Handmade is a store for creative handmade items,which are made with love and passion for art

EL-KARMA's an Egyptian company. specialized in the field of manufacturing natural beauty products, developed by Dina El-Garem Group, with Be Cleopatra as its main line.

About Areej Aromatherapy Areej Aromatherapy was born out of the Hashem Brothers family partnership over five years of continuous research and development through collaboration with global experts in an effort to reintroduce aromatherapy in Egypt 4000 years later using authentic Egyptian ingredients.

We are a group of young entrepreneur artists who are trying to help and support the Egyptian handmade industries by generating new and modern designs that can go globally to satisfy the customer needs and expectations.

”Started as a dream and the dream came true” In 2010, the Business started with its first idea, Coaster n’ Trays, in which coasters were given an artistic touch that when placed next to each other they form a picture or a design, making a coaster not only functional but also a piece of art. “ Deena

HEGAZA Wood Handicraft Hegaza Village is 20 km far from AL Uxor city & it is well known for the craft of wooden products. It originates 20 years ago, when a French Priest started to teach the people woodwork crafting. Hegaza wood products varies between the Pharaonic, Coptic, & Islamic

Handmade & Crafts منتجات يدوية بجودة عالية وبأقل الاسعار منتج مصرى 100%

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- Bags - Bed Tray - Carpets - Coasters - Cushions - Espresso - Juice Glasses - Landscape Cushions - Mugs - Pouch - Runners 150x30 - Runners 250x40 - Tray - Table Tray - Table Cloth - Tea box - Tea Glasses
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-Body Care Set - Romance Set - Foot Care Set - Hair Care Set - Aroma Slim Set - Facial Care Set - Dead Sea Salts Set - Oils Range Set - Natural Spa set
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