How to Name Your Mobile App Perfectly?

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Number of apps available in leading app stores as of 1st quarter 2019 is given below in this research.

It shows right now there are about 2.1 million apps available on Google Play Store and 1.8 million apps on the Apple App Store for the users to choose from. The number of apps is steadily growing on both of the app stores and offering users enormous choices to download and use an app for any particular task.

The important thing here is that most users pick the app which they want to download using a simple search in the respective app stores. Therefore, the name of the app is highly important for app creators if they wish to get a higher number of downloads for their apps. The name should not only reflect what the app does, but it should also be simple to remember and in some way related to the brand name or logo.

If you too are planning to develop a mobile app and wondering how to name an app, then this article is for you. Here we are presenting before you some simple tips to help you choose the best possible name for your mobile app.

Tips to Name Your Mobile App Perfectly: - 

Brainstorm with your Team

First of all, you have to sit down with your team and brainstorm about the ideas on which your app is based. Write down on a paper about its purpose, target audience and how it will help the users. In this process, you have to write all the words which come to your mind related to your app. 

This process will give you a list of words which can be used to come up with an appropriate name for your mobile app which not only describes what the app does but also attracts users due to its simplicity and easy to remember property.

Look at the Top Apps in the Category

You can start by looking at the top apps in the category in which your mobile app comes. By this way, you can get the idea of how your competitors have named their apps, and you will also know what the emotion in the most successful apps is. You can use these things as a hint for naming your mobile app. 

However, make sure in this process, your app name remains unique and doesn't match exactly with the name of your competitor apps.

Use only One Word or Create a Word by Combining Two

You can go through the names of all successful and famous mobile apps. Here you will find one trend which is most of these apps use only one word in their name that is easy to remember for users. Sometimes it is difficult to convey what your app does in just one word, or some other app has already used the word which you want to use. In such a case, you can combine two words to make the name of your app. You should call your app in only one word even if it is a combination of multiple words in order to make it memorable. You can use capitalization or lower case lettering to give your app name a unique brand name.

Use Keywords While Naming Your App

People will find your app in the app store when they will search for it using some keywords which tell about their needs or functions of the app. Hence you can think about a list of keywords that people might associate with your app while searching through the app store and target those keywords to give a meaningful name to your app and to get best results in app store searching. If your app name carries even one keyword, then it will appear higher in search results and will give your app a better exposure among users and potential customers.

Choose a Creative Name

The name of your app should be unique as you don't want to copy someone else's idea; hence originality is essential. Choose a creative name for your app, which makes it stand out in the crowd. 

When users search for and come across your app in the app store, the name of your app and its design are the first impression they will have of what you are offering. They make their choice quickly, based on a fast first impression. This Google Research has shown that about 31% of users download an app because it looks to them interesting or fun. Therefore, give a creative name to your app and make its design attractive to enhance its chances of success.

Do Market Research

Show how your app works to many people in your network, including general app users, businesspeople, students, professionals, engineers and more. Let them use it for some time so that they can use the features which it offers. After that, let them describe their experience using words, images or any other type of expression. This kind of feedback which you will collect in this way from the participants will help you to have many useful and your app related texts and words, and you can use them to name your app correctly.  

Use the Limit of Characters Smartly

Google and Apple both have put limits on the number of characters that can be used to name any app in their respective app stores. For example, Google Play doesn't allow app names beyond 30 characters, while The Apple App Store allows no more than 50 characters for app names. Hence while naming your app, you have to consider this factor. Google advices using brand name+key function to narrow down search results to target an app's main feature, so use this information when coming up with your app name and description. 

Match with a Domain Name

You should remember that mobile apps most often come with a plan of expansion into a website. Hence as an entrepreneur, you should consider this thing while naming your next mobile app or startup. Many times it happens that you finalize a brilliant name which looks perfect for your app and potential users also like it, but when you search it online, you find that it has already been used by a website online. This thing can be disappointing. That’s why make sure that the name you are choosing for your mobile app is available as a website domain as well.

Easy to Pronounce

This is also one of the most important thing to consider while naming your mobile app, i.e. it should be easy to pronounce, especially for the users in the particular demography who are most likely to use the app. Actually many times, brands use a foreign word like a French, a German, a Chinese or a Japanese word to name their application. However, they forget that many people in the targeted demography may not be able to pronounce the word perfectly, and in such a situation, many of them may choose not to use the app. Hence take this factor also into account while naming your app and make your app name easy to pronounce for the targeted demography.


If you take the above tips into consideration, then surely it will not be a difficult task to name your mobile app in the best possible way. No doubt naming your app is one of the most critical yet underrated things you will have to do during your app launch process. You can't promote your app even if it is complete until you have named it.  

However, still, if you find it difficult to name your app yourself, then you can take the help of Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai as there are plenty of such companies out there having enough experience of fulfilling this kind of need of their clients. After naming your app, based on your chosen platform for your app, you can look for either iOS App Development in Dubai or Android app development to build and launch your app.