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Greenland is one of the world’s largest non-continental island. It is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Greenland Ocean, and the Baffin Bay. The beauty of Greenland attracts more than one million visitors every year. An ice cap and glaciers cover about eighty percent of Greenland. Delta Airlines Flights offers cheapest air ticket to Greenland.

You must plan your next holiday to experience the beauty of Greenland. You and your family members will love to visit many beaches and Iceland. It is the least populated place on the earth with a population of about sixty thousand people. Nuuk is the biggest cultural and economic center and capital and largest city of Greenland. You will experience cool summers and extremely cold winters in Greenland.

It is highly excitable to visit another country. It is a Danish dependent territory and has limited self-government and parliament. You will find many attractive tour offers and flight booking offer for Greenland at Delta Airlines Official Site.

Some interesting facts about the culture of Greenland are:

The highest tip of Greenland is about 3300 meters above sea level. Here the thickness of ice is about 3500 meter. You will be surprised to know that the if Greenland ice will melt it will have fresh water of about 7% of available water on the earth.

Greenland official language is Greenlandic. Their second language is Danish and English.

Greenland has sixteen major towns, and no one is connected by road. A few towns are close to each other but separated by mountains and glaciers.

The main food of Greenland is a soup known as Suaasat. The soup is made up of seal, whale, reindeer, or seabirds and cooked with potatoes, onions and decorated with bay leaf after adding salt and pepper.

You will be pleased to see that Greenland is rich in wildlife. You can easily find eagles, whales, birds, musk oxen, reindeer, polar fox, and seals. A polar bear is the national animal of Greenland which is known as Nanoq.

The words Igloo – A dome-shaped house of snow and Kayak – A small narrow boat are driven from Greenlandic words Lgdlo and Qajaq. These words are commonly used around the world.

The population of Greenland is the descendant of Thule culture who settled here in a ninth century. According to Icelandic Sagas, it is the time of Norsemen and Eric the Red when they reach Greenland in 982.

Greenland weather and temperature is extremely variable. You will find summer in South Greenland and extreme cold in North Greenland at the same time.

Greenland has zero roads because of barriers of nature between the cities. All traffic depends on air travel and shipping.

The main business of Greenland is fishing, and the country earns most of its revenue by export. Prawns and Greenland halibut are there two main export products.

You will be surprised to know that TELE Greenland is the only communication and internet service provider in Greenland. It is fully governed by the government of Greenland. The country code is +299

Danish Kroner (DKK) is the currency of Greenland. You will find banks in many cities and hotels and domestic stores accept all national and international credit cards.

You cannot roam freely anywhere in Greenland as weather is uncertain here. You need to check the airlines update to move from one place to another. Don’t visit the Arctic without booking accommodation.

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