers صناعة كماليات السيارات انتاج وتجميع الاجهزة الالكترونية و اجهزة انذار للسيارة و اجهزة اقفال مركزى للسيارة وسماعات وراديو كاست ومضخمات صوت وحدات غلق الزجاج واجهزة زجاج كهربائى وكلاكس تنبه

تصنيع شكمانات السيارات بانواعها المختلفة

Manufacture of Heal Lamp Front + Rear صناعة كشافات سيارات امامية وجانبية وخلفية دوجان - شاهين - فيات - بيجو وكافة الاجزاء البلاستيكية والكشافات الامامية والخلفية للقطارات الداخلية والخارجية والاجزاء المكونة داخل القطارات من الخامات الصاج والبلاستيك بانواعه

We are Professional Auto Parts Manufacturer . Our main Products are Control Cables Such as Push & Pull Cables , Clutch Cable , Brake Cable, Speed Cable , Marine Cable , Throttle Cable And PTO Cable etc...................... We can Also Make Auto Parts Like Control Lever , Plastic Accessories,

Manufacture and maintenance of car boxes صناعة صناديق سيارات وصيانتها

صناعات مغذية للسيارات و قطع غيار سيارات

صناعة بطاريات سائلة للسيارات والمعدات

راديو كاسيت سيارة

Manufacture of Automotive Interiors : Floor Mat , Sun,Visors,Rear Tray , Insulators,Carpets Headliners صناعة ارضيات السيارات من البلاستيك والموكيت واجزاء معدنية متنوعة للسيارات واسقف سيارات من لدائن

Maintenance Center تجهيز صناديق السيارات القلاب ومقطورات زراعية وتنكات مياه وتجهيز سيارات ومعدات

manufacture of Exhaust System for Passenger Cars صناعة شكمانات ومقطورات عفش ولنشات

Manufacture of car headlamp, headlamp and electric cable صناعة كشافات السيارات وكشافات الاضاءة وكابلات كهربائية

صناعة فلاتر سيارات

manufacture of Auto-parts صناعة تيل اسطوانات الدبرياج لجميع انواع السيارات وجميع الماكينات الصناعيه و صناعه مسامير برشام معدنية (حديد ونحاس ) لاسطوانة الدبرياج والفرامل و الادوات المنزليه والاثاث المعدنى وجميع انواع المفصلات ومختلف التطبيقات الصناعيه

Manufacture of car exhaust and forming of sheet metal صناعة شكمانات السيارات وتشكيل انواعه الصاج

manufacture of Rediator صناعة انواع السربنتينات و الرادياتيرات النحاس لجميع انواع السيارات والمعدات واللوادر

صناعات مغذية للسيارات انتاج شنابر وبساتم وبنوذ لزوم السيارات ومركبات النقل والجرارات الزراعية وبنوذ انتاج شنابر وبساتم وبنوذ لجميع المحركات الديزل والبنزين

جلب مقصات وكرسى نص عفشه السيارات وقواعد المواتي

صناعة قواعد اسطوانات الغاز للسيارات

صناعة مستلزمات بطاريات السيارات

انتاج راديو السيارة

تصنيع هياكل السيارات

انتاج قطع غيار السيارات والجرارات الزراعية

تعديل هياكل السيارات من كابينة سيارات مفردة الى كابينة مزدوجة انتاج جنرال موتورز مصر وانتاج صندوق مقفل محمل علي سيارات نصف نقل خفيف

صناعة جلب كاوتش للسيارات

تشكيل الواح صاج صناعة علب شكمانات السيارات

Manufacturing and assembling of cars, motorcycles, manufacturing of coriques, lifting cars and transmission belts for cars تصنيع وتجميع بوجيهات سيارات وموتسيكلات وتصنيع كوريك رفع السيارات وسيور نقل الحركة للسيارات

صناعات مغذية للسيارات انتاج فروة كسوة السيارات

تجميع وتصنيع جميع انواع جتوط السيارات + كاوتش

manufacture of automotive body parts تصنيع هياكل السيارات بجميع تجهيزاتها المختلفة

