Top WordPress Landing Page Plugins to Increase Your Conversion Rate

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If you have an online store or you offer any service online, then you must be looking to increase the number of subscribers or the number of customers on your website i.e. you want to increase the conversion rate. The proper use of landing pages can help you to achieve these targets. In today’s world landing pages have become an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. First of all, let’s understand what is a landing page? Actually a landing page is a single webpage where you want your target audience and potential customers to land, go through your content, and take some concrete action like subscribing to your list, buying some product or service etc. A main aim of a landing page is to provide information and do brand building. For specific campaigns, you will need specific landing pages. A landing page has one objective – to get your visitors do something you want. The whole content of this page is make visitors interested to take some action. 

The objectives of landing page can be anything: -
- To fill a subscription form
- To Provide contact details
- To purchase a product
- To introduce a friend
- To read further details about the company or product
- To provide some incentive like freebies

The best landing pages are built with particular purpose in mind. The marketing team should be able to drive traffic to the landing pages. This is highly important for the success of any marketing campaign. Once a visitor reaches a landing page, the page should do the rest of the work for you.


How to create a landing page? 

You can use plugins to create landing pages and do WordPress Plugin Development to further customize the plugins to make them fit into your requirements. Using plugins is less costly and you will also have complete control over your landing page. Most landing page plugins offer drag and drop interfaces to build a page along with many pre-designed templates to choose from. Also most of these plugins offer landing page elements and content blocks like CTA (Call to Action) buttons, forms, headings, images, videos and more so that you can easily create high-converting landing pages in less time.

In this article, we are going to discuss about some of the top WordPress landing page plugins which can definitely boost your conversion rate if you use them in your WordPress website. Let’s start.


‘Inbound Now’ company has created WordPress Landing Pages plugin which is free to use for any WordPress developer and will help you to create landing page for your WordPress website. With this you can create multiple landing pages for your WordPress site. After installing it you can find the plugin’s menu in the WordPress dashboard and manage content from there itself. It has option to connect your landing page with other apps like Aweber and MailChimp. This plugin has many basic pre-made templates which you can customize using Visual Editor. Using this plugin, you can monitor conversions when they happen and optimize for higher conversion. For example, you can make an identical copy of the page, do some changes and run A/B split tests on the copy so that you can check the different versions to see which one converts better and hence you can use that copy for your landing page. 
This plugin is compatible with WordPress Leads and WordPress Calls to Action. Using these plugins, you can track visitor activity and capture leads. This plugin is also compatible with many third party add-ons, free and paid. You can use any contact form – Contact Form 7, Gravity and Ninja with this plugin. For unlimited access you can buy its premium plans.


OptimizePress is actually both a theme and also a plugin as it comes in both modes. Those people who are satisfied with their current theme can use it in the plugin mode. Using this plugin, you can create landing pages and sales pages that increase leads and sales on your website. These landing pages are conversion optimized. This plugin can help you to establish, grow and convert your online audience. This plugin not only help you in building landing pages but it can also help you to secure content for subscription members, create sales or marketing pages or operate authority blog sites.
This plugin is especially designed and created for WordPress. You can choose from 30 different templates and use them as your own or you can even customize it using Visual Editor. Editing is very simple and done from the frontend and you can see the changes even when you are doing these. Using Element Browser, you can choose from 40 different content elements and include them in your template. Coding skills are not required at all.
This WordPress plugin is developed assuming that the look of your website is highly important and that being responsive is no longer an option now. These landing pages can fit well even in hand held devices. This plugin can integrate at the API level with MailChimp, iContact, Aweber, Office Autopilot, GetResponse and more. This is a premium plugin and you have to choose your package as per your needs. Good thing is that you will get a year of free support and updates with it. You will also get 30-day money-back guarantee.


Elementor landing page plugin has a unique advantage over other landing page builders which is that the core plugin is provided as a free download. Although other landing page builders may also have free downloads but Elementor is different. Actually the primary drag and drop editor is not altered so much. This plugin has over 1 million active installs already and a 5 start rating which means the WordPress community prefers this plugin very much. You can simply download the Elementor builder and start constructing landing pages without any need to work with any code. It works with most of themes and plugins and so many pre-made templates are included in the free version of Elementor. 
Overall we can say that Elementor is one of the fastest tool for building and launching your landing pages. The drag and drop editor is very good and so many businesses have become satisfied with the free plugin download offer. Its premium versions are also not that costly. Hence if you are trying to save money then Elementor is top choice. As for the primary features, Elementor provides over 24 pro widgets and 75 pro templates. It integrates with Social media channels, Zapier and email marketing services easily and also offers options for WooCommerce and lot more forms. The WooCommerce integration lets you sell products directly from your landing pages. You can pair that with some of the professionally designed templates and you can start selling immediately. This plugin guarantees a codeless experience while developing the landing pages and it is also a mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and optimized for fast loading speed.


Beaver Builder is one of the most popular plugins in the page builder space, not only for landing pages but also for full websites. Beaver Builder is a flexible drag and drop page builder that works on the front end of your WordPress website. Using this Beaver Builder WordPress landing page plugin, you can create amazing layouts and landing pages which load fast and don’t take hours to configure and to do settings. Beaver Builder has a free version with so many content modules, many of which work nicely for landing pages. These content modules include options for audio, video, text editing, sidebar, photo and HTML. You can also create full-width landing pages which are highly useful. 
Most of the companies are happy to use the free version for making landing pages but the premium Beaver Builder module has even more benefits. Beaver Builder strives to make landing pages as easy as possible. It offers many templates just for quick, professional landing pages. Some of the landing page templates are made for niche sites like eBook selling sites, Law firms, Webinars and more. It’s user experience is far superior to most other drag and drop editors in the market. Most content modules can be placed anywhere and even a beginner would not face any problem making a landing page with its templates and modules.


The Divi Builder is a visual drag and drop page builder for any WordPress theme. Building stunning WordPress websites was never so much easier. This Divi Builder is popular as a builder that works with most of WordPress templates. It is actually a full website builder and also an excellent WordPress landing page plugin. Elegant Themes has developed this plugin and they sell it hence you need to signup for an Elegant Themes membership if you want to use it. This membership is good for developers who want something more than just a landing page plugin.  After buying you can use most of the beautiful themes and the plugins and provide everything from social media sharing to email options. 
Divi’s landing page plugin is a sleek and powerful drag and drop builder. Divi also provides around 46 content modules, from audio players to calls to action and social media button to pricing tables. You will also get contact forms and email marketing forms which are highly useful in the landing page space. Although Divi doesn’t have a free version but it beats out most premium competition by providing a low yearly rate for dozens of additional plugins and themes. You can also add custom CSS for applying custom styles and adjusting individual modules that aren’t quite right for your brand or organization. All of these above features make Divi a winner.



We have just discussed some of the top WordPress Landing Page Plugins which can increase your conversion rate. Before you use any of these plugin, first check whether the theme you are using will help you to build custom landing pages or not. If not, then only look outwards and choose any one of the above plugins. Plugins provides lots of benefits for campaign oriented marketing programs and definitely help in increasing conversion rates. As you can see, most of the features of the above plugins are common hence you can choose any one of these on the basis of value for money and as per your choice. That means you should pick the plugin which best suits your specific requirements.