Playpilot what movie or series are you going to see tonight? #FridayFirm

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Today's FridayFirm is Playpilot based in Sweden. Playpilot is an awesome and free platform, where you can search and explore all series and movies from streaming services in one place. If you don't know what movie or series to watch this weekend go explore at Playpilot.

You can chat with Playpilot and Co-Founder Anne Marie Ubbe at #Womenintech Nordic 2017 on Women's Entrepreneurship Day, November 19. We have talked with Anne Marie Ubbe about the development of Playpilot, which questions she would love to get on the chat and which movie and series she would recommend you watching this weekend.

Why did you develop Playpilot?

After feeling somewhat bored and uninspired at work I decided to spend all my savings for a class at Harvard Business School. The topic being Digital Strategy. Being surrounded by professionals from all over the world, debating digital transformation, I thought a lot about the challenges in the business I was a part of – The world of media in general and film production in particular.

Being passionate about movies it had annoyed me time and time again, that I could spend up to 45 minutes finding a movie or series to stream because the landscape was so fragmented. It was simply too difficult and time consuming to figure out what was where on the many streaming services.

What if ALL the services could be gathered in just ONE place making the process of finding a movie much faster?

After talking to friends, colleagues and members of the start-up community my co-founder Kenneth and I embarked on the journey of creating such a site. 6 months later we merged with a Swedish start-up with the same mission and we have now been working together on Playpilot for the past two years.


"You can chat with Playpilot and Co-Founder Anne Marie Ubbe at #Womenintech Nordic 2017 on Women's Entrepreneurship Day, November 19."


What is your background?

For more than 15 years I have worked in television and film production. I've worn many hats in my career: Project Manager, TV host and Script Supervisor to name a few.

This has not all been desk work and I have been involved in more than 35 movies and TV-episodes shot around the globe. Needless to say I'm a good packer and highly dependent on Wi-Fi.

I have a degree in communication and start on my Master in Business Development this January.


What is the top 5 questions you hope visitors at the digital EXPO #Womenintech Nordic 2017 would ask you about?

  1. Do you need to be very tech savvy to found a tech company?
  2. Can you become an entrepreneur after the age of xx?
  3. In which way can it benefit the company having a woman on the founding team?
  4. How is it working across borders with other members of the team?
  5. What is the next step for Playpilot?


What to watch

The series "11.22.63" is shown on Viaplay and is not known by many, but is definitely worth to watch. Another recommendation is of course "Mindhunter" at Netflix, which is already seen by many. In relation to movies, “10 Cloverfield Lane” is definitely a movie that people should watch.