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"Believing that development is inseparable from the quest for quality"
As Egypt's principal exporter of potatoes, Daltex manages to maintain a unique blend bringing the massive structure available which produces large volumes of potatoes to each individual customer in order to satisfy their own special market. Daltex Corporation has adopted a full quality management system for the past decade, which started with close quality control on the sorting, sizing and packing of its potatoes since the last decade. DALTEX implements global standards in all phases of potato plantation.
HACCP, Global Gap, Nature's Choice and OH&S are fully integrated in all its agricultural operations, passing through harvesting and packing until shipping. Daltex upholds it's distinction in the potato business by continuously acquiring variety exclusivity, planting new varieties, developing innovative in packing techniques, and developing agricultural practices. "Live Organic"
Daltex enjoys the edge in organic production due to the allocation of virgin lands particularly in the desert, of which no human hand has previously tampered with, has been allocated to produce all such products with high quality and purity, in accordance with international organic standards, regulations and certification. Product calendar