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Welcome to AIM Startup!

Digital technologies are rapidly evolving and we have seen the emergence of new services and applications that are globally changing the way individuals live, work and communicate. In light of this, AIM Startup  - An initiative of the UAE Ministry of Economy is coming back on 8-10 of April 2019 under the theme - “Harnessing Global Digitization to Empower Startups and SMEs.”
The three day event will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center in conjunction with the Annual Investment Meeting, the world’s largest foreign direct investment event for emerging economies and the Future Cities Show bringing together the makers of tomorrow’s smart and sustainable cities.
Over 20,000 enthusiasts visited us last year and for this edition AIM Startup will bring together hundreds of startups, SMEs and larger companies who will have the opportunity to showcase and pitch their products/solutions in front of a global audience comprising like-minded innovators, potential partners, mentors, investors and clients.


Minister's Welcome

There is a general consensus that digital technologies have emerged as a key to improve work performance, safety, security, tailored services and general quality of life of our people. In many parts of the world, be it from large companies’ R&D centers or at an enthusiast’s garage, technological advances that we need for our advancement as a global community are readily available or at least are in the making.Our challenge and responsibility is to create bridges between innovators and foster durable links with the potential investors and partners that will help bring tomorrow faster.

Smart Technologies are a priority focus for the UAE investment policies. Specifically, when their applications serve individuals, society, companies, smart government, resource planning and infrastructure management. We believe that the digital revolution cannot and should not be opposed. We chose to embrace the challenge and made it the opportunity to transition our economy towards a more diversified, inclusive and knowledge-based model.

The UAE is a young nation and as we have high expectations for the next generations to continue fueling the boom of smart technologies, we will keep laying down the ground work for the country to become a global leader. For this reason, the UAE government is leading the digital initiatives to encourage young entrepreneurs, startup companies and SMEs to be our partners in harnessing global digitization.

AIM Startup 2019 will help innovators tackle financial challenges, meet with like-minded technology enthusiasts and find advice from experts with a view to make their vision a reality. The 3-day event brings together policy makers, corporate representatives,consultants, IP law experts, financial institutions, startups, SMEs and solution providers under one roof to facilitate global investment partnerships and collaborations.

The tomorrow we envision for youth, founders and SMEs will be achieved by actively driving economic growth. Only by taking the necessary steps and empowering them now, are we assured of a prosperous and sustainable future.


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