Reftruck was established in 1989 with a vision to introduce to the Egyptian market all its needs of insulation and refrigeration solutions for efficient transport and storage facilities that relies on innovation and customization. The Egypt-based company succeeded in less than 25 years to become

About Miraco In 1976, Miraco was founded as a joint stock company by its Chairman Adel Barakat, who has been in the industry over 40 years. The original factory, built in 1979 in Abu Rewash, was 5,400 m2 and had a production capacity of 2,000 Boxes per year with a total workforce of 250 employees.

Sanden Intercool was established in 1990 by a joint venture between Yammarat Refrigeration Group a well-known manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment in Thailand and Sanden Corporation, Japan, an internationally well-recognized manufacturer of Automobile Air Conditioner Equipment, Vending

Saiver Egypt Company 1983 was the Manzalawi Group’s first leap into the manufacturing sector. Dedicating himself to serving the national market, Eng. Magd El Din El Manzalawi establishes the group’s first factory operating under license from Saiver Italy, a global leader backed up with 39 years of

Frigo Arabia had been established at 1996, Supported by more than 20 years of experience in the industrial refrigeration field. Our Partner Scope of Work in three sectors as follow:

Egypt for Panel and Steel Industries was founded in 2011. the factory was set up inside the industrial zone in 6th of October city. Due to enormous development in Sandwich panel production technology we have established two production lines with the capacity of 4000 m2 to supply the market with high

Who We Are? Proudly, we are a leading and pioneering national group and a distinguished house of expertise in tile field of air conditioning and refrigeration, whether with regards to design and manufacturing or to after-sale service. The group has a team of highly specialized engineers and


MOG Group is an Egyptian Limited Partnership Co. established and founded 1961, By Mr. Mohamed Kamel Ahmed.

The developed refrigeration and air conditioning industries equipment co. [ DRIC] was established in 1988 for manufacturing & marketing the equipment, devices and tools needed in refrigeration & air conditioning fields both locally & internationally. In addition to international

EEC is a leading electro/mechanical contracting company and duct work accessories manufacturer founded in Cairo, Egypt in 1997 by Eng. Samy Salem. Our Mission, Becoming #1 Trusted HVAC Contractor in EGYPT.

Fricool is a leading manufacturer and supplier of integrated, complete cooling and shop fitting solutions across the Middle East and Africa. The group was established in 1974 as an import and export company and has since that time exponentially expanded and evolved to become one of the biggest and

Everest is a leading manufacturer/supplier of cold merchandizing equipment (Visi-coolers, bottle/chest coolers, display chillers,ice cream conservators and water coolers); the company is based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and covers the whole Near/ Middle East, Africa and sub-continent markets.

“Elashry for Manufactring , Trading and Contarcting “ is a leading company in the field of cooling. It has been working since 1988 in Egypt. Elashry Co. works in the production of all kinds of refrigerators for all usages, water-coolers, dairy-coolers and deep-freezers. It is, also, considered the

In 1994 Freddo For engineering industries was established by setting up a factory for industrial cooling from the local product In 1999 Freddo For Import & Export was established and started her first step in working with JBG 2 company JBG 2 is one of the biggest company in Poland in and one of

manufacture of air conditioners , cooldiars, washing machines , ovens جهاز نكييف و مبرادات مياه و غسالة و فرن خبيز

Manufacture of cooling and heating units for drinking water صناعة وحدات تبريد وتسخين مياه الشرب


Manufacturing cooling towers and air handling units تصنيع ابراج التبريد ووحدات مناولة الهواء

Mechanical works, commercial agencies & public contracting for central air conditioning اعمال ميكانيكية و توكيلات تجارية ومقاولات عمومية للتكييف المركزى

Manufacture of cooling and heating units for drinking water صناعة وحدات تبريد وتسخين مياه الشرب

Manufacture of refrigerators, display and cookers, kitchen equipment and commercial laundries صناعة ثلاجات عرض وبوتاجازات معدات المطابخ والمغاسل التجارية

Manufacture of water coolers and refrigerators صناعة مبرد مياه وثلاجات عرض

manufacture of Evaporative air Cooler تكييف هواء صحراوى

Manufacturing of air conditioners, air conditioners and various types of cooling units تصنيع اجهزة تكييف ومجارى الهواء و وحدات التبريد بمختلف أنواعها

Manufacture of refrigerators صناعة ثلاجات عرض

MOG 10 th. of Ramadan provides more than 150 models  Produce according to strict safety and hygine standards which proved by the main national and international bodies  
MOG`s Cold line Equipment offers the best and most comrehensive solutions to the critical problem of food storage and conservation. Mog Refrigerated appliances supply a high qualoty tailor- made solutions to satisfy client`s need with very competitive prices
Work Table - Sink Uniys - Kitchen and Service Trolleys - Shelving Units and Wall Shelves - Staniless Steal Insulated Doors- Chairs & Tables . 
Dish Washers - Machines - Laundry Equipment . 
We are a leader in the manufacturing of laminated, insulated sandwich panels - a position which has been attained through a commitment to quality products at competitive prices, personal and efficient service, plus an ability to customize products for any application. We started producing sandwich
Reftruck Egypt is the innovator of seamless fiberglass insulated truck bodies. The body consists of two layers of polyester & multi layer fiber glass with stripes of polyurethane foam having a density of 42,5 kg/m3 in between. Both panels layers are compressed together with a solid conjunction
Our Products: - Insulated Sandwich Panels. - Insulated Doors. - Insulated Floors. - Docking Units - Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration. - Industrial Water Chiller.
MANUFACTURE OF DRINKING WATER COOLERS صناعة منتجات الطاقة الشمسية ( سخانات مياه – خلايا توليد كهرباء ) و منتجات التبريد ( غرف تبريد – مبردات مياه – ثلاجات عرض )
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