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At Cubical Services our objective is to help start-up companies launch and establish their businesses through our specialized range of services customized according to your business needs. We not only help you start your own business in Kuwait, but also guide you throughout the entire lifecycle to achieve your goals. We offer a full range of services including market research, administrative guidance and support, advisory, and legal support, as well as complete management of projects, which allows you to get a head start in your project while leaving your non-core business activities for us to handle. We also provide fully equipped modern office space and meeting rooms in the heart of Kuwait City for our clients.


We Are


A Kuwait-based company founded and managed by Kuwaitis since 2009. Our team consists of dedicated employees that are ready to embrace your project and goals, and can pave your path with you. We have experiences in a range of fields from entrepreneurship to HR to finance, and have worked with startups in numerous industries. Our team is made up of subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds related to entrepreneurship.


We Offer


Our Services are specialized to your company and are designed to fulfill all your company’s needs by providing you with everything from administrative guidance on how to setup and structure your company, to legal help in obtaining all your licenses and completing your legal work, to a business plan to guide you through the process and many more services customized to support your needs and to insure you and your company are fully taken care of.


We Serve


Cubical Services serve companies with all that they need whether they have an idea to be executed, a struggling store, or a prosperous company that is looking to franchise. Our services also assist foreigners and expats with business ideas that wish to start operating in Kuwait. Whatever your needs, Cubical Services matches your ambition and devotion to create the business environment that you have in mind.