Abant Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd was established in 1974 by Muzaffer Gures. From then on, Abant is always making process in professional area and now especially serves with Vacuum Packaging Systems and Inkjet Coding Systems. In 2000’s a third group the Labelling Systems was added.

One of the leading names in the food and dairy products processing equipment market; Gemak was started in 1969. Highly specialized in the turnkey design of dairy and beverage processing plants, Gemak has installed state-of-the-art prepared food lines to process honey, desserts, tomato, sauces, jam

Helwan Company for Aluminum Foil was established in 1999. It was one of the First Distribution Companies of Military Factory Products. Such as 63 El Harby Factory and 54 El Harby Factory. The Company is considered as one of the First Factories in Packaging and Packing of Aluminum Foil, Food Stretch

Founded in 1992, Hopak Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaging in design, R&D, production, and sale business on "High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper". Recently Hopak broadened its product portfolio, adding complete packaging lines also the whole-plant automatic packaging designing. Hopak supplies

International Pack packaging systems trading company specializing in the field of packaging and plastics and filling machine, was founded in 2002 by a team of businessmen and engineers have more than 15 years of experience in the field of packaging machines, and the most important activities of the

تتمكن الشركة من تصنيع وتوريد جميع المقاسات كور "الكرتون" بدقة وسرعة فى التنفيذ جودة فى الخامات والوزن لسنا الوحيدون ولكننا متميزون . شركة المريم رائدة فى تصنيع مواسير الكرتون بكل المقاسات والأطوال المطلوبة.

  المورد الاول لمعدات مضارب الارز-بمصر,والشرق الاوسط,شركة,نايل,تريد NILE-TRADE

Nourpack is a one-stop-shop offering a full range of packaging solutions and services to customers of varying needs, with great pricing schemes and payment plans.

لصناعة وطباعة الاكياس ومواد التغليف Bags Manufacturers Flexible Packaging


The SMI Group is today one of the world’s largest producers of bottling plants and packaging machines and is composed of the parent company SMIGROUP, the subsidiary companies SMI (the first and largest business in the Group), SMIPACK, SMIMEC, SMITEC, ENOBERG, SMIENERGIA, SMILAB, SARCO.RE and of a

تأسست شركة سيريا باك في مصر بداية سنة 2013 وتعتبر إمتدادا لشركتننا في سوريا شركة البكار التجارية وتأسست شركة البكار التجارية سنة 2005 وهي شركة مختصة في توريد موازين متعددة الرؤوس، طابعات التاريخ، آلات لحام وغير ذلك من معدات التعبئة والتغليف. [Syria Pack]

Kipas Kagit Sanayi Isletmeleri A.S., a Kipas Holding subsidiary, is a leading producer of our country in terms of production capacity, technology and experienced workforce. The construction works, which had started in 2011, were completed at the beginning of 2014 and production started at the plant.

Since 1976, TMG Impianti has been meeting the needs of both domestic and international markets offering a wide range of automated packaging solutions suitable for different sectors, namely: winery, food, beverage, chemical and bags sector. In these 35 years, passion, dedication and the application

Süt, her çeşit peynir, yoğurt, ayran, tereyağı ve bal üretim makinası ve ekipmanları üretimi...

Egyptian joint stock company specialized in paper and packaging industries. Started in year 2007 First Paper is a paper mill producing "Test Liner", "Board" and "Fluting Medium" grades of paper, which have secured a large portion of the converting lines needs for raw material. Vertical integration

Elite Environment Energy S.A.E is one of the local market leaders in promoting and providing integrated solutions for the fields of Waste Management, Recycling and Building Material Industry. Our solutions consider the environmental friendly applications and promotes the use of the renewable and

انّ شركة ERSEY ماكينا بماتملكه من كادر يضم 250 موظف وخبرة تفوق 35 سنة نجحت في أن تكون الوحيدة والقائدة ومن أولى الشركات في مجال الانتاج والتصنيع وتنفيذ المشاريع في مختلف دول العالم وبالأخص في الشرق الأوسط. بدءا من التصميم وحتى الانتاج ان شركة ERSEY أصبحت علامة يدركها مؤسس الشركة السيد سعيد يانوفا

ECI is a leading supplier of printing ink and coating for packaging and publications. Our family business of 30 employees strive to exceed customers' expectations of quality, reliability and support. In 2011, we have generated revenues of 12 million egyptian pound Our industrial facility is located

شركة منخصصة فى بيع و صيانة خطوط و ماكينات التعبئة و التغليف ماكينات تعبئه وتغليف (المواد الغذائية(حبوب-بودر-سوائل) ماكينات تصنيع وتغليف المنتجات الدوائيه ماكينات تعبئه وتغليف لمستحضرات التجميل

Alfatherm s.p.a is an Italian company and is an European leader in rigid, semirigid and plasticizied PVC foils. It was founded in 1963 in Venegono Superiore (Va) and has 3 factories in Varese province with a 40,000 tons calandered film capacity per year. 

