Since its inception, WordPress-based websites have gained immense popularity in the tech arena. When it comes to creating highly interactive sites, it's quite tough to find another option like WordPress. Apart from being widely used and most popular blogging platform, WordPress also emerged as the best content management system for all sorts of sites. 

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Smartphones have reached every nook and corner of earth and this tremendous growth has also led to the revolutionary advancements in existing technologies and development processes. It also led to the growth of mobile app development market which has many small as well as large players. 

Initially WordPress was thought of only as a blogging platform but it has found so many other various applications including mobile app development. ... Read more

WordPress is a content management system (better known by its acronym CMS ) written in PHP that allows us to create and manage our own web, from a blog to an online store in a simple and practical way. Today WordPress has become very famous, and we could say that it is the most used platform to develop webs since it offers you a very high productivity, in other words, "with basic knowledge anyone can manage his or her website with WordPress."

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We have read a lot about how to optimize WordPress blogs and websites. There are tons of articles on internet about the best practices related WordPress blog optimization. It is also said that it is best to hire a WordPress developer to get the best out of your website. But have we been missing something till now? 

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“Every second counts”. The same applies when people click on a website and it buffers taking forever to load. That’s what irritates them. Nearly half of the customers expect a website to take less than a few seconds to load. A second’s delay in your webpage to open and your conversion rates decrease to 7% and the page views by 11%. That is huge!

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If you have an online store or you offer any service online, then you must be looking to increase the number of subscribers or the number of customers on your website i.e. you want to increase the conversion rate. The proper use of landing pages can help you to achieve these targets. In today’s world landing pages have become an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. First of all, let’s understand what is a landing page? Actually a landing page is a single webpage where you ... Read more