El Deyab group is one of the biggest groups working in the agriculture field since the early 70th of the last century; the leading company for the group is EL Deyab for agriculture and environment development owned 100% by Diab family beside a major share in the other group Companies. After a long

Daltex was founded in 1964, by the visionary Dr. A. Samir El Naggar, who managed to utilize the developments in Egypt's economical advances to be able to built on it and take the advantage that Egypt plays and what the role of Daltex has tried to be involved and be part of that development. At first

While our business model has continued to be fine-tuned over the years, our mindset has remained the same. We aim to continuously engage our customers in order to understand their business needs, and drive improvements that are recognized and valued. We also behave in a consistent manner regardless

هدف شركة نيوانترناشيونال الى اقامة صناعة معدات ثقيلة مصرية بكفاءة وجودة عالمية وقد بدأت الانتاج الفعلى عام2007 بعد تجارب لمدة 3سنوات من2003 حتى مايو2007 حيث كلل تعبنا بالنجاح و حصلنا على موافقة هيئة التنمية الصناعية تمتلك نيو تصميمات ورسومات للوادر بكافة سعاتها والجريدرات واللودر حفار واوناش الشوكة

شركة المشروعات للصناعات الهندسية المتطورة - تشكيل معادن من حديد والومنيوم ونحاس وأنتاج قطع غيار المعدات الزراعية ومعدات المجازر الآلية Projects co . for advanced industries Spare parts production for agricultural  equipment & equipment for automatic slaughterhouses

دياموند العالميه للصناعات الهندسيه - بدأ نشاط الشركة بالقاهرة عام 1982 بأسم شركة دياموند للتجارة اسسها المهندس الراحل عيد متى وكانت شركة استيراد وتعمل بنظام الوكالة لشركات الآلات الزراعية الاجنبية مثل "لامبردينى " الإيطالية لماكينات الرى و"دارى" الإيطالية للكمبروسورات و"اوزرديرن" التركى لماكينات

I have the pleasure to introduce our company, Poulitec Ltd.  Poulitec is a leading company in the Middle East, specialized in setting up and managing poultry & agricultural projects.  Since the company was established in 1981, we have successfully served our clients in the region by

Egypt Co.for Agricultural &Mechanical Equipment (ECAME)

Tanta Motors Co. S.A.E was established in 1950. Started its activity in trading agriculture equipment, followed with trading ventilation fans, then electro-mechanical contracting, and finally manufacturing agriculture & HVAC equipment.

MTI is engaged in the assembly and distribution of agricultural tractors, namely Belarus, since 1994. MTI successfully inaugurated the new Solis Tractors assembly line in January 2017 to target a more affordable market segment in tractors. Our mission is to meet the needs of the market in terms of

MANUFACTURE OF LAMBORGHINI TRACTORS( 110 HP Laser 110,150 HPLaser 150- 86 HP N-Cross 1&1.5 (80/774) ,94 HP N-Cross 1&1.5 (80/874) -50 HP R 503- 60 HP R 603- 150 HP R1 506 صناعة وتجميع جرارات زراعية قدرات 110 ، 150 ، 86 ، 94 ، 50 ، 60 ، 150 حصان

manufacturing of water and wist water plant as : Apenstock,weed screen,mixers, pipe fitting,screens

Manufacturing of quick trailer trailers, tractors, cars, car body modification, and vacuum cleaner for the rigs صناعة مقطورات جر سريع وجرارات زراعية وسيارات وتعديل هياكل السيارات وطلمبة فاكيون للكسح

Harvesting equipment, crop balers, trailer assembling, bales, agricultural tractors, and harvesting machinery معدة تجميع بالات محاصيل ومقطورة تجميع بالات وجرارات زراعية وماكينة تجميع محاصيل

The manufacture of a tractor machine and a trailer and a field trailer with a load of 1.5 tons تصنيع ماكينة دراس وتزرية و مقطورة حقلية حمولة 1.5 طن

Manufacturing and assembling agricultural machinery صناعة وتجميع الالات الزراعية

Manufacture of machines for the production of corn syrup, bulldozer, conveyor belts, sifting and separation of gravel, grain and grain stalk صناعة ماكينات انتاج فراطة ذرة وجرافة وسيور ناقلة وغربلة وفصل حصى وجرش الحبوب وساقة حبوب

MANUFACTURE OF AGRICULTURAL MACHINES AND TRAILERS تشغيل معادن ولحام بالكهرباء انتاج ماكينات والالات زراعية ومقطورات زراعية

Manufacturing of study machines, slow-moving gear carts and manual scissors صناعة ماكينات دراسة وعربات جر يدوى بطئ ومقص يدوى

flying insects control; flies, mosquito...etc. Both Portable and vehicle mounted are produced with or without remote control. All made of Stainless steel. Public Health Vector Control pesticides for the control of flies, mosquito, scor

Assembling and manufacturing tractors, irrigation machines, agricultural machinery, trailers, feeder industries, manufacturing of trusses, factory structures, tanks, tanks, installation & manufacturing of all types of iron works