Alimac Deutschland, founded in 2005 when Alimac Italy joined forces with a group of professionals in Germany, draws upon years of mutual experience professionals in Germany joined in the pre-laminated handle market and printing sector.

About Us : Always in pursuit of excellence with an honest and pragmatic attitude AQUACAP is a leading manufacturer of closures and committed to offering the most robust package of closure design, manufacture, and printing. Established in Tenth of Ramadan City, Egypt. we have continuously grown our

-Founded in Barcelona in 1992, Bossar consolidated soon its position and worldwide leadership as Horizontal Form Fill and Seal packaging machine designer and manufacturer. It has contributed to the development of the packaging market in general, and the HFFS machines in particular, with many

All types of packing machine use in food snack liquid material etc

In CanPack, short for The Egyptian Canadian Co. for Printing and Packaging S.A.E., we have successfully established one of the only and most prominent companies in the Egyptian board and flexible packaging industry. In order for us to reach the top of the list, we had a vision, a plan to become the

CUBII was established in 2009 with a vision of social responsibility towards the community. We are inspired by using technical knowledge to design and manufacture high- industrial solutions for the food industry according to world-class specification trying to achieve, namely offering innovative

The company sets its goals in the world of packaging machinery, namely stretch wrappers for palletized loads, both fully automatic and semiautomatic. PACKAGING To differentiate us from others in the sector "PACK", a brand new "EAR-FLAP" was registered for the entire European Union. Why EAR FLAP? Is

About Etman :Set up a factory in 1967 Etman for the production of ornamental strips and disease since 1970, produces all ornamental strips and accessories tweaking and expanded product lines in 1986 and produced a 1/2 cm. The production of the tape is the main axis of the plant Etman has a new

Italian Group Everywhere you look you will find plastic. We use plastic products to help make our lives cleaner, easier, safer and more enjoyable. Italian group, with its long experience, is a leader in this sector. Italian group produces 6000 tons of plastic rolls and plastic bags every year. We

Company Introduction: - Established in 1994, Eversleeve accumulates professional & solid experiences in customizing the automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine.

YZ GROUP is an Egyptian leading & unique group as it covers most of paper mills requirements through its various services in Middle East. We have successfully executed numerous paper manufacturing projects throughout Middle East. With our expertize team of paper specialist we offer high level

