UK Health Radio Launches Funding Campaign via Indiegogo - Donations with a difference, donations with Benefits!

London, UK, April 11, 2014 - We are deliberately adopting a 50:50 approach to our "I'm one in a Million" campaign fund-raising. For every donation of £50 and more that comes in, 50% will go to a good cause chosen by at least one of our Donors.

We expect donations to come from anywhere in the world and by the same token, we will support good causes and people in need anywhere in the world.

Obviously, if we had 100,000 individual donations, it would be practically impossible for an organisation of our size to pass on the promised 50% to 100,000 different good causes, so here's how we see it working, at different levels of donation:

A name for a fiver!
A donation of just £5 secures your place on our "wall of fame" in the new Studio and online on our website. This is a small but sincere acknowledgement of our appreciation of your contribution, in our time of need. What's more, as much as anything ever can be, it's permanent!

Tell the world for a tenner!
The Health Kicks (Healthy) Breakfast Show is our flagship show, fresh every morning! Because it's on the Internet, its reach is global. Send us £10 and we will acknowledge your donation on air, using two names of your choice. For example: "Romeo? It's Juliet!"
Your full name will be clearly displayed on our "wall of fame" in the Studio and on our website.

£15 gets you the message!
For a donation of £15, in addition to the "wall of fame", we will broadcast a short message from you to whomever you wish to impress.

It might be as simple as: "Hi Annie, wish you were here! John."
Or as immediate as: "Great dinner last night, Mark! Thanks so much…Peter"
Or as jubilant as: "Lizzie, congratulations on becoming a Mother! Graham"

*Your message needs to be short and sweet. It cannot be rude, crude or defamatory.

Going for song?
If you can stretch to a donation of £25, we will be happy to do all of the following:
Your name on the "wall of fame" & on our website.
Broadcast your name & your message, twice in 24 hours, in our flagship Breakfast show.
Playing the song of your choice for the person of your choice, with a simple dedication.

*Once again, we cannot disseminate messages which are in any way toxic or infectious. (We are UK Health Radio, after all!)

50% to People in Need
50% of your £50 donation goes into our "people in need" pool & your generosity is acknowledged with your name on our new "wall of fame" in the new Studio & online.
In practice, every donor's name will go into a draw. If your name is chosen, you will be asked to nominate an individual to benefit, anywhere in the world. Obviously, any individual you nominate must be genuinely in need & must be used to improve the quality of their life in terms of health or wellbeing. *(see campaign)

A5 ad in Health Triangle Mag
Our monthly, on-line magazine has a 250 000 strong mailing list in the UK and is promoted virally from which sponsors benefit directly. As an interactive magazine, we can now include videos and other media.? For a donation of £150 you get an A5 advert in the magazine linked to content of your choice – website, landing page, etc. and your business will receive major exposure. *(see campaign)

60-second radio commercial
The 60 second commercial will be played within all the in-house produced shows. Own produced commercial can be used or if needed UKHR will assist in the production of a commercial.

Double page ad
For a donation of £300 you get a double page advertorial/editorial and photographs within and branding on ?the front cover and your business will receive major exposure. *(see campaign)

50% to Charity of Choice!
As a "I'm one in a Million" donor, your name /company logo on the "wall of fame" and website.
If your name is chosen in the draw, you choose either a registered charity or a ‘person in need'.
The charity will then benefit immediately and in full.
For individuals we will pay the third party provider directly.

*We regard transparency and accountability to be not just desirable, but absolutely essential. *(see campaign)

Press Contact:
Johann Ilgenfritz
UK Health Radio
27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX United Kingdom
+44 20 3239 4423