Why You Should Take Steps To Increase Your BigCommerce SEO


So you’ve built an eCommerce website around BigCommerce. That’s good news, as BigCommerce is one of the best platforms out there that businesses can use to sell their goods or services online. Hardly another eCommerce platform offers so many tools and user-friendly features that you can use to create the best online store for your money. That being said, as great as BigCommerce is and as many benefits as it can offer you, if you aren’t investing in BigCommerce SEO, then you’re not doing everything you can for your BigCommerce store. Without diving into any of the negative consequences of not investing in BigCommerce SEO, here are some things you can expect if you do craft a successful SEO strategy. In other words, if you take advantage of search engine optimization, here is what you can expect for your BigCommerce site.

Perhaps the most important is that an optimized website results in a better user experience overall. Even if you don’t get any of the other benefits of search engine optimization, this one is worth it. Enhanced user experience will result from a combination of factors including fast load speeds, relevant information and pictures, and a lack of general clutter. There’s also the fact that an optimized site will also be easier to navigate and result in better user interaction.

Search engine optimization is also going to help you generate more traffic. Customers trust organic results much more than results discovered as a product of advertising. As a result, a higher portion of organic traffic results in conversion. SEO, consequently, is one of the best tools you can use for the growth of your business.

Speaking of higher traffic and the effect it has on conversions, the better your web page ranks, the more likely it is to experience a boost in conversion rates. Higher visibility due to solid rankings will ensure, at the very least, that more of your target market is aware of your business and can access your site.

Good SEO practices for your BigCommerce site can also help to build your brand equity. Ask yourself this - how much equity can be contained in an unknown brand? Considering the fact that a brand can’t really be said to exist at all if consumers aren’t aware of it, then the answer is none. A strong brand is one of the best ways to differentiate your business, and simply by appearing at or near the top of a search engine results page can give the impression that your business is a key competitive player in your market. That alone is food for thought.

Part of an SEO strategy is ensuring that your digital presence is mobile optimized and that your site is not frustrating to view on mobile devices. As more and more consumers turn to mobile devices to shop and surf the web, in order to be competitive your eCommerce store must be mobile-friendly.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that all of these considerations are interrelated and play off of each other. Optimization in one corner of your website will spill over into other areas, so an SEO campaign can really help you build sustainable growth for your website.

While many of these practices can be implemented without too much technical expertise, you can save money and a lot of time by partnering with professional SEO experts like those you will find at Genius eCommerce. Working with professionals will save you time you could use working on other areas of your business, not to mention that it will give you access to the expertise of specialists with a lot of experience in crafting and executing SEO campaigns. Take a look today at what Genius eCommerce at GeniusEcommerce.com.

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