Manufacturing of metal sheets تصنيع يايات معدنية

Manufacture of automotive spare parts قطع غيار السيارات

manufacture of automotive spare parts تصنيع اجزاء قطع غيار السيارات

manufacture of compressor metal parts تصنيع اجزاء معدنية خاصة بالكمبروسور حلزونى

تشغيل معادن وانتاج قطع غيار واجزاء السيارت والركبات والمعدات والات التشييد

Manufacturing and assembling of car bodies (car boxes, tipper box, water tanks, hydraulic works) تصنيع و تجميع هياكل السيارات (صناديق سيارات ، صندوق قلاب ، خزانات مياه ، اعمال الهيدروليك )

تصنيع علب رادياتير السيارات

Manufacture of reflective glass, white glass, double glass and lead glass تصنيع زجاج عاكس وزجاج ابيض وزجاج دبل وزجاج ضد الرصاص

Manufacture & installation of cars, motorcycles & pinches by exporting, supplying & supplying تصنيع و تركيب مستلزمات السيارات و الموتوسيكلات و البينش بجى و تصدير و توريدات

تجميع اكسسوار سيارات

Manufacturing of auto zippers تصنيع مستلزمات سوست السيارات

Buses, minibuses, semi-trailers, gems and poles صناعة هياكل اتوبيسات ومينى باصات وانصاف مقطورات وجمالونات واعمدة انارة

