How to Reach Mecca from Jeddah Airport?



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Mecca is a holy city that does not have its own airport. Hence, to reach Mecca you need to land at the Jeddah airport or Madina Airport. There different ways of traveling to Mecca from these airports.

Since Mecca has hotels for the visitors and tourists who offer airport transfers from Jeddah and Madina airports. These airport transfers are comfortable and convenient. So, you can either choose their airport transfers or hire a private taxi from Jeddah airport to Mecca Madina.

Choose App-based Taxi at Jeddah Airport

If you are landed at Jeddah airport, then you will find various taxis at the airport that you can hire for your transfer to the city. However, there are app-based taxi services you can choose to book when you land at the airport.

These taxis have fixed rates and are comparatively cheaper than other local taxis taking you to Mecca. You can also get an approximate amount and time taken to the holy city through these apps.

Book a Private Taxi Before your Travel

If you want a stress-free journey, then you can choose to book a taxi online. Booking in advance online is very convenient and helpful as you can choose your choice of car. You can make the payment online and get the necessary details of the driver closer to the date of travel on your email.

So, if you want to travel in a limo, then you can choose this option and enjoy your ride from Jeddah airport to Mecca. These services offer luxury taxis at the most reasonable price. Booking in advance also helps you ensure that you are not paying hiked rates during the Hajj season.

Get Airport Transfers from your Hotel

If you are choosing a hotel and are ready to spend extra money on your airport transfers, then you can ask your hotel to arrange for your pick and drop from either Jeddah airport or Madina airport. However, this arrangement can be expensive than other taxis.

Hire a Car for you to Drive

There are also options available to drive down to Mecca. You can hire a car and drive it down yourself. However, this is helpful only when you know the route and have travelled before. You can choose a contract for this purpose.