We are the agents of the company MachinePoint Used Machinery , the company offers the best European machinery used that feature good condition, and these machines are one of the best brands and international companies, it is possible to find many different types of machinery at any time, there are
Our flexible packaging solutions serve:
EL-50 EL-20 AL-211 AL 625
Chamber Models Tray Sealers MAP
-Gravure Inks: Gravure is a printing method in which an image is applied to a printing substrate by use of a metal plate mounted on a cylinder. Unlike other processes, gravure uses a depressed or sunken surface for the desired image. The image to be reproduced is etched into the metal plate,
كيس كرسي السيارة
- ماكينات تعبئة سوائل أوتوماتيك- تعبئة أنابيب- خط تعبئة حبيبات أوتوماتيك فى أكياس- تعبئة بودر أوتوماتيك- ماكينات تعبئة سوائل فى أكياس- فلوباك- دوائى- تغليف كرتون- ماكينات نصف أوتوماتيك- سوائل- حبيبات- ماكينات شرينك- ليبل ماكينات الطباعة- أندكشن- ماكينات فاكيوم- ماكينات لحام أكياس- منوعات خامات
-Packaging films -Alfatherm, thanks to different formulations, offers films for a wide range of packaging solutions to be used in the following main sectors: TRAYS FOR FOOD APPLICATIONS BLISTERS FOR COSMETICS TECHNICAL BLISTER PACKS GENERAL CONSUMER BLISTER PACKS -The PACKAGING division films are
-The shrink film division of Alfatherm is amongst the most advanced divisions in the Group, with sophisticated calendering-stretching interated lines. Our films are recognised worldwide for their quality and consistency with regard to thickness and shrinkage properties and are used widely in a full
-Pre-Laminated Carry Handle
-PVC Shrinkable Capsule Size: 33 mm
All types of packing machine use in food snack liquid material etc
As well as possessing the printing machines, our Offset and Rotogravure assisting machinery provide packaging services for the clients.
-Semi-Automatic Sealing Machine -Semi Automatic Filler Machine (S-AU600-F01) -Vinegar Production Line -Automatic Rotary filling and sealing machine (AU1200_F01_R)‎ -Juice Cooling Tunnel -Juice Filling Machine (AU2000_ F08_ LJ )‎ -Oil Production Line
EF-PACK: Manufacture of packaging machinery and end of line EF-HANDLING: Manufacture of products for handling of boxes and pallets EF-SEALING: Manufacture of sleeve and shrink wrapping machinery EF-SEALING: Manufacture of sleeve and shrink wrapping machinery
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
-HDPE rolls LDPE rolls PP rolls -BIODEGRADABLE HDPE ROLLS -shopper bags (T-shirt bags) -perforated bags -garbage bags -die cut bag -loop handle bags -Personalized printed bags
آلات التعبئة آلات تعبئة عصير الفواكه (حار/بارد)- ---جرى تصميم الفوهات لتقوم بتعبئة عصير الفواكه بدرجة حرارة °80 - 90° مئوية، ولها نظام خاص لتعديل التدفق. كما أنها مجهّزة بالدوران الدائمي لكي لايبرد العصير
المنتج المعبأ في صناديق بلاستيكية أو علب كرتونية أو محزوماً، سواء كانت هذه العبوات ملفوفة أو غير ملفوفة بالرقائق، يجري وضعها مكدسة في باليتات على منصات نظام المصعد، وجميع الآلات في هذا النظام اوتوماتيكية بالكامل. عدد الطبقات يجري اختياره بواسطة الكمبيوتر
 - Prepress - Production Lines - Quality Systems
- BASKET FOR DEWATERER & SCREW PRESS - Acoustic Insulation - Automatic Adult Diaper Machine - AKSE® Disc Thickener - Anilox Roll for Felxo Printer - 6-CK850H Technical Specification - CD600 Single-Shaft Shredder
Depalletizers Carton Formers Case Packers Monoblocks Cartons closer Palletizers Robot Shrink wrappers Devices
Kipas Kagit produces 425,000 tons of paper per year from 100% recycled waste paper, preventing the destruction of 6,000 hectares of forest area and adding value to the economy.
Kipas Kagit Sanayi Isletmeleri A.S., a Kipas Holding subsidiary, is a leading producer of our country in terms of production capacity, technology and experienced workforce. The construction works, which had started in 2011, were completed at the beginning of 2014 and production started at the plant.
Teksan was established in 1995 to produce intermediate products used in the textile industry. After starting with the production of tapered spools, bobbins, core tubes and cylindrical bobbins, the product range has been developed rapidly based on the conditions and demands of the day and the
 آلات تعبئة وتغليف -  موازين متعددة الرؤوس - - طابعات تاريخ - آلات لحام الأكياس - فاكيوم لسحب الهواء من الأكياس- - آلات للحام طبة الألمونيوم - آلة طباعة التاريخ الجديد وطمس التاريخ القديم 
لصناعة وطباعة الاكياس ومواد التغليف Bags Manufacturers Flexible Packaging  
Our Services :
نايل تريدNILE-TRADE : مضارب الارزRICE MILL : مستلزمات,المضارب,قطع,غيار,مضارب,الرز-ماكينات تلميع وتقشير وفرز وغرابيل-سورتيكس الفرز اللوني
شركة المريم مستعدة لتلبية جميع إحتياجات العملاء فى الفترة  المقبلة أفضل من ذى قبل نظرا لما مرت به الشركة من عدة أزمات ونتمنى أن نلبي جميع إحتياجاتكم بالجودة المطلوبة وبالوقت الأمثل
Automatic packaging system, reduce labor costs, productivity stable, continuing operations.
Full range of services from project management to installation and start-up are provided by Gemak’s own team of experts and engineers. This gives us the ability to have perfect control over the process in general and the components manufactured by Gemak or supplied by our solution partners.

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