Manufacturing of agricultural trailers صناعة مقطورات زراعية 4 عجل جر بطئ

Poultry layers cages (manual & automatic systems) Prefabricated steel structure (poultry housing & hangers) Egg incubators & hatchets - Green fodder rooms - Ventilation & cooling systems (evaporation air coolers)


Service center and maintenance of agricultural tractors مركز خدمة وصيانة جرارات زراعية

مستلزمات الرى الحديث انتاج خراطيم الرى والبوتاجاز 4 شعلة

Harvesting of wheat and its spare parts. Production of wheat and rice machines for all kinds of tractors صناعة الالات حصاد قمح وقطع غيارها انتاج جهاز حش القمح والارز لجميع انواع الجرارات

Importing And Assembly Machineries ( Tractors , Agriculture Machines , Gensets , Pumps , Compressors , Power Tools ……) صناعة وتجميع المحركات والمولدات والالات الزراعية

Manufacture and assembling of pesticide spraying machines Spray spraying pesticides Fog صناعة وتجميع ماكينات رش المبيدات رذاذ ورش المبيدات ضباب

Enjoys a rich and diversified products basket of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, Daltex is in continuous seeking for further diversification and expansion of the product range offered. Products, fresh products offer vary from delicate to bulk products and from necessity to niche. Daltex
"We can get anything from anywhere" From the operational set up whether by the reach achieved with Daltex's wide network of relations or whether it be via the various partners, over the years Daltex has gained the powerful capability to source any extra quantity or alternative crop especially
"Tasty & Healthy" Daltex greenhouses proudly produce cucumbers for both salads and pickles with highest quality of freshness reaching continual customer satisfaction and ever growing demand for more. All farms are GlobalGap and Tesco's Nurture Choice certified, whilst pack houses are BRC
For every meal!"
Pretty on the outside, healthy on the inside"
"Land & Life" Corn, Wheat, Barley are three prominent field crops that Daltex nourishes and enriches its soil with, in keeping with crop rotation, while producing healthy crops. All farms are GlobalGap and Tesco's Nurture Choice certified, whilst pack houses are BRC certified.
"Summer freshness"
"Healthy by nature"
"One of the essentials of life"
"Every piece exclusively hand packed."
"Portraying the elegance of the fresh produce"
"Capture Nature at its finest!"
"Believing that development is inseparable from the quest for quality"
TMAGRO Products: Manufacturing agricultural machines and trailers (flatbed, hydraulic tipping, tanks), threshing machines ,seed drills ,ploughs ,Rotary tillers, fodder choppers, sprayers, knapsack sprayers, front loaders, potato planters, potato and peanut diggers, organic fertilizer spreaders,
TMAGRO Products: Manufacturing agricultural machines and trailers (flatbed, hydraulic tipping, tanks), threshing machines ,seed drills ,ploughs ,Rotary tillers, fodder choppers, sprayers, knapsack sprayers, front loaders, potato planters, potato and peanut diggers, organic fertilizer spreaders,
Sprayers: Ecame Spray 10 St.St. - Ecame Spray 10e .
-Double Purpose Machines Fog/U.L.V.
Cold Aerosol Generators (U.L.V.)
Thermal Fogging Machines
Support :
-BOBCAT  :www.bobcat.com -Cimline :cimlinepmg.com -Doosan :www.doosan.com -Doosan Portable Power: www.doosanportablepower.com -dhMINING SYSTEMS: www.dhms.com -Furukawa :www.frd.eu -Tesmec :www.tesmec.com -RAYNER :http://roadsaver.com/
Services and parts manufacturing :
1. Engine: Diesel – 6 Cylinders -Water Cooling Turbo – direct injection - Gross power 156 HP
-Motorized knapsack mist blowers Motorized knapsack mist blowers are pesticide control equipments that can be carried on back.
-Turbo Mist Blowers The mist blower, with a spray pump driven by the tractor power take-off shaft (PTO), transmits the chemical under pressure to the nozzles on the fan موتور رش المبيدات هى آلة تنقل المادة الكيماوية المضغوطة الى الباشبورى الموجود أمام المروحة بواسطة قضيب نقل الحركة
-Corn Peeler The machine peele corn cover with high prorductivity and high quality without damaging the seeds. قشارة ذرة تعمل الماكينة على
-Rotary Tiller  - عزاقة ذاتية -Light Series The SHAKTIMAN Regular B-Series Rotary Tiller is specially developed for wet land, light, medium soil.  - محراث دوراني من النوع الخفيف لمحراث الدوراني الخفيف (شاكتيمان) مصمم بصفة خاصة للأراضي الرطبة والتربة الخفيفة والمتوسطة
-Thresher Machine It is a tractor operated machine. It is used to separate the seed from stem with high productivity and clean crop. It can work via pally system or by PTO shaft.
-Cereal Platform it has aservice width of 2 meters ,with cutting blade with 540 rpm performing an excellent reaping of the plant.

Agricultural Machinery & Equipment - معدات والات زراعية