- VIP Seats - Bus Seats - MiniBus Seats - MicroBus Seats - Bus Seats – Driver - Bus Seats – Guide Seats - Trucks - 2-3 Wheelers - Other Products
reclaim rubber - Rubber granules and rubber powder
Flooring - speed bumps
GYM FLOORING - Rubber granules for artificial grass - Tarak Tertany - flooring fom kids
swimming pool - Clubs - Hotels - Houses
rubber car mats - spare parts of cars
Key Features : 1-Security system prevents car robbery. 2-Easy to install, user friendly. 3-Suitable for all vehicles. 4-No need to purchase any extra components.
H-Tester is a wriring harness testing system. It has the following features: Automatic learning Real time testing Socket picture display Pin position display Easy detection of errors in the harness
ASC is a system for monitoring, in a real-time manner, the efficiency and/or internal quality level of a company down to the level of individual tasks.
The wiring harnesses of home appliances including washing machines and air conditioning units.
The complete set of automotive wiring harnesses of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses.
Exhaust Systems
Automotive: Exhaust Systems - Complete Exhaust Systems - Exhaust System Parts - Catalytic Converters - Sheet Metal Parts .
Dr. Greiche is a leading glass manufacturer in the region for original equipment manufacturers (O.E.M) and the replacement market. We produce complete glass sets for vehicles and provide high quality vehicle glass replacement and fitting in our service centers.
House Appliance Glass -Security Glass - Lighting Glass - Mirrors - Architectural Glass - Shop Fronts, Doors + Partitions - Shower Cabins - Stairs, Tiles, Paths + Balustrades - Furniture & Decorative glass
- EP-automotive - EP generating set - EP pump set - EP welding set - EP light tower - EP- marine gensets - EP machinery - EP semi trailers
Egypt For Engineering
Auto Body We Supply General Motors & Nissan with Auto Body.
Technical Co. For Engineering Industries (TECHNO)
Petroleum Products Drum cap 3/4 " - DC01
Movable Armrest for Bus - BR01
Auto. Washing Drum Shaft - AA05
Inlet and outlet Water Tube - CT01 - Inlet and outlet Water Tube - CT02 - Inlet and outlet Water Tube - CT03
Fridge upper hinge - DF01
- Gas Cooker Main Door Hinge Base - MB10
Manufacture of Cars Chairs صناعة اسفنج صناعى ومراتب سوست ومراتب اسفنج و مقاعد سيارات والحفة فيبر ومخدات فيبر جميع منتجات الاسفنج الصناعى والصناعات مغذية للسيارات انتاج دايو لانوس نوبيرا ومرسيدس
Bed Rooms- Dinning Rooms - Kitchens - Living Rooms - Salon Rooms - Sofa Beds .
Office furniture
The manufacturing, assembling and maintenance sector
Production Of Oil, Fuel And Air Filter For All Internal Combustion Engines Used In Automotive Production ( Passenger And Commercial Vehicles) And Equipment ( Mobile And Stationary)
Air Handling Units , Air Outlets & Volume Dampers , Air Filters , Air Washers , Air Curtains , Industrial Fans , Cooling And Heating Coils , Fire And Smoke Dampers , Sound Attenuators And Sound Proof Rooms , Dust Collectors , Weather Resistant Louvers , Sand Trap Louvers , Industrial Electric
Various wire products
Wire inserts for car seats
Wire cable trays
Shopping baskets and display articles for shops and supermarkets
Protection screens for air-conditoning units
Wire racks for dish-washers
Wire shelves and baskets for fridges and refrigerators
Wire shelves for gas-cookers
Electric Accessories
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Fiat- Peugeot - Trucks
Starter batteries
-Renewable Energy Deep Cycle Batteries -Locomotive Batteries -Golf Batteries -Marine Batteries -Standby Lead Acid Batteries -Nickel Cadmium Batteries (ALCAD) -Battery Charger
GERMAN Company. Produces, assembly, distributes and markets Batteries. Due to the nature of its activities, the company places particular emphasis on know-how, reliability, and quality. It is the company`s permanent policy to provide Batteries and after sale services that are suitable for the
Filters Defo Egypt various types (oil – air – fuel), both for gasoline cars and diesel characterized in manufactured with modern technology makes filter Defo Egypt more sophisticated about what is customary in the types of old filters. The basic ingredients of the composition of filters Defo Egypt
High performance motor oil reduces fuel consumption and minimizes deterioration of the engine when started cold, especially in wintertime, by ensuring reliable oiling of the units and parts. This leads to reduction of the fuel costs by 5-7% and also decreases the technical maintenance expenses by
The Eastern Company for automotive equipment specialized in the field of automotive equipment of all kinds of the few companies (cranes, winches passage behind the cabin winches Basket fire trucks cars Sweeping streams cars Navori car rams car inverter, etc.) As one of the few developments on
• Fin condenser and radiator • Tube condenser and radiator • Cooling module assemblies • Hose Assemblies • Heater Core
Charge Air-Cooler We design and manufacture charge-air-coolers for automotive needs, medium or large industrial needs, as well as military applications oil Cooler We manufacture high-performance oil coolers designed to provide outstanding cooling in the toughest conditions
Teriak Groups design and replace a wide range of OEM automotive, locomotive and marine micro-channels condensers Applications: Automotive Heavy duty Tractors Refrigerated containers Military Forklift Generators
Teriak Group supplies OEM Brass/aluminum radiators for trucks, buses, military vehicles and tractors. No louver fin radiators for heavy duty equipment and vehicles to withstand the harshest environments and the ease to clean
We provide clients with quality products, technologies and services that strengthen local production
-We manufacture superior quality engine parts from special alloys as per internationally accepted norms, technical specifications and tolerances -Our forgings and castings are for automotive, natural gas, petroleum, steel, power, railway, cement, defense & sugar industries
Automotive: ElKady has been the sole provider of assembled automotive pipes and hoses for the major car companies in Egypt, ElKady provides the following products in automotive fluid transfer: Brake Power Fuel Pneumatic
Car Box manufacturing for truck bodies
--Services With a great team work, we decided to place ourselves between leading firms in designing and manufacturing multipurpose vehicles by providing the best solutions for clients’ requirements and applications.
For Produce Alternator , Starter , Armature , Filed coil , Rotor And Stator Products: Alternator - Starter - Armature - Filed coil - Rotor - Stator -
The purpose of an engine is to transform the energy released by the burning of an air / fuel mixture into useful motion. This process starts in the combustion chamber where the mixture is compressed and ignited. The expanding gases act on the piston and drive it downs the bore. The piston is
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Car Seat Covers
Disc Brake Pads for Passenger Cars Semi‐metallic, Organics and ceramics friction material meeting highest standards & creating sense of safety and security. Pads for Commercial Applications
Rubber manufacturing with more than 30 years experience In any rubber product used in cars or public or private companies for natural gas Or the industrial in the oil filling and mastered domestics Our specialization in the spare parts of the zippers and peddlers for cars whether to bring the