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The Italian leather upholstery and furnishing company Natuzzi plans to open its first interactive high-tech shop on Madison Avenue in New York. The shop will include a combination of technological applications such as virtual and augmented reality, a holographic display, advanced 3D modeling and an interactive product configurator.

“We invite our customers to virtually walk through their homes while we show our complete collection,” says Pasquale Natuzzi Jr., Natuzzi Creative Director and Stylist. “The Mixed Reality system gives us the incredible opportunity to reduce inventory and stock levels in our stores and increase sales per square metre.

Natuzzi says that by wearing mixed reality headsets like Microsoft HoloLens, visitors can immerse themselves in an endless virtual showroom where all the furniture designed by Natuzzi designers can be seen. With the help of a distributor, consumers can change colours, finishes and materials for the entire collection.

With the headset, the customer can circle the project and explore it from any perspective as if it were already made, Natuzzi says. “Before customers leave the store, they get a 360° rendering that they can browse by touching the screen of their smartphone or looking into a VR headset,” he said. “They can also take it home and show it to their families.”

Natuzzi worked with Microsoft and Hevolus Innovation to create the Augmented Reality Shopping experience.

Delivering a unique customer experience is critical in today’s competitive retail environment,” said Shelley Bransten, Microsoft Corporate VP for Retail and Consumer Products. “At the same time, retailers are looking for ways to redesign their physical environment and maximize store sales, Natuzzi’s new expanded shop is a perfect example of how retailers can leverage mixed reality environments.

Natuzzi said the new store concept will be extended to the entire retail network by 2020 using mixed reality technology.

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