Turn social media followers into profit in 5 steps

Web and Digital

Group Mechanics is a blogger within CNC machines with over 290000 followers on Facebook. He saw an opportunity to create value both for his sponsors and other companies within CNC machinary AND his followers. He therefore created an EXPO online at FeedsFloor.com for free, put a price on exhibiting and now has over 900 visitors, 16 companies exhibiting and over 80 CNC machines being showcased. This you can also do in 5 steps:


1. Many followers

You need many or dedicated followers. This means it is not anyone who can just make an EXPO online and earn money on it. You need to have dedicated followers who share your passion for something being it Minecraft, yoga, CNC machinery, business, trading, forex, fashion, watches, boats and so on.


2. Create your profile

It is free to create a profile at FeedsFloor. Your profile shows who is behind the EXPO, therefore it is important that it is well branded and appear in a nice way. You need to create a company account in order to create an EXPO; however, as long as you have a Paypal or Stripe account then money for the EXPO can be transfered to you easily.


3. Create your EXPO

Create your EXPO for free and in 2 min. Remember awesome pictures makes up 60 percent of people's and companies' perception of the EXPO. The EXPO can max. last for 10 days.


4. Share your EXPO

Share your EXPO with your followers, and invite exhibitors to showcase their fantastic companies and products/services on your EXPO.


5. Connecting exhibitors and visitors

As exhibitors request to exhibit you have to accept them. This means you are in full control over which companies are allowed to exhibit at your EXPO. Once you have accepted an exhibitor, their company profile and products/services on FeedsFloor are automatically swoopped onto the EXPO page. Now visitors can contact them. Before a LIVE EXPO visitors can contact them via regular messaging service, and during the LIVE EXPO visitors can chat and engage in real time.


If you have any further questions or need help, you are always welcome to reach out to us at support@feedsfloor.com.