Why to Always Keep Your Seatbelt on During Flight Journey?

Always wondered as to whether you must keep your seat belt on or not? Here are a few of the answers to your queries related to seat belts of the airplane.

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It’s no more an alienated truth that seat belts work wonders in saving your lives. Most of the travellers wouldn’t think twice before sliding into a seat belt, the moment they get into a car. According to statistics, seat belts are successful in keeping the passengers safe.

However, when it comes down to airplanes, we do not apply the same logic. There are quite a large number of people who release the buckle of the seat belt once the signal goes off.

Where Lies the Problem?

While it is quite obvious that you might have to take leave your seat for a brief stretching or leave for the washroom, but most of us return to the seats sans buckling back the seat belt again, And this could lead you to get shaken up really bad in cases of airplane damage or a sudden turbulence.

Always keep in mind the importance of keeping your seatbelt on. It definitely plays a more important role than packing your perfect wine or hand sanitizer.

The Design of Airplane Seat Belt

For those who aren’t aware, the seat belt of the airplane is not quite comprehensive alike your car seatbelt. More so, the cabin crew and pilot get shoulder straps along with the lap belt. Are you aware of the airplane seat belt design?

The reason behind the ‘lift lever’ design in seat belts

The lift level belts originated ever since the discovery of airplanes, however, they got popularized during the 1930s and 1940s. The reason behind this lift lever design is not at all because of being economical but to become of your great help in times of minor events and disturbances on board.

The Importance of Seat Belts in Airplane

While seat belts might not save your life from plane crash unlike car seat belts, however, the airplane seat belts are great during turbulences, irrespective of its severity and minor collisions.

As per the Federal Aviation, an approx. of 58 passengers injure themselves every year by not wearing the seat belts on board.

Myths Related to Seat Belts

One of the most common myths associated with seat belts is that they are to be put to use for the sake of identifying passengers post a severe accident. However, seat belts help you stay safe during minor turbulences and collisions.

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